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We thank the voters to Kathlal for having placed their trust in the BJP. In a historic achievement, BJP broke into the Congress bastion by winning the Kathlal Assembly by-elections in Gujarat.

BJP's Shri Kanubhai Dabhi defeated his nearest rival Shri Ghelabhai Zala of Congress by over 21,000 votes.

While, Dabhi got 62,120 votes, the Congress candidate received 40,573 votes. Dabhi won by a margin of over 21,547 votes.

The verdict clearly proves that by using the power of CBI, Congress can only harass people but can't win elections. The verdict lays bare the Congress attempts to misuse CBI in the Sohrabbudin case for its own political gains and reaffirms BJP's developmental agenda and pro-people policies.

Despite the alliance of Congress and CBI which worked extensively to malign BJP image in the by-poll, the people here preferred to vote for the BJP. The victory has come as a tight slap on the face of Congress leaders and CBI who left no stone unturned in their bid to get a majority of votes in their favour.

The result clearly indicates that there is a wave in favour of Shri Narendra Modi and his good governance agenda across Gujarat. Kathlal where the victory margin of Congress used to be around 50,000 votes except in last election, witnessed a major change this time.

Congress with its representative central ministers like Bharat Singh Solanki and Dinsha Patel tried everything in their might to retain what is their sole bastion. But the people have taught them a bitter lesson.

(Shyam Jaju)
Headquarter Incharge

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