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Press statement issued by BJP Mahila Morcha President,
Smt. Smriti Irani

BJP Mahila Morcha expresses its outrage and anguish towards to conduct of NCW Chairperson Smt. Mamta Sharma in a meeting held in the presence of BJP Mahila Morcha President Smt. Smriti Irani, BJP National Secretary Smt. Arti Mehra, BJP Delhi President Sh. Vijendra Gupta, BJP Mahila Morcha General Secretary Smt. Darshana Jardosh and BJP Mahila Morcha Delhi President Smt. Shikha Roy. While discussing the conduct of Alka Lamba as a part of the NCW investigative team BJP members present in the meeting were shocked to hear the sympathy expressed by the NCW chief towards Ms. Lamba who is a fellow congress person.

The NCW chief took pride in highlighting the recommendations given by them to the state government, one of which point number 10 states that “action should be taken against public’ who were watching the incident. However the recommendations were silent on the action to be taken on the misconduct by the television network which uploaded an uncut version of the incident on YouTube highlighting the victim’s personal details and image. It is public knowledge that the television network is owned by a senior congress minister in the Assam government. When asked what the role was played by youth congress members in the molestation incident NCW Chief said she is awaiting the report by the state government on the same.  This observation / need for investigation of the role of youth congress members is not found in the recommendations made by the NCW to the Congress government of Assam.

The NCW Chief was also silent on the specific time frame within which recommendations made to the state government would be implemented. BJP Mahila Morcha observes that the NCW and its fact finding mission has utilized the Guwahati molestation incident as a photo opportunity and shall expose the shameful conduct of the NCW in both houses of parliament in the forthcoming monsoon session.

(Darshana Jardosh)
General Secretary

BJPMahila Morcha

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