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Statement by Sh. Nitin Gadkari, President

I have had the privilege to serve my party the BJP as a political worker and finally as its president for one term. As a part of my commitment to the weaker sections particularly to the farmers I embarked upon social enterprise to serve the society. I have committed no wrong or any impropriety either directly or indirectly. Yet the UPA government has been making an effort to spread disinformation about me in order to hurt me and my party. I have always said that I am willing for any independent enquiry. I shall fight these efforts of this government both politically and legally.

I do not wish that this should in any way adversely affect the interest of the BJP. I have therefore decided not to seek a second term as the president of the BJP. I am extremely grateful to all my colleagues and the cadres of the BJP who have cooperated with me during my term as a president.  I shall continue to serve my party as a committed worker. I have conveyed my decision to my colleagues.


O.P. Kohli
Headquarters Incharge

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