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 Salient points of speech by BJP National President, Shri Amit Shah in BJP National Executive Meeting at Bengaluru (Karnataka)

National Executive Meeting

03-04 April, 2015

Salient Points from BJP President Amit Shah’s Speech

  • BJP President Shri Amit Shah addressed a meeting of the party’s national executive on Friday in Bengaluru. On this occasion, Shri Shah announced that the BJP is now the world’s largest political party. On this occasion, he gave an account of the achievements of the Modi led government in the past ten months as well as a call for the party forming a majority government in the poll-bound Bihar.
  • Shri Shah said, BJP membership has crossed 9 crore, and it’s about to reach 10 crore very soon. For this achievement, I congratulate our leader and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and millions of our workers spread through the length and breadth of this country.
  • Shri Shah said that the BJP has completed ten months under NDA. In these ten months, a lot has changed within this nation. Just a few months ago when the UPA government was in power, there was never a time when there weren’t any scams. And that did plenty to dent our image as a nation. Under UPA we had several scams such as 2G, auction of coal blocks, Commonwealth Games, Adarsh Housing Society, helicopter purchase, submarine contract, airports privatization, purchase of civilian aircraft and the ISRO scam too. All in all, the UPA managed to pocket Rs5000 crore out of those schemes. Consequently, the entire nation was absorbed in cynicism, with the country starting to doubt its own future. Besides, the anger of our unemployed youth often spilled out into our streets. However, global perspectives started changing once the BJP formed the government. With Narendra Bahia Modi becoming the prime minister, Indians across the world are proud of their heritage. And India is marching ahead to ensure its own position in the world. In the past ten months, the BJP has managed to position “India First!”
  • Shri Shah said the year 2014 is going to be a memorable day in the history of BJP. For it was in then that the country got its first majority government and Narendra Bhai Modi became our prime minister. Thereafter, elections also happened in Haryana, Maharashtra, Jharkhand and Jammu & Kashmir, with the BJP getting an overwhelming majority in all the four elections. For the first time we have a BJP chief minister in Haryana. Similarly, a BJP chief minister has made his debut in Maharashtra. Meanwhile, we have also had the privilege of being partner in a coalition government in Jammu & Kashmir.
  • Shri Shah said that though verdicts in Haryana, Maharashtra and Jharkhand are commendable, our real achievement is the performance in Jammu & Kashmir. It’s a victory that pays homage to the memory of late Shyama Prasad Mukherjee. I know our detractors are trying to slander us. But I want to tell the nation through you that with the BJP in a coalition in Jammu & Kashmir, it’s the country that will gain in strength. Well, for the BJP it is the unity and sovereignty of the nation that matters. The government formation in Jammu & Kashmir is a step in that very direction.
  •  Shri Shah said that BJP is either in power in several places or it is part of government. And wherever the party is in power, it is working for the uplift of the poor. It’s precisely for that reason that we have been extended an overwhelming mandate by the public and have a BJP government at the centre led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. We also believe that the Modi led government will last for a while.
  • Shri Shah said that the Modi government is a government of the downtrodden, farmers and workers. It is a government that actually walks the road to progress of everyone. In the past ten months the BJP government has been instrumental in opening 12 crore bank accounts of the economically deprived. The BJP government has promised Rs2 lakh insurance on an Rs12 premium to the account holders. Moreover, Rs330 premium will entitle Rs2 lakh premium to account holders under the Jan Dhan Scheme. The Modi government is committed to extending an insurance cover of Rs50cr to people under both insurance schemes.
  • Shri Shah said that poverty leads to unemployment. And the two coexist. Therefore, the Modi government has undertaken two schemes to generate work. One of them is, ‘Make in India’. Suddenly firms from all over the world are queuing up to manufacture and invest in India. This will help in creating employment for thousands of youth. Two, this is part of the BJP led- government’s “Skilled India” initiative.
  • While referring to farmers Shri Shah said, till the time a tiller is unhappy, the country won’t progress. The BJP fought for the rights of farmers at the World Trade Organization meetings. In power, it has undertaken initiatives such as the ‘Social Health Card’ and ‘Prime Minister’s Irrigation Scheme’.
  • Shri Shah said that wherever the BJP is in power, the government has brought in the anti-cow slaughter law. He both mentioned and appreciated Maharashtra and Haryana in this regard.
  • Shri Shah remarked that under the leadership of Narendra Bhai Modi, the government has undertaken several works for the benefit of workers. These include flexibility in PPF payments, guarantee of minimum pension, moves related to social security and special schemes for tribes. Similarly, the ‘Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme’ has been started to ensure a respectable future for women. In a bid to encourage job creation, the Modi government has started a ‘Mudra Bank’ that will entitle young entrepreneurs to take loans from Rs5,000 to Rs10lakh. The government has provisioned Rs20,000crore for the scheme.
  • Shri Shah said the government has also started the Atal Pension scheme to for farmers, workers and poor.
  • Referring to the policy paralysis within the Congress led UPA dispensation Shri Shah said the BJP government has worked to end that stalemate. And it’s for this very reason that the country’s economy too has benefited. The country’s economy has again recovered: our growth rate has gone up, inflation has come down, prices of petroleum fuels have also reduced and forex reserves have grown. Steps taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi will ensure that India will soon be the world’s fastest growing economy.
  • Touching on the steps being taken by the government on the issue of Black Money stashed overseas, Shri Shah said that one of the first things that Modi government did on assuming power was the formation of an SIT. And whatever information the newly formed government received in the first two months of coming to power, it has passed it on to the body. Just two years ago the Honourable Supreme Court had ordered formation of an SIT. But the UPA government never did that. On the other hand, the BJP formed an SIT panel immediately on coming to power at its very first cabinet meeting. The Prime Minister and Finance Minister tried to bring the world on the same page on the issue of black money. Not only that, the Union Cabinet has cleared a stringent legislation to curb black money, which has provisions for steep penalties as well as extended prison terms.
  • Shri Shah said the government has started several schemes as part of its ‘Saba Saath, Sabka Visas Initiative’. These include, Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojna, Swatchh Bharat Abhiyaan, Namaami Gange, Deendayal Upadhyay Gramin Kaushal Scheme, Deendayal Gram Jyoti Yojna and Digital India. With all of that the government has taken one more step towards, ‘Ek Bharat, shresht Bharat’.
  • Shri Shah reiterated the BJP’s commitment to fight corruption. He said, a new scam used to break out under UPA as it was a government founded on corruption. Even after ten months in power, nobody can accuse the BJP of indulging in corruption. Each and every worker can proudly proclaim that their party’s government is clean. We have fulfilled our promise of eradicating corruption.
  • Each time a new corruption scandal would break out into the open, people would actually ask if Rs1.86 lakh coal mining scam were actually possible. But the policies brought in by us have proved that it actually happened. They have actually earned over Rs2 lakh crore in auction of coal mines. Spectrum allocation has earned over Rs1 lakh crore to the national exchequer. I would just like to submit to te Congress members that figures speak for themselves.
  • Shri Shah said that under Narendra Modi the government is committed to security, prosperity, self-respect, culture and world peace. The Prime Minister delivered his speech in the UN General Assembly in Hindi and proposed observance of the World Yoga Day. The BJP government has unfurled the flag of Indian culture worldwide. Similarly, with his visits to Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka in the neighbourhood, and Australia, Fiji as well as several other countries, the Prime Minister has forged new bonds of friendship, enabling the BJP to also unfurl a flag on the diplomatic front. The Indian disapora can now proudly proclaim that it’s Indian.
  • Shri Shah said that the Modi government has disbanded Planning Commission to form Niti Ayog in a bid to strengthen the federal structure. It has enhanced the profile of state chief ministers by involving them in the process. The government has increased the share of state governments in central taxes from 32 to 42%. No other government has taken such a major step since Independence. The Prime Minister has also initiated several steps for development of Eastern India.
  • Shri Shah said the BJP is the only party with strong internal democracy. He added that over 10crore members need to be on the rolls of the party.
  • Reminding workers of Narendra Modi’s August 9 speech, Shri Shah implored that they should rise up above politics for the greater good. He asked party workers to fight the menace of scavenging across India. He urged BJP workers to connect with families employed in the task all over the country in a bid to put an end to this malpractice by 2016. Shri Shah also called upon the workers to take the message of ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ to grassroots. He also spoke about cleaning up the River Ganga under the ‘Namami Gange’ scheme.
  • Talking about the amendments to the Land Acquisition Act, he said that BJP can proudly claim that they aren’t anti-farmer. A party that robbed lands of millions of farmers through an Act promulgated by the British has no right to criticize us.
  • Shri Shah said that polls are due in Bihar. The state has had to endure “jungle raj” for a considerable period of time. People are Bihar have high expectations of the BJP. Therefore, it is the party workers’ responsibility to travel to their midst. Post the elections, the BJP will form a majority government in the state.
  • Shri Shah said that Delhi has a new government that rode to power on the promise of Jan Lokpal. However, it has today booted out its own Lokpal. A party that once spoke about intraparty democracy has itself selectively hounded out members.
  • Shri Shah has urged all party workers to aggressively take achievements of the Modi government to masses. Touching upon the symbiotic relationship between the government and party, he said that the workers need to spread the message of Modi government’s achievements far and wide.

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