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Union minister Amit Shah says a Uniform Civil Code has been on the BJP’s agenda since the day our party was formed


The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will win a clear majority in Karnataka, surprising everyone, Union home minister Amit Shah said in an interview, adding that while, from the outside, the elections may look polarised, on the ground, it is the development work done by the BJP that is talking. Shah also dismissed opposition parties coming together to take on the BJP as a photo-op and said that it would have no impact on votes. Edited excerpts

What are the prospects of the BJP in Karnataka?

Even before the elections were announced, I visited the state for about 11 days, and after the polls were announced, I have been visiting the state every two or three days. I have visited about 70% of the districts in Karnataka and I have felt a surge in support for the BJP everywhere. The enthusiasm of our cadre to ensure that the BJP gets a majority is also at its peak. There is an overall sentiment that Karnataka has to remain a stronghold of the BJP in the South.

Based on my feedback and my experience, I am confident that the party will win reach the halfway mark and win a minimum of 15 additional seats over the halfway mark (there are 224 seats in the assembly). The elections results will surprise everyone.

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