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Press Statement of BJP National President Shri Amit Shah


Congress Party should be ashamed of themselves! Everything about their party is fake- their tears for the poor, their claims of development, their commitment to social justice. Now the Congress is using fake voter IDs to create fictitious voters and rig the 2018 Karnataka polls.

It is in the best interest of our democratic traditions that the EC ensures free and fair polling in Rajarajeshwarinagar and other parts of the state. The hopes and aspirations of the people of Karnataka can’t be held hostage to the machinations of the Congress.

I appeal to all democracy loving Indians to rise to the occasion and speak up against this fraudulent, anti-democratic means adopted by the Congress just for the sake of power. Our vigilance will ensure our future generations breathe the air of freedom and democracy.

Congress has read the writing on the wall. They know their reign of corruption and oppression is ending in Karnataka. That is why they are turning to unethical and anti-democratic ways to succeed. However, their attempts will be thwarted and the power of the people will win. Entire Karnataka is ready to dethrone this morally corrupt Siddaramaiah government.



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