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National Executive Meeting
(27January, 2008)
Parliament Annexe, New Delhi- 110001



After meeting in Bhopal in September 2007, we are meeting in Delhi in the last week of the first month of year 2008. In Bhopal I had said that since 1996 when we met there, the Bharatiya Janata Party never looked back. BJP continuously kept marching ahead. The time arrived when NDA came to power and Atalji became the Prime Minister of the country. I once again want to remind that the pledge in Bhopal is once again appearing auspicious for us. The political situation that has emerged between the last executive and this one makes it clear that in the coming days NDA is again becoming extremely powerful. I fully believe that string of successes would further lead us to victory in Lok Sabha elections.

The year 2007 has become significant for the politics of BJP. This year we have won in four state assembly elections. It is the first time in the history of BJP that we formed four governments in one year. The month of December of the year 2007 was also very important for us. In this month we have decided the name of Mananiya Shri Lal Krishna Advani as the future Prime Minister of the country from the side of our party. In the last week of the same month we won the elections held for the assemblies of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. The victory of Gujarat has silenced all our opponents. This victory has sent a positive message with regard to our ideological commitment and our ability in the field of development. In Himachal Pradesh, by defeating the Congress we were able to snatch one more state from its fold. In the last ten months, the BJP and its allies won three states viz. Punjab, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh where Congress was in power. At the same time in

Gujarat we maintained our government in a prestigious contest.

I extend heartiest congratulations to the common people of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, activists and organization along with our popular Chief Ministers Narendra Bhai Modi and Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal for victories in these states.

NDA –Need of the Nation today

The people have completely rejected the Congress led UPA. In Bhopal I had said that UPA had lost the confidence of the parliament for all practical purposes because many of its supporters have separated from it and the parties (Leftists) that are supporting are also continuously opposing it openly. If we look at the scenario today, the situation has gone too far. If we look at the elections and political developments then I can claim that UPA has also lost the confidence of the people.

In the last three and half years Congress has lost its governments in six states. Its ally RJD (Laloo) has too lost power in Bihar. Telangana has withdrawn the support. Shri Vaiko’s party in Tamil Nadu has also left the UPA. Lok Dal has also distanced itself. Though technically Congress has BSP’s support but the situation between them is such that both are engaged in publicly denigrating each other. The behaviour of the Left Front, which is extending support from outside, is known to all.

I had termed UPA an unnatural alliance right from the outset. The only aim of the UPA was to stop BJP from coming to power. I feel contended in saying that in comparison to Mananiya Atal Bihari Vajpayee led NDA government; the people must be definitely finding UPA not only a failed but also a worthless government. The more bitterly the leftists criticize the central government in media the more warmly they are hand in hand insidiously. In fact, Congress and Left are engaged in befooling the people through their shadow boxing. The people of the country are intelligent and now they have understood these tactics. In the United Progressive Alliance there is nothing that either appears ‘united’ or ‘progressive’. UPA had never had the confidence of the people and the “artificial confidence” that they had gained by sheer manipulations, they have failed to respect that too. People are getting united against UPA government. An atmosphere against this alliance and government has been created in the country.

It is not easy to run an alliance by mutual trust and coordination. The manner in which the BJP has observed the responsibilities of alliance and continues to follow that responsibility in several states has become an ideal in the Indian politics. Along with centre, in the states, our alliances with Shiv Sena in Maharashtra for more than two decades, with Akali Dal in Punjab and with JDU in Bihar for more than one decade and with Biju Janata Dal in Orissa for nine years have been continuing successfully. All these alliances are among the most stable alliances in the Indian politics.

Today, we can claim what millions of people also believe that under the leadership of Atal ji, the BJP led NDA government had opened the doors for all round development of the country. The prestige of India increased in the world. The new light of hope dawned on the people. The most important thing was that the leadership of Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee in the BJP led NDA government was recognized not only in the country but also in the entire world. Therefore when the people are rejecting UPA, BJP led NDA would be their natural choice. NDA is the need of the hour and the demand of the nation. Therefore Bharatiya Janata Party has started to take successful and effective steps keeping in mind the need of the hour and demand of the nation.

When I am talking about the NDA as ‘natural choice’, I also wanted to clarify that in view of the coming Lok Sabha elections we have declared the ‘natural choice’ of our Party and the country, Mananiya Advani ji as the future Prime Minister of India. I feel elated in saying that by approving our decision of declaring Mananiya Advani ji as future Prime Minister all our friends in NDA have given a message of unity and collectivity. I believe that this collectivity would lead us to success. For this, I extend my thanks to all the constituents of NDA on behalf of national executive of Bharatiya Janata Party. The name of Mananiya Advaniji is well known in the Indian politics having a special place among all the political parties in the contemporary politics. Respected Advani ji has given memorable contribution along with Respected Atal ji for the political rise of BJP and I hope that Bharatiya Janata Party under his leadership would achieve memorable victory in the next election. Mananiya Atal Bihari Vajpayee has blessed Mananiya Advani ji while handing over responsibilities to him. Atal ji has always been source of our inspiration and guide and he will remain so in future too. We all are fortunate that we have been getting the guidance of Mananiya Atal ji and Mananiya Advani ji all these years.

Expansion of BJP

In our political journey numerous challenges came before us from time to time. We have continuously marched ahead by giving befitting response to all these challenges. We are the first political party in India that came to power after being in the opposition and raised our stature at par with Congress and even surpassed it in many aspects.

Bharatiya Janata Party is the only party in the country which has not only expanded itself through political struggle but continuously maintained strong and live internal democracy. In our party, organizational elections are always held on time. Regular meetings take place. Our commitment to the ideology remains intact. We view politics not from purely political angle but from social and national point of view. Therefore we consider BJP as a movement for cultural nationalism along with a political party. People are continuously accepting us due to our policies and principles. Our acceptability is continuously increasing. We will have to work day in and out so that our acceptability increases more and more and we are accepted by every one.

On the organizational front we have taken the programme of organizing "BJP on every booth” to make its expansion practical and broader; it has to be achieved actively. I hope that in all the states this task must have been completed, if it is yet to be completed in some places, it must be in the process of completion .If we are able to implement the programme of "BJP on every booth", then I can bet that no one can stop BJP led NDA from coming to the power in the centre. At the same time it will make a stable base of power on the ground which will carry forward the organization in the days to come.

Coming Elections

In the month of February 2008, elections are going to be held in Nagaland, Meghalaya and Tripura. I have complete faith that in these states people would be relieved of the incompetent administration and in Nagaland where Democratic Alliance of Nagaland was in power of which BJP is a constituent and which was wrongly removed before the completion of its tenure, the people of Nagaland will give fitting reply to this injustice in the elections and our alliance will again get victory.

In May 2008, elections may take place in Karnataka. In Karnataka we fully abided by the dharma of alliance but the manner in which our alliance partner behaved has raised a big question mark on the credibility of the politics of alliance. I have complete faith that in the coming elections in Karnataka the BJP government would be formed.

Though elections in all the states are important for us, in the states where we are in power our responsibilities increase in the assembly elections particularly in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan. Elections are also supposed to be held in Delhi but eyes are fixed on BJP ruled states. I urge the state leadership of these states to completely engage themselves with the preparations for the electoral battle from now itself. We have much more task ahead and time is limited. Our governments have worked very hard in their respective states and unfolded new dimensions of development. Our Chief Ministers should emphasize on the issues that bring the common people nearer to them and they are made aware of the government’s work. The government and the organization will have to jointly organize a massive campaign for this.

We have shattered the myth in Gujarat that BJP government cannot return to power twice or thrice. Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan should also try to repeat this kind of success. The activists and leadership have agni-pariksha before them. In all these three states our organization is also very strong. We will have to keep ourselves free from the overconfidence owing to strong organization and being in power. We will have to engage ourselves in the work with collectivity and coordination keeping in minds the ground realities until we are able to reach our goal. I fully believe that we will together awaken the people and gain majority in these states and in the centre.

The attempt to endanger National Unity and Integrity

Never before the governments at the centre had taken the decisions that would have created so much problem for the national unity and integrity. Every decision of the government is supposed to strengthen unity and integrity of the nation. But it appears that the UPA on the line of the British government has started taking decisions on the basis of 'Divide and Rule' policy which might be in accordance with their political interests but its impact was dangerous for the country. Can opposing Vande Mataram and the Prime Minister stating that the Muslims have first claim over country's resources not become a danger to national unity? Had there been no brotherly relations in India and our secular sentiments not strong, the atmosphere would have deteriorated. UPA government did not stop there. It seems that it has decided to invoke reaction. How much is it fair to give communal colour to poverty? The notion of minority community is itself dangerous but it is also entirely baseless from the point of view of economy. In the fight against poverty and for development communal views should be entirely abandoned but we have information that UPA government has selected the districts where minority population is more. The central government will pay special attention for the development of these districts for which special provisions would be made in the budget. Bharatiya Janata Party strongly condemns this kind of mentality of UPA government and warns the UPA not to put secularism, harmony and fraternity of India at stake for the sake of its vote bank politics.

Common Man: Basic needs and Crisis of Security

Today, neither the basic needs like bread and house are easily available to the common man nor his life is secure. Bread is becoming dearer and life is becoming cheap. It is an irony that in the midst of the talk of India becoming a developed country starvation deaths are taking place and food riots are occurring. Price rise has adversely affected the budget of the common man. The fierceness of situation may be understood from the fact that the godowns that were full with food grains in the time of NDA are today filled by the wheat imported from Australia. The short sightedness and incompetence of UPA has drifted the country far away.

The prices of pulse- vegetable-bread, fruit, milk, salt and cooking gas have been continuously increasing. It appears that peace and happiness of common man have been eclipsed. The farmers' suicide is on rise. The farmers of India have been pushed out of the agenda of UPA government. In the last four years UPA has not taken a single step to stop increasing suicides of the farmers. The leftists who talk a lot about poor farmers are maintaining studied silence to remain in the comforts of power. Leftists have not spoken a single word against rising prices even in parliament. The real picture of Human Development has come to the fore in the Arjun Sen Gupta report. In this report Shri Gupta has said that 77% of the population is living in extremely miserable conditions. Most of these are able to earn a paltry sum of Rs.20/- per day. The era of economic inequality is sending warning signals to us.

Unbalanced Development

There are extreme imbalances in economy under UPA government. While 70% of the country’s population is dependent on agriculture, according to economy survey 2006-07 agriculture has a share of only 18.5% in the GDP. It means that the contribution of majority of people in GDP is only 18.5 per cent. It makes it clear that the economic condition of the majority i.e. 70 percent people in the country is extremely miserable.

At present there is 39 crore labour force in the country. Among them, 22.5 crore are engaged in agriculture, 5 crore in industries and 10.5 crore are engaged in service sector. These data makes it clear that the production by more than half of the labour force is minimal.

Starvation deaths have increased in our country. Official estimates suggest that the number of people living below the poverty-line has decreased on paper but on real ground the number has increased. At the same time there is evidence that in the last three-four years starvation deaths have increased.

Terrorism related incidents and need of POTA

After the UPA came to power certain decisions were taken which were beyond the comprehension of the people. POTA was one of them. We have also been continuously demanding the enactment of POTA. Our demand is legitimate but UPA government fails to understand it. We have been demanding the implementation of POTA from the time UPA came to power. If we ponder over as to why POTA is needed then we will find that after the enactment of POTA terrorism related incidents had decreased. After the repeal of POTA explosions took place in Ayodhya, in the precincts of Ram Janama Bhoomi, Shramjivi express near Jaunpur, Delhi, Banglore, Varanasi, RSS office, trains of Mumbai, ISCKON temple in Imphal, Malegaon, Train in West Bengal, Samjhauta Express, Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad, Gorakhpur, Lumbini Park in Hyderabad, Ajmer Sharif, court complex in Lucknow-Varanasi-Faizabad and in CRPF camp in Rampur. In this manner we see that after the repeal of POTA terrorism related incidents have increased manifold. UPA government takes all decisions with an eye on the vote bank which is completely inappropriate.

Uttar Pradesh is becoming new target of the terrorists. It appears that terrorism has been able to strike roots there. It is a matter of concern for all of us. There is no central policy for India infested with Naxal-Secessionist forces. 165 districts of the 14 states of the country are affected. Even the Prime Minister has himself accepted this fact. But till now the UPA government has made no concrete policy. None of the terrorism related incidents that took place during UPA rule has been conclusively solved. It points to the abject failure of the government.

The crisis of security is not uni- linear but it is multi dimensional. The national security, food security, energy security, internal security, strategic security is in danger. Now a new dimension has been added, today our cultural security is also in danger. The situation has become unfortunate to such an extent that the government files an affidavit in the Supreme Court shamelessly stating that Bhagwan Shri Ram had no existence at all. The government which has no faith in Bhagwan Shri Ram, there is no way that the people will have faith in such a government.

Farmers and Workers: Victims of Leftist Violence

Farmers and workers are oppressed by the undemocratic behaviour of the leftists in the states ruled by them. The real face, character and functioning of the leftists was exposed in Nandigram and Singur. The leftists have no qualms in killing the farmers and workers of the same suppressed class of whose welfare they talk to capture power. The fault of the farmers is only that they are demanding their rights from the leftist government. Not only the police but according to the news reports CPM cadres also resorted to unrestrained firing. All human values were trampled in Nandigram. The governor, judges of the High Court and intellectuals in West Bengal has strongly condemned the leftist government. This incident has sent a shock wave to the entire country. I clearly believe that the attack on farmers in Nandigram was result of a well thought plan by the CPM and West Bengal government. Immediately after the incident a delegation led by Mananiya Advani ji reached Nandigram. All the informations related to incident were collected. The issue was raised in the parliament but the UPA government hog washed the entire incident. Prior to this I had also visited Singur to support the agitating farmers there.

Chaos prevails everywhere in West Bengal. According to National Statistical Survey the families living in starvation for maximum number of days in a month is the highest (10.64%) in West Bengal. A large scale food scam took place in Public Distribution System (PDS) in West Bengal. It is to be noted that the committee authorized to distribute PDS license is constituted of one respectable person, one Panchayat Pramukh and a food officer. Here, Panchayat Pramukh and respactable person, both are leftists. CAG report cites a scam of more than 2000 crore in PDS. The people of West Bengal have started a food-agitation against it in the entire state. In place of providing ration on subsidized rates to the people the West Bengal government has started suppressing them with bullets and batons.

It is an irony that the reins of the UPA government are in the hands of these leftists who oppress farmers and workers in this manner. Congress, setting aside the national and people's interests, is not taking any step against the leftists; instead it is affirming all such actions to remain in power. In Kerala and Tripura also the common people are becoming victims of the leftist oppression. The corruption of the ministers and CPM cadres are openly coming to the fore.

Elections every now and then: How long will it continue?

Some time back elections did not use to take place at such short intervals as they are taking place today. Even elections for Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabhas used to take place simultaneously. The situation has taken such a turn that in every two to four months one or the other state goes for elections. In the year 2007 elections were held in six states. In February 2008, elections are supposed to be held in Tripura, Nagaland and Meghalaya. Assembly elections are also supposed to take place in Karnataka in April-May. The state assembly elections of Jammu and Kashmir are slated to be held in September this year. Elections will also take place in Rajsthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Delhi and Mizoram in the month of November. After the elections in these states as soon as the year 2009 will start, preparations for the elections to 15th Lok Sabha will also start. In May 2009 Lok Sabha elections are supposed to take place. Immediately two months after the Lok Sabha elections, Maharashtra assembly elections are supposed to be held.

Repeated involvements in elections have left no time for the national political parties to engage themselves in political-social and constructive works. Elections make it a compulsion for the political parties to participate in it. In such a situation while expenditure increases, much of the time is also spent in elections. Not only the time of the political parties is spent but all the sections making the electoral machine function have to spend time. An indirect impact of this is that continuous elections practically make electoral interests supreme and constructive approach gets de-prioritized. Today it is required to bring back the system on track. I appeal to the Election Commission and all the political parties to start thinking in this direction so that a way out is found. It may lead to solve many problems and set the national political parties free from the elections held in every two-three months.

Problem of North Eastern states

Entire region of Northeast not only presents unique beauty of nature but also represents a proud historical tradition. Great persons like Raja Bhaga Datt, Lachit Bare, Fukan, Chila Rai, Shriman Shankar Deva were born in the northeast. The region is today in the grip of violence, hatred and anti-national elements. It is extremely unfortunate. Congress which was in power for a long time in Centre and states has paid no attention after the independence for development and internal and external security of the region. Today, crores of Bangaldeshis have infiltrated in the region. Anti- India forces have changed the social structure in many districts and activated terrorist outfits in this region.

The artisans and labourers from Jharkhand, Bihar, Rajsthan, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and other states were brought here to work in the tea gardens. But today anti-national forces are planning to expel these people brought from other states from Assam. It is because the Bangladeshi infiltrators would then find avenues of employment and control over the economic resources. It is unfortunate that the Bangladeshi infiltrators are living comfortably in Assam while the original inhabitants are leading a life of helplessness and insecurity. The Congress government in the centre and in Assam in place of stopping them appears to be in their support.

Authoritarian approach of UPA government

UPA government continues to work in an authoritarian manner till date. On the issues of national importance it neither took the opposition nor its own allies into confidence. Whether the issue was of nuclear deal with US or Chinese incursions in Arunachal Pradesh, UPA failed to present its viewpoint on both. The central government failed to raise the issue of terrorism effectively in the international forums. UPA remained inactive even on the Supreme Court verdict on IMDT Act related to Bangladeshi infiltration. The crisis in Nepal worsened due to the weak policies of the UPA.

Elections in Northeastern states

Most recently the UPA government imposed President's rule in Nagaland after dismissing the elected government there. The Nagas are extremely agitated by this undemocratic and unconstitutional step. In the 2003 elections Rio's party NPF got 18 seats alone in an assembly of 60 seats while constituents in its alliance BJP got 7, JDU got 3, Samata Party and Nagaland Democratic Party got 5 seats. In this manner Congress was ousted from power in 2003. After the imposition of President's rule, Congress is indulging in misusing the administrative machinery in Nagaland. When NDA was in power, a special package was given to Nagaland, but when UPA has come to power it is imposing President's rule. We hope to defeat Congress here again. In Meghalaya, no single party is in majority now. In Meghalaya also, one who was made Chief Minister by Congress has left Congress and joined UDP. Common people are in miserable condition here under UPA rule. We got two seats here in the last elections; we will try to increase our tally.

Tripura is the only state in the Northeast where leftists are in power. The people here are also fed up with the corruption of the ministers and oppression by the leftists. Law and order machinery has collapsed. The government is itself involved in financial scams. Leftists are divided into different factions. BJP will fight the elections with full force in Tripura.


Our political journey had started in the form of Bharatiya Jan Sangh from1951. We have seen many ups and downs as political activists and political party. In 1975, when a reign of terror was established in the country by murdering democracy, then also we the activists bore the travails in jails but never yielded before the centre. We never gave up courage and patience. Finally Indira ji had to lift emergency and leave power. The rule of Janata Party came. We merged Jan Sangh with Janata Party. We even gave up the election symbol of Jan Sangh. Situation became difficult. The dispute over dual membership started and Jan Sangh constituents were compelled to leave Janata Party. BJP was formed on 6th April 1980. A situation emerged in 1984 when BJP was relegated to the margins in the parliament. We never gave up. The constant and committed attempt to reach at the top from the margins continued and finally we played main role in changing the political scenario of the entire country. The main reason behind this is that we are a cadre based live political organization. We have taken the pledge of continuously dedicating ourselves in the service of Bharat Mata with or without power. Power is only a medium for us. Our politics is not only for forming government but also to form society. The medium to form government should also act as tool aimed at forming the society. In politics, gaining power is complete in itself. Our political journey continued with these ideas.

We also engaged ourselves in novel experiments by keeping national interests in mind and in accordance with the political situation. In 1998, NDA Government was formed under the leadership of BJP. Mananiya Atal ji became the Prime Minister. The prestige of India increased in the world under the leadership of Atal ji. The rays of development started to show itself from the farmland of villages to the high rising towers of the cities. We presented before the people a comprehensive form of development from agriculture to field of high technology. The attempt to build a magnificent and strong India started. In the Lok Sabha elections 2004 this dream remained unfulfilled owing to certain reasons. We have to move forward to realize this dream.

Once again time has come when we can again gain the reins of power by our labour and coordinated efforts. The responsibility of realizing the unfulfilled dreams of Mananiya Atal ji has been given to Mananiya Advani ji. We have to convert this golden opportunity into victory. It will be possible only when we engage ourselves in our areas with commitment and dedication. I fully believe that we will move with full commitment. Victory will be ours. There are a number of issues yet to be discussed. Tomorrow, in the National Council meeting all the issues will be deliberated at full length.


Bharat Mata Ki Jai !