The BJP’s definition of good governance is a administration where even the weakest and the most vulnerable sections of society have an equal stake in charting the country’s growth. Everything starts and progresses from this single idea. Today, the BJP is the only true merit-based democratic political party in India. In governance, the BJP is committed to the ideals of transparency, efficiency and responsiveness. Time and again, the party has demonstrated its commitment towards these principles, wherever it has been voted to power.

With the BJP at the helm, the Indian voters can look forward to a clean government, free of corruption and scandal; a leadership that hasn’t reached on top on the basis of connections and cronyism, but on the basis of years of unrelenting work for the masses and a youthful leadership that is in sync with contemporary India.

Our model of good governance ensures that even the tallest leaders and top bureaucrats are answerable to an ordinary citizen, hailing from any part of India. The government believes in operating in complete transparency, with every file and official record open for public scrutiny, except when these may endanger national security. The BJP’s ascendancy is an antidote to whatever has troubled the Indian political system over the last six decades– crony capitalism, feudalism, favouritism and archaic methods of governance. For us, governance is a mission that isn’t complete without proactive involvement of the citizens of India. We strive to provide a clean and efficient government that invites proactive participation and involvement of citizens at every step.