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Press Statement issued By
BJP National Spokesperson and MP, Shri Prakash Javadekar



The BJP strongly condemns the continued attack heaped on the CAG by the Congress Ministers.  The latest one coming from none other than Finance Minister P Chidambaram is “highly irresponsible” and is a blatant attempt to divert the attention of the people from the neck deep corruption and “crony capitalism” indulged in by the Congress-led UPA Government in the allocation of invaluable Coal Blocks.

Shri Chidambaram has said that the projected Rs 1,86,000 crore loss in coal block allocation would also turn out to be a “mythical” and “fancy” number.  It is unfortunate that this kind of a statement has come from the Finance Minister that too couple of days before the Winter Session of parliament begins. Instead of submitting himself before the JPC probing spectrum allocation issue for his role in the 2G scam,  the Finance Minister has indulged in the brazen insinuation of the CAG on the 2G as well as coal scams.

The Congress instead of challenging the figures should explain the fact…. And the truth or fact of the matter is that the Congress-led UPA Government had indulged in monumental corruption by allotting coal blocks in a non-transparent and “discretionary manner”.

The following facts directly expose the Congress in the coal scam

  1. It is a fact that 17 billion tons of coal reserves worth Rupees 50 lakh Crore was allocated to 140 + private companies for free without any benefit to either the exchequer or the people
  2. It is a fact that CVC after finding merit in our complaint handed over the whole issue of coal block allotment scam to the CBI for preliminary enquiry
  3. The SC has issued notice today on the petition seeking SIT probe in the Coal Block Allocation Scam
  4. The IMG cancelled nearly two dozen coal blocks and revoked bank guarantees of many other coal block allottees
  5. CBI  has registered over half a dozen cases in the Coal Block Allocation Scam
  6. There were no comparative appraisals of all the applicants and no explanation on record why a certain party was selected for allotting coal block and on what basis applications of others were rejected.  This is the strongest evidence of the mala fide behind the Coal Block allocation scam.  The Party might have benefitted but the country has lost.

The Congress has adopted double standards in the CWG Scam and the Coal scam.  While in the CWG Scam, the final signatory has been booked and the trial is on .  However, in the Coal Block Allocation Scam, the Congress is bending its back to protect Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who as the then Coal Minister had been the final signatory on majority of the coal block allocations.

The Congress game plan was very clear from the beginning. Moot the idea of auction but don’t move ahead with the required speed.  Delay the proposal and its enactment and implementation as far as possible.  Keep the swords of auction hanging so that the black-gold rush will convert into net gain for the Congress’ coffers. This is mala fide, and crux of the scam.

So BJP reiterates its demand of the PM accepting moral responsibility and resign. The BJP also demands an impartial probe and cancellation of all the coal blocks allotted after 2004.

The Congress cannot get away by mocking at the CAG. It will have to pay a heavy political price for the continuous and unabated indulgence in Corruption.  The people of the country are disgusted with the corruption-riddled UPA Government.  They are just waiting for an opportunity to punish the Congress.

Headquarter Incharge

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