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Salient points made By Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu, MP & Former BJP President, at a Press Conference in Bengaluru on 18 November 2012

The Congress’ rule is a saga of Betrayals and Broken Promises

The Congress – thy name is Broken Promises.  The Congress party is reported to be preparing for early elections to cut its losses.  With what face you go to the people?  You have a record of betrayal of common man and broken promises.

The Government is neck-deep in corruption and sky-rocketing prices are breaking the backbone of aam admi continuously in the last eight and half year’s its misrule.  Farmers’ suicides are continuing unabated.  Internal security is thrown to the winds. Every section of the society is unhappy with you.  Even in your Surajkund brain-storming session, you have not come out with any clear cut agenda or action plan.

In 2009 while releasing the party’s manifesto, the Congress President claimed ‘Congress promises what it can do and will do what it promises’.  See the track record.  It is all broken promises.  You said that you will control prices within 100 days of your coming to power.  On the contrary, the Government itself has hiked prices of petroleum products like diesel, LPG hitting very hard the farmers, common men and house-wives with cascading effect on the prices of almost all essential commodities.

You said that within 100 days of your coming to power you initiate steps to bring back black money.  You have not moved an inch in that direction.  On the contrary, you are trying to suppress the information of bank account holders in spite of getting 700 odd names from France.

You said you will expand schemes for improving the welfare of the farmers.  The suicides are continuing even in the Congress-ruled States like Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.  People were forced to declare crop-holiday.  Swaminathan Commission’s recommendations are gathering dust for the last more than 8 years.  You have forgotten farmers. You said you remove all controls on free movement of commodities.  The flip-flops in export policy adversely affect farmers.  You export food grains at low prices and import at high prices raising suspicion of major scams.  You said you will bring Rehabilitation and Resettlement Bill which is yet to see the light because of the divisions within your own party.

You promised Right to Food law to guarantee access to sufficient food for all people.  Nobody knows what is the present state.  You said you will give all the BPL households in rural and urban areas 25 kgs. Rice or wheat per month at Rs.3 per kg.  But you have put a ceiling that the individuals earning Rs.28 in urban and rs.22 in rural areas are above poverty!  You said you make elected Panchayats strong.  You have not done anything on that.  You assured highest defence preparedness and the country was stunned to know about the Army Chief’s remarks.

You said you will take care of the welfare of the people and instead you burdened them.  You have put a cap on the supply of LPG cylinders.  You promised to introduce the Goods and Services Tax from April 1, 2010.  Now you are trying to find alibis.

You promised to maintain the path of high growth, fiscal prudence and low inflation.  Now the inflation is reaching double digits.  The growth rate is around 5.5% only – the slowest pace in a decade.  One after the other, the international agencies are down-grading India.  Fiscal deficit is almost pushed to 6%.  The Prime Minister himself lamented about growth deceleration and falling exports.

You promised faster and more inclusive growth.  Now you are talking of a 1990-like situation.  The fiscal deficit is more than 5.3% of GDP.  The growth rate slipped into a 9-year low of 6.5% in 2011-12.  The fiscal deficit, trade deficit and the level of inflation, as people say, are equivalent of the systems of pulse rate, blood pressure and temperature.  All of them are higher than normal.  The combined Centre and States’ fiscal deficit is the 3rd highest in the world. Inflation is higher than in almost all the countries.  The current account deficit projected at 3.8% of GDP is the second highest as per the editorial of an economic daily.

You promised to bring Women’s Reservation.  You said elections to 16th Lok Sabha will be held on the basis of 1/3 reservation of women.  Where is it?  It is no where in sight.  You cannot get important bills like Street Vendors (Protection of Livelihood) Bill, Seeds Bill, Judicial Standards and Accountability Bill and the National Accreditation Regulator for Higher Education Bill passed.  You promised schemes for leadership development of minority women and launched it with fanfare in 2010.  You have not spent a single rupee on its implementation.

PM and FM said in Surajkund that “unless growth rate could be increased, fiscal deficit controlled, political consensus achieved, it will not be possible to push through the party’s social welfare agenda”.  Right to Children’s Free and Compulsory Education is notified but implementation is tardy because of lack of funds.  Your manifesto promised health security for all.  The Urban Health Mission still remains on paper.   We need 4.2 lakh doctors towards the end of this decade.  You promised AIIMS like institutions in the beginning of 12th Plan.  What happened?

You could not create enough storage for food grains; rather you allowed lakhs of tons of food grains to rot.  Another important promise is connecting all villages to a broadband network in 3 years time but 2011 census show around 7.5 crore poorer house-holds still do not have electiricty.

On Telangana you broke your promise and threw the state of Andhra Pradesh into turmoil with your indecisiveness and you are saying consultations process is on.  You failed to provide energy security to all with your faulty energy proposals and capping the subsidized LPG cylinders.

You have broken promises on one side and you are taking steps unilaterally on issues which you opposed while in opposition.  You have record number of scams now.  You want to paint black whoever finds faults with you.  But please understand scams won’t vanish by painting C&AG black.

  • You promised maximum possible security to each and every citizen.  In spite of that 26/11 has happened.
  • You promised every BPL household to be covered by Rashtriya Swasthya Bhima Yojana and promised every district hospital will be upgraded.  What happened?
  • You promised social security to those at special risk?  Where is it?
  • You promised model schools for every block.  Where are they?
  • You promised comprehensive crop insurance scheme to the farmers.   Where is it?
  • What happened to the 6-lane National Highway?
  • What happened to the commitment of fiscal responsibility?  How do you explain your failure?
  • Where is you promise of Voluntary National Youth Corps?
  • How Many Gram Nyayalayas were set up at every Panchayat?

To preach something when out of power and do the opposite when in power has been your policy.  You have obstructed Parliament while in opposition now you are preaching about the sanctity of Parliament to opposition when in power.  You opposed FDI while in opposition now you are proposing it because you are position.  Oppose while in opposition and propose while in position! Stop double standards, do introspection and try to address the promises you have made to the nation.


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