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Press statement issued by BJP National General Secretary Shri Tapir Gao


Press Statement issued by BJP National General Secretary, Shri Tapir Gao


Since last 4 months half of the Congress Legislators, 4 Cabinet Ministers, Parliamentary Secretaries and MLAs are camping in Delhi to change their leadership. It is a Congress internal matter but the people of Arunachal Pradesh are suffering. All the developmental activities are standstill and the law and order problems are increasing day by day. The AICC and Mrs Sonia Gandhi are solely responsible for the crisis in Arunachal Pradesh.

Half of Congress legislators are in five star hotels in Delhi with the nexus of the AICC Northeast underground groups are also involving, which is a great threat to Arunachal Pradesh and the nation. With 3 countries at its borders, Arunachal is state which has to be governed with a stable government. The internal leadership tussle in the Arunachal state Congress unit has paralysed governance in this strategically located state. One wonder why the central Congress leaders are keeping quite and not taking immediate action against their legislators who are not attending their duties since last four months. Perhaps it is a case of connivance with the corrupt Arunachal leaders.

Due to monsoon, most of the district headquarters are cut off, medicines and essential commodities are not reaching the interior and border areas. But the government in Arunachal Pradesh is now campaign in Delhi, for caring for the people of the state.

BJP Demands

  1. The Congress Party explain why some Cabinet Ministers, nearly half of Congress MLAs are camping in Delhi for last several months. They did not even attend the Cabinet meeting and last Assembly session. Can the Congress Party encourage this state of abandon of governance by its elected representatives? The UPA Chaiperson Smt Sonia Gandhi should explain to the country and the people of Arunachal Pradesh.
  2. The BJP demands that the state Assembly be convened urgently. The state government  should make a statement on the floor of the house on this issue of complete neglects of governance.
  3. Immediate steps to have distribution of medicine and essential goods to all block level and border areas for primary health and better public distribution (PDS).


Today it is 65 days (3rd October, 2011) the two National Highways in Manipur has been blocked. The essential commodities and medicines are in shortage in Manipur. People are not getting even one gas cylinder for Rs. 2000 and petrol Rs.200 per litre. Till today more than 30 medicine and goods trucks have been burned down. The law and order problems are deteriorating day by day, and there is as hue and cry for essential commodities in Manipur. The Congress-I government in Manipur and the Congress-I leaders in Centre are not seriously taking about the problems faced by the common people of Manipur.


Headquarter Incharge

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