Shri Bangaru Laxman

Soft-spoken and a man of many parts, who has been evincing keen interest in social, educational and literary activities since his scholastic days, Shri Bangaru Laxman was born on March 17, 1939 in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh to Shri Bangaru Narasimha and Smt. Shivamma.

  • Name : Shri Bangaru Laxman.

  • Father's Name : Late Shri B. Narsimha.

  • Date of Birth : 17 March,1939

  • Qualification : B.A., L.L.B.

  • Publications : Several articles in papers like Sharda, Sadhna, Jagriti, Jana Sandesh, Krishna Patrika, Andhra Patrika, Andhra Prabha, Andhra Bhoomi, etc. (Telugu), Panchjanya (Hindi) and Organizer (English).

  • Political Activity : Interested in social activities from childhook; took keen interest in education; joined R.S.S. in 1953 at the age of 12 years and held several responsibilities in the organization; joined State Electricity Department in 1958, Railways in 1962 and Accountant General office in 1965, resigned in 1969 to become a full time political worker; joined Jan Sangh in 1969; actively associated with working class movement and headed several Trade Unions such as 
    (i) BHEL
    (ii) MIDHANI
    (iii) N.F.C.
    (iv) F.C.I.
    (v) Singareni Coal Workers
    (vi) Kesoram Cements
    (vii) Antergaon Spinning Mills
    (viii) Bakelite Hylam
    (ix) Meters Factory, ect.

  • Arrested several times for participating in public agitations and was detained under MISA during emergency for more than sixteen months; was also jailed for leading Satyagraha in those days under DIR for seven days President,
    (i) Andhra Pradesh BJP unit, 1986-1988

    (ii) BJP All India Scheduled Castes Morcha for more than seven years and (iii)Saraswati Vidya Peetham High School, 1997-1998; All India Vice-President, BJP; Chairman, House Committee; General Secretary, State Janata Party, 1978 and (ii) State Unit of BJP, 1980-85; Secretary, (i) State Bharatiya Jan Sangh, 1973-77, (ii) All India BJP, 1987-95 and (iii) Bharatiya Rachayitala Samithi; Convener, State Unit of BJP, 1980; Member, (i) Senate of Osmania University from graduates constituency, 1970-1976, (ii) High level Indian delegation, under the Leadership of President of India, which visited New York (USA), Peru and Brazil, 1998, (iii) Andhra Pradesh Legislative Council, 1985-86, (iv) Committee on Labour and Welfare, (v) Committee on Energy, (vi) Consultative Committee for the Ministry of Home Affairs and (vii) Consultative Committee for the Ministry of Finance; elected to the Rajya Sabha in April, 1996, (viii) Chairman, House Committee Rajya Sabha, (ix) Minister /of State for Railways (November 1999), (x) National President Bharatiya Janata Party (August 2000).


Attracted by the nationalist movement, launched during the second freedom struggle which liberated Hyderabad, Shri Laxman joined the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh in 1951, even before entering his teens.

He did his matriculation from the Government High School, Nampalli and graduated from the Evening College. He obtained his LL.B degree as a student of the Law College, Osmania University.

He had a stint in the Andhra Pradesh State Electricity Board in 1958 before switching over to the Indian Railways in 1962. Three years later, he left the Railways to join the Accountant General's office in Andhra Pradesh. He was not destined to continue in government service for long. He resigned from even that post in 1969 when he opted to be a full time political worker.

An ardent trade unionist, he took active part in the trade union movement and was elected the President of the Employees' Associations of the Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd., Nuclear Fuel Complex, Food Corporation of India, Singareni Collieries, Meters Factory and the Midhani.

Between 1970 and 1976, he was a Member of the Osmania University Senate, having been elected from the Graduates' constituency.

Shri Laxman was a Member of the High-Powered Indian delegation which accompanied the President of India on a visit to the USA, Peru and Brazil in 1998.

Shri Laxman was the President of the All India BJP Scheduled Caste Morcha for seven years. He is also National Vice President of the BJP. He was imprisoned for about a year and half during Emergency. He was Secretary of the Andhra Pradesh unit of the Bharatiya Janasangh between 1973 and 1977 and Secretary of the Janata Party, Andhra Pradesh in 1978 before becoming the Convenor of the A.P. unit of the newly-formed Bharatiya Janata Party in 1980. He was its General Secretary between 1980 and 1985 and the President between 1986 and 1988.

Shri Bangaru Laxman was a Member of the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Council from 1985 until it was abolished in 1986. He was elected to the Rajya Sabha from Gujarat in April 1996 and in October 1999 was inducted into the Union Council of Ministers as Minister of State in the Ministry of Planning and Programme Implementation. In November 1999, he was made Minister of State in the Railway Ministry.

Shri Bangaru Laxman has a flair for writing and has contributed innumerable articles in Telugu language to Sharda, Sadhana, Jagriti, Jan Sandesh, Krishna Patrika, Andhra Prabha, Andhra Bhoomi; and in Hindi to Panchajanya and in English to Organiser.

Besides the USA, Peru and Brazil, Shri Laxman has visited Malaysia and Singapore, too.

Married to Sushila in 1971, the couple have three daughters and a son.