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Statement issued by Sh. Kedarnath Sahani Incharge of Overseas Friends of BJP

"It has been brought to our notice that some persons belonging to the earlier OFBJP (USA), which was formed at the behest of the BJP in India and was duly recognised by it and was associated with the parent body, but because of its misfunctioning, a few months ago was disowned by the parent body, have been using unauthorisedly the name of the Bharatiya Janata Party in their activities. This has created some confusion in the minds of people at large, and specially among the friends, sympathisers and associates of the BJP in the USA. Hence, it is necessary that the confusion in this regard is cleared and any doubt or ambiguity removed.

The BJP has nothing to do with the abovesaid OFBJP (USA). The BJP is neither connected with it nor has authorised any individual or organisation in the USA to use the name of the BJP and function as its associate or agent in that country. The Central Office at New Delhi on 21.02.2006 had made a public announcement of having disassociated from the OFBJP (USA) and had severed its ties with the aforesaid Organisation.
Let there be no confusion in this regard in he mind any or our friends, sympathisers and associates in the USA. The BJP is, not at all, in any way, connected with this organisation or individuals connected with it or their activities.

All our friends and associates are advised not to associate with their activities."

(Shyam Jaju)
Office Secretary

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