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National Council Meeting

27-28 September 2012
Surajkund (Faridabad), Haryana

Political Resolution

The National Council of the BJP takes a serious note of the continuing deteriorating political and economic situation in the country. Skyrocketing corruption, widening socio-economic and communal divide are building a destabilising environment in the country.

Congress-led UPA forfeits the Mandate to Govern.

Steeped in corruption, chained by its internal contradictions, mired in alliance mismanagement, the Congress-led UPA has clearly forfeited its mandate to govern.  Phoney declarations were made by the Congress leadership at Burari on steps to wipe out corruption and to get back black money stacked abroad. It was there again that the Prime Minister, in a moment of bravado, declared that he will appear before any Parliamentary Committee investigating the 2G to clear his name. All these words have evaporated in the thin air. By shielding and covering up suspect persons who are facing trials now, notwithstanding several debates in the Parliament, the Congress proved that it cannot lead the fight against corruption from the front. All the while, it was a minister belonging to an alliance party and hence when the push came to the shove, the minister – A Raja or Maran – could be dispensed with.  Having lost every opportunity to govern and lead with policy initiatives, the government in search of a fig-leaf for retaining whatever little that is left of its honour, came out with a slew of administrative decisions calling them 'reform measures' for all those uninitiated to be misled. And this on the day when an all India bandh called by the BJP and many other parties peacefully demonstrated that the people of this country are opposed to the policies of this government. Never before has the Government of India been repeatedly questioned on its credibility, as now. The office of the Prime Minister was made to submit a written affidavit even by the court.

Coalgate – A Congress Scandal

A failing government unwilling to govern was rightly charged of paralysis in governance. There were no policy decisions being taken due to the inherent contradictions within the government. The twin headed approach – Dr Manmohan Singh and Smt Sonia Gandhi – the government versus the National Advisory Council have continued with their push and pull leading to inaction and confusion. However, this was only about governance. When it was about promoting crony capitalism, black money and kickbacks there was complete unanimity. This is now very clearly seen in the coal allocation scandal that has stunned the nation. Soon after getting elected in 2004, the Congress led UPA announced its commitment to adopt competitive bidding procedure for the distribution of coal blocks in order to expedite power generation in the country. Instead of focussing on getting the due legislation passed, a dragging of feet in formulating the process remains unexplained till today. While the law took its time to be framed and then passed, the rules of execution still remains to be laid down. But while this smokescreen was sustained, the floodgates were opened up that 142 coal blocks were allotted, many of which to the kith and kin of congress leadership. It is believed that allotments were made to those favourably disposed towards the Congress coffers.

People with connections to the high and mighty, however unqualified they may be for the purpose, were gifted coal blocks, almost for free. Having obtained the blocks, neither did they extract coal nor did they generate power. But quickly, realising that their companies value in the market has shot up, these fly-by-night operators sold off their shares and made for themselves such windfall gain – in the C&AG's own assessment to the tune of Rs 1.86 lakh crores. While this is as yet the biggest scandal, in the current saga of corruption even the lowest through the Commonwealth Games was Rs 70,000 crores. This was then followed by 2G Spectrum which reached newer height of Rs 1.76 lakh crore loss to the national exchequer. The loss due to the purchase of aircrafts  for Air India, prime land allotment to the developer of Delhi airport etc are yet to be discussed.

In all this, the silence of the Congress President, Smt Sonia Gandhi, on her party running a scandal ridden government is astonishing. Where are her loud declarations made at Burari, about speaking to chief ministers in Congress ruled states on steps to remove corruption? There are allegations now in public domain pointing a needle of suspicion at her political aide and senior ministers as suggesting names to the Prime Minister for coal block allocations. The nation needs to have answers on these allegations.

Credibility Lost, Leadership Shattered

All the while during the relevant period it was the prime Minister who was the minister holding the Coal ministry. The Prime Minister is directly, politically and morally responsible for these questionable allocations and hence the BJP demand that he should resign. If all the while in the matter of 2G Spectrum scandal, if the Prime Minister was vicariously responsible, in the coal scandal he is directly responsible and no one can adopt a double standard on this. The credibility of leadership was gradually being eroded since the time the Prime Minister, notwithstanding his assurance to the parliament, failed to act on the Shunglu Committee report.

The Congress led UPA government seems to mislead the nation with half-truths. On the one rank one pension too, the government seems to be making statements, although only the defence personnel seem to understand there is no progress on the matter till date. Today the nation is suffering thanks to credibility deficit that has shattered the leadership of the Congress-led UPA.

Attacking to Malign C&AG -Dangerous Precedent Set

In an unacceptable fashion the Prime Minister topped up the effort of Congress spokespersons in attacking a constitutional authority such as the C&AG. They attributed political motives to the C&AG and maligned the institutions.  This is totally unacceptable in a democracy and the congress shall only regret this grave error committed by the Prime Minister himself.

UPA Cracking Up

Whether it is the FDI in multi brand retail or the diesel price hike, UPA's alliance partners have clearly started to leave this sinking ship. While an important ally walks out the others are watching sitting on the fence, as it were. Today, the government's most faithful ally seems to be the CBI. In fact with rampant misuse of agencies such as the CBI, or the ED the government is holding on to straws in the name of numbers to remain in power. The extent of the misuse can be seen in the way the CBI is faltering in cases related to congress ministers in Andhra Pradesh, Suresh kalmadi who does not find a mention in CBI's charge-sheet and also in the way smaller parties which speak about people related issues 'fall-in-line' as it were, when it comes to the question of voting on motions in the parliament.

In its desperation to retain power and to show that it can provide the necessary leadership to lead the country, the Congress is trying to do what it is best known for – promoting dynastic rule. Congress fails to accept the repeated rejection of dynasty-based politics by the people of India during the recent state elections.

Internal Security, Terrorism and Instability

The threats and continued killing of elected sarpanches in Jammu & Kashmir is a clear sign of a rise in the ugly head of terrorism. It is reported that there is an active involvement of the LeT in perpetrating terrorism from across the border. The Congress-National Conference alliance government of Jammu& Kashmir and the Congress led UPA are living in denial.  That terrorism requires a firmer handling is a point BJP has been absolutely firm on. The ambiguous and directionless approach of the Congress on this subject has led the country nowhere. Even today, Pakistan has not shown any concrete evidence that it is serious about dealing with the perpetrators of the Mumbai attack. The arrest of the mastermind of Kandahar, somewhere in Kashmir valley highlights the seriousness of the threats. The illegal immigration of Bangladeshis has led to more than 4 lakh people in Assam being displaced and living in camps. The fear of violence is very serious and the Congress both at the state and at the Centre are living in denial about illegal migration. The brazen attack of the Amar Jawan Jyoti at the Azad maidan, continuous curfew at Bareilly after group clashes, continuing communal tension in Kosi, and Dasna and the latest IB report that the communal situation in many parts of the country inclusive of Uttar Pradesh is highly volatile, are reflective of a government more in absence. The increasing fundamentalist Jihadi activities are making Kerala a hotbed of terrorism. The Congress party which is in alliance with the IUML lives in denial of the extent to which terror groups are spreading their influence in South India. However, a communal narrative is being brought into the Assam violence where the issue is of Indians v/s foreigners who illegally enter and try to settle on our soil. The governments' silence on the J&K interlocutors report which refers to PoK as Pakistan administered Kashmir is condemnable. A resolution in Pakistan relating to Gilgit and Baltistan areas and also considering to offer land in the PoK on lease, bring stress to the security environment in the region. A government in India steeped neck deep in corruption, hardly has any time to attend to these grave issues having a bearing on our security and sovereignty.

Further, the government has failed to control large scale smuggling of drugs in India. In many states, particularly the young are falling prey to this menace. If unchecked the the drug smuggling and its illegal retailing can have serious consequences on the economic and national security. This is another form of corruption bringing illegal, slush money into the economy.The BJP demands a full and comprehensive investigation into this “drugs threat”which may expose the nexus between corrupt politicians and the international drugs mafia.

The forfeiture to govern is now seriously hurting the nation.

NDA Gives Best Performing Governments

It is well established that India had its best government under the leadership of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The NDA government provided the best infrastructure development, transparent policies and kept antyodaya at the core of governance. Notwithstanding three consecutive years of poor monsoon, international sanctions after Pokharan-II, a devastating earthquake and Kargil war, no state was made to suffer as regards food grain distribution. Industry – small or big flourished, jobs were created and general economic well being of the people and the nation went hand-in-hand. So are the NDA governed states today.  Government of India's own rankings, periodically as they are released, show that in every indicator, be it on poverty alleviation, minority welfare, PDS or women and child or education, the NDA ruled states are in the best performing states.

BJP reaffirms its commitment to Telangana. It is the Congress which is the single cause for the prevailing and continuing uncertainty on the subject.

The BJP Rededicates Itself to the Cause of the Nation

At this National Council Meet, here in the Land of Kurukshetra, the BJP rededicates itself to the cause of the nation and assures the people of the country that based upon its record of good governance, growth with equity and probity and its impeccable record of nationalism it shall restore the pride of the country. It is the BJP which will give relief to the suffering being endured by an insecure nation.

The BJP Demands

  • That the Prime Minister, using his own call to be above suspicion, should resign as there can't be a fair investigation as long as he continues to hold office and with the CBI by normal course, reporting to him.
  • A cancellation of all the 142 coal block allocation.
  • A Special Investigation Team (SIT) to probe into the nation's as yet biggest scandal – leading to a windfall gain for private operators of Rs 1.86 lakh Crores.

The National Council of the BJP calls upon the BJP workers to be ready for a vigourous democratic struggle for bringing a change of government which the nation needs urgently.


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