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National Executive 2000 to 2015


Bharatiya Janata Party
National Executive Committee Meeting
Parliament House Annexe, New Delhi
20-21 June, 2009

Political Resolution

The results in the recently concluded Lok Sabha election has not been as per our expectations. We accept the people’s verdict with humility. The BJP went before the people of the country on the issues of good and effective governance, development and security. In many States of the country whether ruled by the BJP by itself or in alliance with other Political Parties, the results were indeed commendable while in some States it was satisfactory. Karnataka, Chhatisgarh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh gave us assurance that the people therein trusted the BJP in a convincing manner.  There are States where the performance was poor while in many States the Party could not win even a single seat. Obviously, there has been shortcomings, which the Party needs to address. We have to acknowledge, identify and rectify these with a very open mind. We have seen many ups & downs in our political journey and with its inherent inner strength the BJP will certainly overcome it once again.

Victory and defeat are part of the electoral process, yet the Indian democracy has emerged as the clear winner. The BJP conveys its gratitude to the people of the country for the support they have given to the Party in different parts of the country. The Party would earnestly and sincerely perform the role of a constructive and effective main Opposition Party in the Parliament which has been assigned to it. The people have through their verdict favoured stability and also expressed an unmistakable desire that the National Parties need to become stronger. The country has significantly moved towards a bipolar polity. We do not subscribe to the view that regional Parties have no place in National politics or, they are obstacle to growth as Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh once observed. Yet, the people have rejected clearly the self serving ideas of a third front.

However, it is important to emphasise that a victory arising out of primarily the need for stability ought not to be misconstrued. The newly elected Government must now deliver and address the pressing problems of price rise, economic and agricultural slow-down, unemployment, national security and others. Wherever, the Government would be seen as protecting the interest of the nation and advancing the interest of common people, the BJP would extend full and constructive support, wherever, it is found to be remiss the Party would caution the Government and wherever, it is found to be deviating and indifferent, the BJP would criticise and oppose. Let the Government do its duty and the BJP will do its own. By performing our respective duties it is time to rededicate ourselves to the consolidation of Indian democracy and enhance the power and prestige of India.

The BJP is a Party with a distinct nationalist ideology and its whole approach in politics has been governed primarily by the lofty idea that India becomes a powerful, prosperous and secure nation. We need to draw inspiration from our profound civilisational, cultural and spiritual heritage, address the issues of the present with transparent commitment and good governance and lay the foundation of a very strong and resurgent future. Such a guiding political philosophy has been handed down to us by Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukarjee and Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay. We are indeed proud of this legacy. Theocracy or, any form of bigotry is alien to our ethos. Hinduism or, Hindutva is not to be understood or, construed narrowly confined only to religious practices or expressed in extreme forms. It is indeed related to the culture and ethos of the people of the India, depicting the way of life of the Indian people. It is therefore, inclusive representing the finest imprints of our cultural and civilisational ideas. This profound concept is the real inspiration for a resurgent India with which the BJP is proud to be associated with. Giving equal treatment to all regardless of their personal faith is integral to this idea. This distinguishing feature apart from its extraordinary record of governance sets the BJP apart from Congress and other Political Parties. The BJP reiterates its commitments to these ideas.

Issue of national security continue to cause serious concern. The comment of the Prime Minister of Pakistan that “Kashmir is a root cause of continuing terrorism” is a chilling response to the consistent claim of the Government that its diplomatic initiative has brought Pakistan on track. If what is happening outside our borders gets carried inside then India will never be secure. Taliban in Pakistan Huji in Bangladesh, Maoist in Nepal and the developments in Sri Lanka complete the disturbing circle of our neighbourhood. Their agents and cells continue with their terrorist design in our country. The Government must translate its declaration of zero tolerance against terrorism into meaningful, effective and purposive action. The way in which the Gujarat Law against organised crime has been returned again by the Central Government is not the right way to fight terror. Such a law is permissible in a Congress ruled State like Maharashtra but a nearly similar provision for the State of Gujarat is not  to be allowed; only shows the double standards. The BJP demands that the trial of all those involved in the Mumbai terror attack must be expeditious and time bound and the guilty must be punished. Many shortcomings in the conduct of the Police and the Administration during the attack has been pointed out by the Pradhan Committee. The BJP demands that the same be made public. The BJP condemns the continuing attack on Indian students in Australia. It is high time the Government must take stringent diplomatic measures in this regard and ensure the safety of Indians in Australia. China is again raising its claim over Arunachal Pradesh in various international forums. The BJP demands that this be treated with utmost seriousness. Arunachal Pradesh is and would continue to remain an integral part of India. There are fresh reports of Chinese incursions on the border areas near Laddakh. The BJP demands that the Government must take the nation into confidence about the real situation. The renewed attack by naxalites in different parts of the country immediately after the new Government has taken only highlights once again that it is an All India problem. Now we hear reports that terrorist and Maoist are also having some coordination. Lalgarh in West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Orissa Jharkhand are facing renewed threat from naxalites. There has to be a unified and coordinated response both by the Centre and different States. The Union Government must take prompt steps in this regard. In Assam in the NC Hills many villages have been burnt an people killed. The Assam Government has shown a callous indifference in protecting the people. The Government must come with adequate response in controlling extremism in the North-East.

The BJP is very clear that the interest of Indian farmers and farm produce be properly safeguarded in the World Trade Negotiations. Though, inflation has come in the negative yet the food inflation remains very high. The suffering of the common man must be stopped. The BJP also demands that the Jharkhand Assembly be dissolved forthwith and election be held at the earliest.
The BJP is a Party with a mission and the mission is to make India a great country realising its full potential in various fields - an India that draws inspirations from its heritage and yet is modern in its thinking tuned to the needs of changing times. The BJP wishes to work with the people of India with renewed vigour for the gigantic task of re-energising and repositioning India consistent with the mission and destiny of India as a nation.  The Party appeals to its workers to rededicate themselves in this large mission.