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As a person committed to the “Antyodaya” philosophy, Mr Nitin Gadkari was always active in taking up different projects to help build a strong society and nation.

He initiated an idea of forming an institute aimed at playing a vital role in creating leaders of characters, strength and focused direction of action, in the memory of the Late Bhaurao Deoras, who created history by making world class leaders out of committed followers.

Today the Bhaurao Deoras Human Resources Research and Development Institute, true to its aims and objectives, plans to provide leadership training to individuals in every field, for it firmly believes that better trained public leaders, with unity of action and purpose can change the face and fate of our country, dramatically and drastically within a small span.

A team of devoted social workers with a keen sense of nationality and awareness about social obligation are running the institute to deliver its set aims which are

  • A futuristic Institute of planning, research and training.
  • Development of committed and quality leadership.
  • Creating leadership with direction, dedication, determination, discipline and deadlines.
  • Training programs for various groups of workers.
  • Scientific analysis of the work output and setting realistic targets.

Jiwandayi Yojana (Life-giving Project): Helping hand for heart patients – Patients suffering with various heart ailments, coming from rural areas, are facing lot of trouble in getting expensive treatments in cities like Nagpur and Mumbai. With the help of Jiwandayi Yojana and through other sources, Mr. Gadkari has helped save lives of number of poor people; the list of beneficiaries has reached beyond 2000 families as on date.

Annadata Sukhi Bhava (Let the food giver lead a happy life)  - The Project 'Annadata Sukhi Bhava' was initiated in December 2006, and was undertaken by Rambhau Mhalgi Prabhodhini, Mumbai . Due to a spate of suicides in the Vidarbha region, several families have turned homeless. Under these circumstances, two serious issues have arisen. The first providing means of livelihood for the widows and their kids. The second, continuation of school education of these kids, who may otherwise bid good bye to their schools and go to work as farm labour, to help their mothers. Mr. Gadkari passionately took the welfare activity in his own hand and personally moved among grieved families. He extended his help to the farmers’ families living in worst affected six districts of Western Vidarbha. His direct action covers 204 villages of 36 talukas.

Azadi 50 –

A kaleidoscope of cultures, Azadi 50 and Azadi 60, are stage shows based on the Indian independence struggle. Both are initiatives of Mr. Gadkari and have been staged on various occasions at Nagpur – Mumbai and various parts of the country. The shows were presented by the Chaurang Group from Mumbai and were directed by Ashok Hande. Azaadi 50 is an audio-visual musical presentation highlighting the independence movement. It traces the journey of the nation from the Vedic times to the present era and takes note of the innumerable freedom struggles in the Indian history and examines the very concept of freedom. Through songs, dances, narration, film clippings and dramatic presentation, the show takes the audiences on a roller-coaster ride of historical events.

VEDHA and Hastakala Dyanpeeth, Ramtek

Mr. Gadkari, with his developmental approach, became instrumental in rural development and creation of employment based activates. He also extended his concrete support to this project by heading it, The main features of the project are as follows -

  • An Institution devoted for the development and training of Bamboo technology.
  • Bamboo plantation of various species suitable to natural environment in Vidarbha.
  • Bamboo industry has a potential of Rs. 10,000 crore.
  • In 1995 Institute of Village Enterprise Development for Handicraft Artisans (VEDHA) and Hastakala Dyanpeeth was established.
  • Training and production center at Ramtek.
  • Training of Bamboo art for interested students and rural artisans.
  • Commitment of Establishing Shilpagram for the rural artisans.

Plans & potentials Antyodaya Handloom and Handicrafts

  • Lakhs of self employed people are dependent on Handloom and Handicraft Industry.
  • Very good master viewers and handicraft artisans are available.
  • Proper training, quality yarn, good raw material and marketable designs are necessary.
  • A scheme of producing top quality Ketki silk sarees and its marketing is planned.
  • Training to various artisans including leather artisans and marketing their products is also planned.
  • Ferro cement prefabricated shops to Gathai workers will be installed at various places in Nagpur and other taluka places.

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