Salient points of speech of Hon'ble Prime Minister of Shri Narendra Modi ji while addressing public rallies in Belagavi & Uttara Kannada (Karnataka)

by Shri Narendra Modi -

Salient Points of speech of Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji while addressing public rallies in  Belagavi, Uttara Kannada and Davangere, Karnataka


NDA is getting widespread support across Karnataka. Karnataka is set to bless the NDA with record numbers


When India progresses and becomes stronger, every Indian rejoices. However, the Congress party seems to be disconnected from the national interest, as it fails to appreciate any of the country's achievements


Today, it seems the entire country has come to realize that wherever the Congress party gains power, the trajectory of development begins to decline. That's why people say - 'Jahan Congress Aayi Wahan Barbadi Laayi'


Modi is committed to enrich our nation by empowering our villages, farmers, youth, and women. But what is Congress doing? The prince of Congress is roaming around with an X-ray machine these days. They want to X-ray your property


Congress government is busy destroying Karnataka. Instead of controlling crime in the state, Congress is promoting an anti-social and anti-national mindset


Congress has a track record of destroying Indian culture and distorting the true history of India


Congress aimed to erase the history of revered warriors like Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Maharana Pratap from the minds of the next generation


Congress' Shehzada claims that the historical kings and emperors of our country were all tyrants and robbers, dismissing their contributions. However, throughout the history of our nation, including Karnataka, Nawabs and Sultans perpetrated grave atrocities, looting and destroying temples and shrines


Congress' Shehzada has given a clean chit to the Nawabs and Sultans and declared all the kings and emperors as tyrants


While the BJP government is propelling the nation forward, Congress is pushing Karnataka backward


In the past decade, BJP and NDA governments have undertaken significant initiatives for 'ease of living' for citizens, with the Bhartiya Nyay Sanhita standing out as a prime example


On one hand, there is Modi's mantra - 24x7 for 2047. On the other hand, the work culture of Congress is - break and apply the brakes. Congress's work culture seems to revolve around halting progress and disrupting the unity of the nation


The incidents involving a tribal women in Belagavi, a Jain monk in Chikkodi, and a daughter in a college campus in Hubli are extremely shameful and have sent shockwaves across the country


Congress must answer why it initially did not take any serious action after the bomb blast in a café in Bengaluru. If the party cannot maintain law and order, it should consider resigning from politics



Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji addressed public meetings in Belagavi, Uttara Kannada and Davangere, Karnataka. He criticized Rahul Gandhi and Congress for the party’s divisive mindset and use of disrespectful language towards historical figures. During the events, former Karnataka Chief Minister Shri B.S. Yediyurappa, Belagavi BJP candidate Shri Jagadish Shettar, Chikkodi candidate Shri Anna Saheb Shankar Jolle, Union Minister and Dharwad candidate Shri Pralhad Joshi, Uttar Kannada candidate Shri Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri, State’s Former Chief Minister and Haveri candidate Shri Basavaraj Bommai and Davanagere candidate Smt Gayatri Siddeshwara, among other leaders were present.


Hon’ble Prime Minister emphasized our collective reverence for Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Bhagwan Basaveshwar, highlighting Shivaji Maharaj's lifelong struggle for a robust India and Basaveshwara's teachings on democracy from the Anubhav Mandapam. He expressed pride in India's remarkable progress over the past decade, transforming into a beacon of democracy globally and lifting 25 crore citizens out of poverty. Despite India's strides, the Congress party's focus on family interests that  led them astray from national priorities, evident in their reluctance to acknowledge the nation's achievements. Instead, they have sown confusion over initiatives like the HAL and even protested against domestically produced vaccines during the pandemic, branding them as partisan.


Shri Modi conveyed that Congress' factionalism will soon become evident to the public and all factions will be seen blaming each other for their defeat. The 280 crore eyes of the nation have been observing the BJP over the past 10 years, discerning right from wrong and now they recognize Modi as someone who dedicates his life to the public. Due to poor policies, Congress is jeopardizing the future of Karnataka's youth and women. The INDI alliance doesn't have a candidate to run the country, which is why they've proposed the formula of a new Prime Minister every year. The public can't waste their vote on such people.


Hon’ble Prime Minister stated that in Karnataka, Congress has halted the implementation of the new education policy. Congress has committed the sin of corruption and embezzlement worth millions in the country. Former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi himself stated that when the government sends 100 paisa, only 15 paisa reaches the beneficiary. During the Congress government, benefits were given to 10 crore nonexistent beneficiaries, but BJP eliminated corruption by removing those fake beneficiaries. Today, during BJP's tenure, benefits are directly sent to beneficiaries' bank accounts via Direct Benefit Transfer.


Shri Modi stated that the Congress' skepticism extends to questioning the integrity of India's democratic processes, with baseless allegations against EVMs tarnishing the nation's reputation internationally. The recent Supreme Court verdict has rebuked the Congress and its allies, prompting reflection on their motives in spreading falsehoods detrimental to the nation's interests. This deliberate campaign to undermine India's democracy demands accountability, and the Congress owes an apology to the entire nation for its deceitful actions. Congress' Karnataka government distributed ₹11,000 crore from the SC/ST welfare fund to other groups. Until 2014, there were only 24 national highways in Karnataka, but today the number has reached 47. The Davangere and Harihara railway stations are undergoing renovation.


Hon’ble Prime Minister stated that the BJP-NDA government has significantly improved the ease of living for citizens over the last decade. One major example of this is the ‘Bharatiya Nyay Sanhita’ (Indian Justice Code). Congress had been living in mental slavery to the British, despite talking about freedom under the tricolor flag. The BJP government has removed the colonial-era laws in the Criminal Justice Code, emphasizing justice for citizens instead of just punishment. Anti-terrorism laws have been tightened and new provisions regarding electronic evidence have been added to the Indian Evidence Act. Once the code is implemented on July 1, it will provide substantial benefits to all citizens.


Shri Modi stated that since the Congress government came to power in Karnataka, the law and order situation in the state has deteriorated significantly, with conditions worsening. Incidents such as the attack on an Adivasi woman in Belagavi and the harassment of a Jain monk in Chikodi were disgraceful and damaging to Karnataka's reputation. The situation in Hubli, where an incident involving a woman on a college campus occurred, has caused nationwide outrage. The woman's family has been demanding action, but the Congress government continues to prioritize appeasement over justice. Congress cares more about its vote bank than about daughters like Neha.


Hon’ble Prime Minister mentioned that when there was a bomb blast in a cafe in Bengaluru, the Congress initially downplayed it and claimed that it was just a gas cylinder explosion. Congress misleads the public. For votes, the Congress supports organizations that shelter terrorism, such as the anti-national organization PFI, which has been banned by the Modi government. Congress has surrendered to such organizations for the sake of winning a seat in Wayanad.


Shri Modi stated that the Congress has written the history of the country and the struggle for independence from a perspective of vote bank politics and appeasement. Today, Congress’ ‘Shehzade’ continued down the same path.  Congress’ ‘Shehzade’ claims that India's rajas and maharajas were oppressive and would seize lands from the poor at their will. They have disrespected great figures like Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja and Rani Chennamma, whose governance and patriotism continue to inspire many till date.  Congress’ ‘Shehzade’ seems to overlook the contributions of the Mysore royal family, which the entire country takes pride in.


Hon’ble Prime Minister said that the statements of the Congress 'Shehzada' are being made thoughtfully to pursue vote bank politics and appeasement. While the 'Shehzada' criticize the rajas and maharajas, they remain silent on the atrocities committed by nawabs, nizams, sultans, and emperors throughout India's history. Congress seems to forget the atrocities committed by Aurangzeb, who destroyed and desecrated hundreds of mandirs. The party gladly forms alliances with groups that praise Aurangzeb. Congress overlooks those who devastated the nation’s holy sites, looted them, and committed acts such as cow slaughter.


Shri Modi stated that the Congress doesn't remember the nawabs who played a major role in the partition of India. It's unimaginable that the establishment of BHU could have happened without the Raja of Banaras. Maharani Ahilyabai Holkar protected India's holy sites by reconstructing mandirs. Shri Modi emphasized that he belongs to a village in Gaikwad state of Gujarat, which was under Baroda Maharaja.  It was the Baroda Maharaja who recognized Baba Ambedkar's talent, invited him to Baroda, recognized his abilities and then Gaikwad Maharaja facilitated his education abroad. Congress leaders overlook the contributions of rajas and maharajas and openly speak against them for vote bank politics. Meanwhile, they lack courage from speaking against nawabs, sultans and badshahs. Congress' appeasement mentality is becoming apparent to the nation and is reflected in their manifesto.


Hon’ble Prime Minister stated that the entire country now realizes that wherever Congress comes to power, development starts to decline. When the BJP government was in power in Karnataka, a large portion of India's foreign direct investment flowed into the state. However, things have changed since Congress assumed power. Since the Congress government took office, work on roads and irrigation has halted. Frequent power cuts are causing distress, leading people to say, "Jaha Congress Aayi, Waha Barbaadi Laayi”.


Shri Modi highlighted that India is a nation of small farmers and transforming the agricultural sector requires strengthening the collective power of small farmers. Therefore, the BJP-NDA government is focusing on FPOs, SHGs and cooperatives. Under the BJP government, 8,000 new FPOs have been established across India. These FPOs help reduce input costs and support sugar cooperatives. The BJP government eased the challenges faced by sugarcane farmers by increasing ethanol blending with petrol, leading to sugarcane farmers earning over ₹70,000 crore. This policy also addressed payment issues faced by sugar mills. In contrast, Congress has betrayed farmers, which is a grave wrongdoing. When the BJP government was in power in Karnataka, farmers received ₹10,000 in their bank accounts, but the Congress government halted the ₹4,000 payments as soon as it took office. Through the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi initiative, farmers will continue to receive financial support, this is Modi Ki Guarantee.


Hon’ble Prime Minister asserted that he, as a servant of the people, has dedicated himself to empowering villages, farmers, youth and women to enhance the nation's prosperity. However, he criticized the recent declarations made by the Congress scions, who have announced their intentions to conduct an ‘X-Ray’ of the entire nation's assets if they win the elections. This proposal entails scrutinizing people's properties, bank lockers, land, vehicles, and women's jewelry including their ‘Mangalsutra’, implying that Congress seeks to usurp individuals' wealth through intrusive means and then redistribute it to their favored vote bank. No one has the right to loot the hard-earned assets of the citizens, including their cherished possessions like ‘Mangalsutras’. He vowed to thwart Congress' plans as long as he is alive.


Shri Modi stated that in this election, the Congress has unveiled a new formula for inheritance tax, stating that if their government comes to power in Delhi, they will enact a law whereby 55% tax will be levied on the savings accumulated by individuals for their children. Essentially, this means that if someone owns two houses, the government will seize one and distribute it to the special community. Congress attempts to capitalize on people's wealth to appease their vote bank, as they assert that the first right over the nation's assets belongs to them. Dr. Manmohan Singh's endorsement of this notion. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi pledged to hold Congress accountable for such policies and promised to meticulously scrutinize their performance at every booth in this election.


Hon’ble Prime Minister highlighted the development initiatives undertaken by the BJP government, including the construction of a port for fishermen and the establishment of an IIT and a modern railway station in the area. He emphasized that the government's focus on development and heritage has garnered trust globally. India's growing recognition on the world stage is attributed to the government's efforts and the public's support, which has been evident in the past decade. Despite opposition, the construction of the grand Ram Mandir in Ayodhya has been completed, symbolizing a historic moment for the nation.


Shri Modi stated that the BJP government has promoted Ayurveda globally. He announced the establishment of a separate AYUSH Ministry under the BJP government. Karnataka's renowned Sirsi betel nut received a GI tag during this government's tenure. Coarse grains, also known as ‘Shree Anna’ have gained popularity worldwide. The consumption of millets has increased globally, benefiting farmers in Karnataka and across the country. The BJP government is dedicated to the development of the fishing community. For the first time, a separate ministry was created for fisheries, offering credit card facilities and implementing the Matsya Sampada Yojana worth ₹20,000 crores. The BJP manifesto highlights the significance of fishermen, promising to establish production and processing clusters for their benefit.


Hon’ble Prime Minister stated that the BJP is inspired by Kittur Rani Chennama, which is why they've opened up all fronts of the army for women. Now, women can study in military schools too. Because of BJP's policies, there are now more than double the number of women in central forces. “Janata ka Sapna Hi Modi Ka Sankalp Hai'’ and he is working tirelessly for the country, with the promise of serving 24/7 until 2047. Shri Modi appealed to the public to support the Modi-led government once again, by supporting Lok Sabha Belagavi candidate Shri Jagadish Shettar and Chikodi candidate Shri Anna Saheb Shankar Jolle and contribute to the vision of building a Viksit Bharat.







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