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Press Statement of BJP Vice President
Shri Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi

New Delhi 30 May 2012 - Senior BJP Leaders would participate in Protest Programe’s in country during the May 31st Bharat Bandh called by the BJP, N.D.A. to Protest Massive Corruption and Petrol Price hike under the Congress-UPA regime.

In an statement Here, Party Vice President Shri Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi today said, Party leaders including MP’s, MLA’s and Senior Functionaries would take part in Ralleys, Processions, Sit-inn’s and Public Meetings to protest against the anti people policies and Steep Price Hike in prices of essential commodities, Petrol, Diesel, LPG being effected by the corrupt UPA Government in connivance with Mahangai Mafia’s.

Terming the Congress led government at Center as a “Bhrm Government” (Bhrm Sarkar), Corrupt and Inflationary Regime (Bhrashtachar aur Mahangai Sarkar) Shri Naqvi said the wide spread corruption at all levels of government is responsible for the unabated Price Rise. Despite record food grain production and fall in international crude prices, the UPA government hiked prices of petrol, LPG and Diesel every two months. Despite record production of Food grains by Indian farmers, the same is being imported at Ten times the cost and distributed in the Indian Market while the domestic produce is being allowed to rot in godowns.

Shri Naqvi attributed this to be unholy nexus between the Scamster’s and Inflation Mafia within the government and said everyone including workers, farmers, youth and the poor’s are at the receiving end of the ruthless, UPA regime.

Shri Naqvi said the UPA government has once again proved that it is implementing the Agenda of the Oil Mafia by effecting steep increase in petrol prices on the common man who was already burdened by high inflation, Even as the people of India were paying the highest prices in Asia for Petrol Diesel and LPG. If the government was indeed sensitive to popular concerns, instead of hiking the prices further it would have reduced central levies to which it was collecting a whopping rupees 1,50,000 crores per annum, but the government is apparently more concerned about the Interest of Inflation Mafia’s.

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