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Chinese denial of visa to Indian officer and govt sending delegation dropping officer from Arunachal - Tarun Vijay


Its shocking to know that the govt is sending a military delegation to China after dropping an officer who hails from Arunachal Pradesh. This is conceding Chinese claim on Arunachal through backdoor and demoralizing the Indian armed forces, whose delegation is forced  to leave for China without their brother soldier Group Captain M Panging, because China doesn't want' him as an Indian. Group Captain M. Panging is being humiliated and insulted for belonging to India and hailing from India's patriotic Jai Hind state Arunachal Pradesh. We condemn this attitude of the govt and demand that the delegation's China trip be cancelled immediately protesting the Chinese refusal to give visa to our military officer.


I have spoken to the Defence minister Shri A.K. Antony in this regard, and he seems to be collecting information about the delegation's visit and said, 'he can't tell me details off hand, and would meet me tomorrow about it.' While I a thankful to him and would meet him tomorrow, meanwhile I tried to contact External Affairs Minister but he was in Dubai, on his way to Israel and his officers put me in contact with his OSD in Delhi. He informed that because govt of India doesn't accept stapled visas to Indians, hence the said officer is not being sent to China, while govt wants the talks with China to continue therefore the military delegation is being sent without the officer who belongs to Arunachal Pradesh and was denied a proper visa by Chinese govt.


This is an outrageous position of the govt. Suppose we have a Prime Minister who belongs to Arunachal Pradesh, should the govt drop him from a China bound delegation because of Chinese objection and continue to send the rest of the delegation members? How the prestige of an Indian soldier is less than the Honour of a Prime Minister?


Previously also when the Chinese denied a visa to another army officer, who was posted in J&K, we had cancelled the delegation trip to China. One delegation less won't make a sea change in our relations, and we must be strongly protesting the Chinese arrogance, safeguarding the Honour of Indian citizens belong to all provinces. We demand Prime Minister should intervene and call back the military delegation immediately till the Chinese rectify their undiplomatic and unfriendly act.


Headquarter Inchrage

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