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New Delhi, 30th March 2013: BJP Convenor Overseas Affairs Mr. Vijay Jolly stated that the US business leaders delegation to India paid their own travel, hotel and food expenses. No govt. in India sponsored their visit.

BJP leader Mr. Jolly further clarified that no money was paid by govt. of United States of America, Neither by BJP and nor by govt. of India. Mr. Jolly stated that in USA nothing comes for free. Even dinners hosted by President Obama are charged @ 60 to 70 thousand dollars per plate. Arranging business delegation & hosting dinners is an acceptable part of fund raising in USA.

Now this would come as a foreign idea to the Congress Culturists in India, where even today. The petrol bills for Robert Vadera & his personal staff is "Paid for" by the govt. even if they are going abroad for shopping.

BJP leader Mr. Jolly further stated that NIAPPI( National  Indian American Public Policy Institute, US) led by Punjabi NRI US business leader Mr. Shalabh Kumar, with great efforts got a business leaders delegation come to India and that would encourage trade & boost FDI (Foreign Direct Investment).

Who paid for it or how they paid for it should not be our concern as long as no govt. in India paid for it. It is still better than having to pay"the peons and power brokers" outside UPA Cabinet Ministries just to meet our own Indian Ministers quipped Mr. Jolly.

The Us Congressman interacted with Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi and followed the good governance model of Gujarat. "Modi Charisma" worked. And a spontaneous and instant invite to Mr Modi to visit USA followed.

This all caused "Stomach Upsets, pain & dysentery" to all Congress leaders & anti-Modi baiters in India stated BJP Convenor Overseas Affairs Mr. Vijay Jolly in New Delhi.

False, mis-leading & fallacious, anti-modi propaganda is unfair treatment to four times winner of Gujarat elections Shri Narendra Modi. It is a dishonor for millions of Gujarat & Punjabi NRI's & PIO (People of Indian origin) worldwide. This should stop immediately demanded BJP leader Mr. Jolly.

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