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National Executive Meeting
(21-22-23 September, 2007)
Late Kusabhau Thakre Hall Pt. Deendayal Upadhyay Complex, Bhopal

Presidential Speech

I warmly welcome all the members of the National Executive to Bhopal , the city of Raja Bhoj , also called the city of lakes. We all are aware of the historical role played by Madhya Pradesh in the political journey of the Bharatiya Jan Sangh to Bharatiya Janata Party. Madhya Pradesh has been the Karmastali of Rajmata Vijayraje Scindia . In the context of Madhya Pradesh , how can we ever forget the late Kushabhau Thakre who through continuous travel and ceaseless hard work created a massive organizational structure right upto the grassroots level. From the organizational perspective, Madhya Pradesh has been always strong and vibrant. That is why on numerous occasions the people of Madhya Pradesh have supported us to form the government.

Three months ago we had all met at the National Executive Meeting in Delhi . The last three months have witnessed many important changes in the political scenario and are also indicative about some future changes. During the past three months, India completed 60 years of independence. The new President and Vice President of the country have assumed office and the Congress led and Left Front supported UPA government at the centre, formed only on the negative basis of opposing the BJP, is evidently on its decline because of its own inherent contradictions.

Given the manner in which the relationship between the Congress and Left Front is increasingly getting strained, clearly indicates that Lok Sabha elections are no longer far away . However, two additional conclusions are also very clear. Firstly, governments formed on the sole basis of negative opposition can never create a positive environment in the nation. The entire scenario over the past three years from international diplomacy to increasing terrorism and increasing inflation clearly prove this. The second conclusion is that if coalition governments are indispensable in the national political scenario, then only and only the Bharatiya Janata Party is capable of following the dharma of coalition politics for taking the country forward in a positive direction. The difference between the performance of Vajpayeeji’s government and the Manmohan Singh government running in the shadow of Sonia Gandhi is clear proof in itself.

Even after three years of being in power, the abysmal track record of the Congress led UPA coalition clearly reflects their complete lack of understanding the basic dharma of coalition politics, an indispensable requirement of the national political scenario. Political maturity is a must for running coalition governments. Both the NDA and BJP displayed this political maturity and also shattered the myth that only the Congress is capable of providing stability. The NDA under the able leadership of Atalji established a new era in Indian politics. Today it is imperative that we firmly strengthen and further expand this process.

Therefore, it is clear that whether the subject is development or stability; the subject is controlling terrorism or controlling inflation; the one and only alternative before the people of the country is a BJP led NDA government. Therefore we stand committed towards further strengthening the NDA so that we can jointly march ahead and once again win the confidence of the people.

The country’s changing political situation today offers us an opportunity to once again establish ourselves as the centre of India ’s politics. However, for this we have to ensure that we successfully convert every challenge into an opportunity.

60 Years of Independence

Recently the country observed the 60 th anniversary of independence. After 60 years of independence, we need to examine the extent to which we have established a new India , a dream that was seen by our immortal freedom fighters while laying down their lives during the freedom struggle. The nation also celebrated the 150 th anniversary of 1857, the first battle of independence. On this occasion, the BJP has planned nationwide programmes. Today it is important to analyze how after such a long struggle we achieved our independence.

Today’s India is an emerging global economic superpower, an emerging global intellectual centre, and an established global military superpower. The genesis of all these three achievements lie in the six years NDA tenure. Today with pride we hold our heads high when Indian industrialists take over big companies in Europe like Arcelor and Corus, because this is happening for the first time in the history of modern India . However, the other side of the picture is also true as for the first time in India ’s history, farmers in such large numbers have committed suicide over the last three years. The gap of the difference between the two faces of India ’s economic picture is so wide and ugly that it needs to be the subject of a national debate. This subject is not merely theoretical but also has real political implications. In recent times, many good governments who undertook numerous praiseworthy developmental activities could not achieve electoral success. Some analysts believe that this happened on account of neglecting the common man, the poor, labourers and farmers.

The BJP’s ideological core is cultural nationalism. Over the last one decade, the pace with which the western model of economic development is taking place, equally fast it is also damaging our eternal cultural values, social ideals and family structure. While other political parties may not be according due seriousness on this matter, but from the BJP’s perspective, which is dedicated towards India and Indianness, I consider this a serious challenge.

If I have to summarize in one sentence the achievements and challenges of 60 years of independence, then I would say that India ’s biggest ray of hope for the future is its increasing economic prosperity and intellectual capital. And India ’s biggest challenge for the future is poverty associated with agriculture and the villages and the degradation of values in society.

Out of these 60 years, for 54 years the Congress and so called secular parties have led the country. And for six years the BJP led NDA government was in power. Today the people of the country can make a clear comparison between 60 years on the one hand and 6 years on the other hand. The picture of 60 years versus 6 years is enough to tell the difference between the capacity and capability of the BJP and the other parties.

The Last Three Months

During the last three months, the Presidential and Vice Presidential elections took place. Both these posts are the highest constitutional posts of the country. While it is important that people with dignity hold these offices, it is also desirable that the selection process should be based on consensus and completed with dignity. During the tenure of the NDA, as the ruling party we attempted an initiative for building a consensus for the posts of both the President and Vice President. However, this time what to speak about building consensus on the subject, the ruling party did not even indirectly speak with the important opposition parties. As our tallest and respected leader Atalji has already suggested in the past, the BJP believes that selection for such high posts as the President should be based on consensus and unopposed.

During this very period, Municipal Corporation elections were held in Punjab where the BJP-Akali Dal coalition succeeded impressively and our coalition captured all the municipal corporations. For this I would like to congratulate the Punjab unit and hope that our organization and coalition both become strong and continuously march ahead.

Many parts of Bihar were seriously impacted by floods. In Bihar there is a BJP-JD(U) coalition government. Our coalition government initiated numerous important steps to deal with this natural calamity. We convey our heartfelt sympathies for the loss of life and property in this calamity.

During this period, in Assam terrorists killed Hindi speaking labourers. To study the situation there, our party sent a Fact Finding Committee under the leadership of Shri Kalraj Mishra . Suchactivitiesare despicable attempts to weaken our national unity. Wesympathizewith all those families and people who lost their lives in this incident.

Failures of the UPA Government

The central government’s Common Minimum Programme has been reduced to a Common Minimum Priority where the much touted “aam aadmi” has all but vanished from the consciousness of the government. High interest rates, high price hike, and high taxation rates are this government’s only achievements.

While everyone can today clearly see the reality of rising prices and farmers suicides, the segment that has been most disappointed by the Congress led government formed in the name of the common man is the youth and women. So far not even a draft of the proposed Women’s Reservation Bill has been prepared. Under Sushmaji’s Chairmanship, the committee which was constituted in the last national executive for determining the representation of women in the party, will submit its report to me and then we can all discuss this issue in detail.

For the youth, while our government had created various new opportunities for employment, this government has in the name of Employment Guarantee merely repackaged old programmes.

I am unable to understand how the same Prime Minister who is soft towards terrorism can speak about zero tolerance. However, the Prime Minister should make it clear what is the limit of his tolerance towards the common man who is reeling under the killing impact of inflation and the farmers who are committing suicide under the crushing burden of debts.


The Congress led and Left supported UPA government at the centre has been disappointing at all levels right from the common man to India ’s international image. Recently, in Hyderabad , bomb blasts by terrorists claimed the lives of numerous people. We all convey our sympathies to the families of those persons who were killed in these terrorist strikes. However, this is nothing new in the tenure of the UPA government. Prior to this, Bangalore , Mumbai, Aurangabad , Delhi , Kashi, Ayodhya and Nagpur have already been targeted. All these cities are in some way or the other symbols of India ’s unique identity. What is surprising is that these incidents continued unabated despite the public statements made by the government’s intelligence agencies, foreign intelligence agencies and even the National Security Advisor.

It is unfortunate that our citizens are being forced to live in an environment of heightened insecurity. The government’s general soft approach in dealing with the perpetrators of terror and extremism has only emboldened their resolve in striking at will and causing higher levels of loss of life and collateral damage.

What is extremely disturbing is that when one carefully analyses the internal and external security situation of the country, the telltale signs of politicization of national security and strategic interests at the altar of blatant vote bank politics is starkly evident by a government whose only claim to success is a sordid story of lack of political will to find solutions that solve the challenges before the nation.

At the external level, the recent Al Qaeda statement of attacking the US and India coupled with an explosive and internally imploding security situation in Pakistan, demand for further strengthening our efforts in ruthlessly countering terrorist designs with resolve and far sightedness and also enhancing our security presence on the borders and in all sensitive and violence prone areas. According to news reports published in the newspapers, the northern command chief of the Indian army, while opposing any move by the government to consider a ceasefire in the month of Ramzan had said thatabout4 to 5 thousand militants are ready to infiltrate into Kashmir from the Pakistani side. 52 camps are operating within Pakistan for training the terrorists. To deal with this situation, in Jammu & Kashmir, the army requires a ten fold increase over the current number of troops there. It is ironical that in stark contrast to the requirements of the situation, in Jammu & Kashmir, the government has taken a decision for withdrawal of troop from the terrorism affected regions of the state. Any such decision can prove extremely damaging.

Internally the unabated march of the naxalites and expansion of the red corridor, the continuing saga of violence against Hindi speaking people in Assam, the overall environment of insecurity in other parts of the north east, and general drift in the national security situation indicate the complete failure of the government in boosting the sense of security of the common man.

When someone is taken into police custody on the charge of being a terrorist, our Prime Minister is unable to sleep. I would like to ask why this government does not feel the same concern when our brave soldiers become victims of terrorist attacks and also when despite being inflicted to torture by terrorists they still do not reveal our nation’s security secrets. The government’s discriminatory attitude towards those accused of terrorism and the soldiers who fight against terrorism is deplorable. On behalf of the BJP I convey our support and solidarity to all the soldiers of our security forces who are involved in the fight against terrorism.

Instead of sending out a strong and unequivocal signal to the supporters and perpetrators of such heinous acts that we will not tolerate such anti-national designs, the government as part of its blatant policy of appeasing the minorities, is busy painting everything in communal tones. On the serious subject of internal security, the BJP will not permit the constituents of the UPA to adopt narrow and competitive appeasement policies and dilute the required levels of national preparedness in dealing with terror. The nation has paid a very high price in dealing with terrorism. Mr Prime Minister, kindly rise above the politics of appeasement and let not the blood of innocent victims of terrorism tarnish the dignity of the highest executive office of the country.

As a nationalist party the Bharatiya Janata Party will not permit any compromise with our national security and will oppose any such policy of the government. Even today and in the national interest, we will fully support every honest move of the government to demolish terrorism.

The UPA government claims that the withdrawal of POTA is one of its achievements. We have always opposed this move. Our demand is for an alternative law. Today India is the only big country in the world that despite being targeted by the Al Qaeda and other prominent terrorist organizations, continues to fight terrorism without any specific law against terrorism. This is an unequal battle which reduces the morale of the security forces. If the BJP once again gets the opportunity to form the government in the centre, we will reverse this policy of the current government and will firmly fight against terrorism and pass an effective anti-terrorism law.

Sachhar Committee

As part of its blatant vote bank politics, the Sachhar Committee formed by the Congress led UPA government has suggested many unwise recommendations. However, central government has decided to implement them both in letter and spirit. According to a recent directive of the central government’s Department of Personnel & Training (DOPT), all the State Governments and Union Territories have been asked to ensure that Muslim policemen be posted in police stations and posts with large Muslim population and there should be more Muslim teachers and health personnel in Muslim dominated areas. The UPA government is embarking on a dangerous path of sowing the seeds of communal divisions that can seriously impact the country’s social fabric and even its unity and integrity. Prior to this, the government has undertaken many measures such as the headcount of muslims in the armed forces and the Prime Minister accepting that muslims should have the first right on national resources, all these can sow the deep seeds of communal discord.

The first right of any community on national resources, the communal segmentation of the army, prioritization of loaning facilities in the banks for a particular community and now a communal approach to security and policing. Are these being undertaken to protect the secular structure of our country? Will it strengthen India ’s current constitutional framework? Will it promote communal harmony or hatred? On behalf of the party, I want to raise these questions before the people. Let the people of the country think about this and give an appropriate reply to the government.

Disappearing Gram Swarajya

For us villages, the poor and farmers are not just a slogan. They are the primary foundation of India ’s economy. Every leader who has understood India ’s real identity, understands this core substance. Be it Mahatma Gandhi , Vinobha Bhave or the source of our ideological inspiration Pandit Deendayal Upadhayaya. Gandhiji’s “Gramodaya”, Vinobhaji’s “Sarvodaya” and Deendayalji’s “Antyodaya” all primarily focused on village based socio-economic empowerment. Gandhiji had also announced Gram Swarajya. Today the self styled successors of Mahatma Gandhi are managing the affairs of the country. However, the village itself has disappeared from their Swarajya. It appears that villages have totally been removed from our imagination, our developmental vision and even all announcements. The BJP will not allow this to happen. Our unequivocal belief is that, be it the government or the organization, the village must be made the primary basis for the development of society. That is why the village, the poor and the farmers are not just a mere slogan but are an indispensable part our political ideology.

Farmers Plight

The BJP is fully committed for ensuring that in our nation’s march towards economic development, the urban poor and the farmers in the villages must get their appropriate share. The government constantly disregarding farmers, the vicious cycle of debt forcing farmers towards suicides, the ever increasing prices of seeds and fertilizers, farmers not getting the appropriate Minimum Support Price, and, the government’s not only inappropriate but also suspicious policy for import of foodgrains have all collectively created such an environment that the current UPA government at the centre has literally become a bad dream for the farmers. To effectively highlight these very problems of the farmers, on 20 th August the BJP organized a massive Kisan Rally in Delhi and then while marching towards Parliament, respected Advaniji, myself, the party’s complete senior leadership alongwith thousands of farmers courted arrest. The success of the Kisan Rally has silenced our all those opponents who used to raise doubts about our grassroot strength. I congratulate our complete organizational cadre and the Kisan Morcha for the success of the Kisan Rally. To highlight the plight of the farmers, the BJP is considering a widespread programme. The National Executive should also think about this.

Wheat Import Scam

The wheat import policy of this government is not only directionless, insensitive towards farmers but also is suspicious. Over the last three months, the government first rejected buying wheat at $263 per MT by stating that the price was too high. Suddenly, within only 10 days, the government approved the order for import of wheat at $325 per MT. Not only this, the government has further decided to order an additional 8 lakh tonnes at a price of $390 per MT. The entire process indicates towards the existence of a scam.

Indian farmers unable to get remunerative and timely support prices, are over-burdened in debt and are regularly committing suicide. On the one hand, the government is willing to only pay approximately Rs. 850/- per quintal to the Indian farmer despite their demands for Rs 1100/- per quintal. On the other hand they are purchasing foreign wheat at approximately Rs. 1600/- per quintal. This is clear proof of the government’s intentions and their total insensitivity towards farmers. The BJP demands that the Minimum Support Price for wheat and other agricultural produce be immediately raised for farmers to get their appropriate rights.

The Suffering of the Middle Class

Given the developments and emergence of new economic opportunities over the last 15 years, both the number and influence of the middle class has increased in India . This includes the upper middle class, middle class and lower middle class. This is the very middle class that is emerging as the face of a new India . However, with the UPA government coming to power, even this class is facing new problems. Owning a single house is the both the primary dream and requirement of the middle class. During the tenure of the NDA government, interest rates on housing loans were at their lowest levels. Today they have increased by over one-and-a-half-times. Owning a single house is once again becoming a dream. All sorts of new levies, the slowing down of numerous infrastructural projects are already having an adverse impact on development. Given the tremendous rise in the cost of living and the resultant burden of new taxes on the middle class, the BJP demands that in the forthcoming budget the government should raise the income tax limit and the income tax rates should be made more rational and practical. In addition to this, also provide specific measures for our various income groups, the poor, and for people in the agricultural sector.

Discarding the Opposition

With the Congress government coming to power at the centre, diametrically contrary to the established democratic norms and traditions, the manner in which the opposition parties are being treated is not only inappropriate but also is alarming. Over the past three years, the manner in which our governments in Goa and Jharkhand were dismissed; the misuse of the office of Governor in Jharkhand and Bihar to prevent the formation of our government; disregarding the demands made by our state governments; and above all, no dialogue or involvement even on the subject of foreign policy which requires consensus among all political parties. The opposition was not privy to any type of information on the Indo-US Nuclear Deal. And it was not deemed fit to even open a dialogue with the opposition prior to the President and Vice President elections. All these instances clearly indicate that the attitude of the central government towards the opposition is not only discarding and disrespectful but also despotic. These are not righteous indications for democratic traditions. This despotic attitude is an integral part of the Congress’ nature. The tradition of the Congress has also been similar. The imposition of Emergency in 1975 marked the high point of its complete arrogance.

Whether it is within or outside Parliament, the government has never made any attempt to take the opposition into confidence. That is why on numerous occasions the proceedings of Parliament got stalled and precious Parliamentary time was wasted. The BJP believes that Parliament is a forum for debate and discussion and that’s why its time should be suitably utilized. However, on account of the discarding and despotic attitude of the government, numerous situations such arose that we never wanted.

Even more worrying and ludicrous is that the allies of the government themselves are creating barriers in the smooth functioning of Parliament, which results in wastage of precious national time. The Left Front opposes the government outside Parliament. Inside Parliament they stall the proceedings but always support the government to prevent it from falling. This height of duplicity is not only being witnessed in politics but is also being seen in Parliament. The Parliament is a forum to solve the problems of the country. However, given the conduct of the UPA and its allies, the dignity of this august forum for solving problems has also degenerated.

The manner in which the Left Front parties are continuously enjoying the benefits of power without accountability is a peculiar example in itself. Over the last one-and-a-half years probably the Left Front has not won even a single seat in the assembly elections of Goa , Uttar Pradesh , Uttarakhand, Punjab , and the municipal corporation elections of Punjab , Maharashtra , Delhi and Uttar Pradesh . However, given the manner in which the Left Front as a super national party is bulldozing its point of view on every national policy makes one wonder whether the Left Front in a complete anti-thesis has moved away from the concept of Marxism and emerged as the new “political bourgeois”.

Nuclear Deal & Indo-US Relations

The BJP has already made its position clear on the recently concluded Indo-US Nuclear Deal. From time to time we have been reacting to the various steps taken by the government in context of this deal. However, over the past few days, the manner in which the Left Front has been raising the issue, appears to be guided less by national interests and more by prejudices. Our opposition to the deal is not opposition for the sake of opposition, nor it is the virulent anti-Americanism of the Left Front. Our opposition is for India ’s sovereignty and national pride. Our opposition is to prevent our strategic independence becoming strategic subservience.

The BJP will neither oppose nor support any country based on prejudices. It is worth recalling that the NDA under the visionary leadership of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji laid the foundations for the paradigm shift that ushered in the golden era of the relationship between the United States of America and India . But we initiated this tectonic shift in the existing level of strategic cooperation and understanding between both countries after the 1998 Pokhran tests - after we established the might of India ’s national pride and sovereignty in the international community. In 1999, despite facing economic sanctions, we did not allow the passage of a resolution against India ’s economic interests at the World Trade Organization meeting in Seattle . This indicates that we initiated the new era of friendship with the United States on an equal footing and after protecting both our strategic and economic interests. Under the NDA, India ’s diplomatic relations substantially improved not only with the United States but also with other countries of the world. We will continue with this even in the future also.

Be it the Congress or the Left Front, in 1998 they all opposed the Pokhran Tests. The Left had even called these tests as unnecessary. In 1964 the Left supported China ’s nuclear tests and in 1998 opposed India ’s nuclear tests. But today they have become supporters for the independence to conduct nuclear tests. It is clear that both the Congress and Left have never been concerned about India ’s nuclear capability in the past nor present. They are only playing politics on the nuclear issue.

The government has committed a mistake by compromising on India ’s long term strategic interests. Under no cost will we ever accept our atomic sovereignty to be controlled or our foreign policy to be influenced. That’s whywewant that before finally accepting the Indo-US Nuclear Deal a Joint Parliamentary Committee should study it. To prevent a repeat of this in the future,a mechanism needs to be evolved so that any international commitment is operationalized only after parliament endorses it. Parliament reflects the collective will and aspirations of our people. And Parliamentary approval will ensure that none of our present and future national interests can ever be mortgaged or compromised with on account of the myopic vision of a government and its negotiators.

Neighboring Countries

With the UPA coming to power at the centre, it is well known that our foreign policy has become unsuccessful and there seems to be only policy confusion regarding our neighborhood. By acknowledging in Havana that Pakistan is also a victim of terrorism,the government in one stroke diluted the strategic and psychological advantage that we had achieved after several years of efforts and through various agreements. Recently General Musharraf in a Pakistani weekly television programme remarked that we have notabandoned our old issues and we have even made Government of India to agree in accepting Jammu & Kashmir as the core issue. General Musharraf termed this as a “sea change” in Indian diplomacy. One wonders into which sea of uncertainty will this “sea change” push Indian interests.

Under the NDA tenure this very General Musharraf had not only declared his commitment to prevent anti-India terrorist activities from his soil but had also said that we can keep the Kashmir issue aside and begin discussions on other issues. This changing attitude of Pakistan is a clear proof of the current UPA government’s utter diplomatic failure as compared to the NDA government.

There appears to be confusion about where we stand on the Sri Lankan issue. The government’s policy on Nepal under the influence of the Left has moved in such a direction that it is creating a threat even for our own internal security. Domestic turbulence in Pakistan already existed. Bangladesh is now witnessing a similar type of internal turbulence. Bangladesh is emerging as a new centre for anti-India activities. ULFA extremists are taking shelter in Bangladesh . They are running their terrorist camps there and cause bloodshed in Assam at will. The ISI has strengthened its stronghold in Bangladesh . Despite all this, the Government of India has not registered a protest with Bangladesh which would have at least sent a message that India is unhappy with the activities there.

In the meantime, the UPA government is twiddling is fingers and burying its head in the sand like an ostrich while Pakistan and China are busing bolstering their presence all across the region. China has established a deep naval base at Gwadar in Pakistan . China has now emerged as the biggest arms supplier to Bangladesh . China has also set up monitoring centres in some islands of Myanmar and Sri Lanka to keep watch on the movements of the Indian Navy. Given India ’s slack diplomacy, China has once again raised its claim over Arunachal Pradesh . Pakistan is getting involved in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka. There are constant reports of an association between the ISI and the Maoists in Nepal.

This indicates that in all the activities that are taking place from the Himalayas to our coastal boundaries within our neighboring countries, we do not see any possibility of being able to protect our strategic and political interests, given the UPA government being in power.

Ram Setu

Be it India ’s international image or the country’s cultural identity, nothing is secure in the UPA’s tenure. Hinducentres of reverence are being constantly damaged after the UPA Left Front coalition government has come to power. Over the last few days, this reached the extreme when the Archaeological Survey of India, in an affidavit submitted to the Supreme Court on the Ram Setu issue, stated that there is no proof that Lord Ram and all the other characters of the Ramayana ever existed. The BJP’s effective agitation forced the government to withdraw the affidavit and seek three months extension. However, the affidavit has established the government’s anti-Hindu mindset.

On the questions of scientific and historical fact, I would like to ask the government whether it has undertaken any scientific effort to establish the historical reality of all those places in the country that are associated with the Ramayana? If not, then on what basis did it submit such a colossal statement? Subjects related to people’s faith should not be linked with science and historical reality. Otherwise this will result in opening a pandora’s box where the key elements of various religions will be interfered with and this will lead to serious communal tension.

We believe that Ram is integrally enmeshed in each and every grain of India ’s physical, emotional and social fabric and he eternally inspires our people. If Ram did not exist, then I would like to ask the Congress Party which is running the central government, was Mahatma Gandhi’s dream of Ram Rajya a delusion based on a hollow foundation? The self styled successors of Mahatma Gandhi may not have any respect for the common Hindu beliefs, but they should at the very least respect the Ram inscribed on Mahatma Gandhi ’s memorial. By disrespecting Lord Ram, the Congress Party has taken vote bank politics to its lowest point. The Prime Minister should publicly apologize for the unpardonable crime of politically playing with people’s beliefs.

My demand for an apology is not for political reasons but is based on our reverence towards India ’s eternal beliefs since not even the foreign rulers of the countryunder colonial rulehad the courage to reject the existence of Lord Ram. Then why has this happening under this Congress led government? What are the reasons behind this, which power is guiding all this, and why is this power seeking to challenge the core foundations of India ’s eternal beliefs? The people of the country want an answer to these questions.

Ram Setu is not a mere structure made from rocks and stones that can be debated as to whether it is man-made or natural. On the contrary, Ram Setu is a bridge of India ’s eternal values, a bridge that symbolizes the foundations of Dharma through the obliteration of demonic tendencies. Not only from a religious or cultural point of view, from the perspective of scientific, strategic, prevention of tsunamis and nuclear energy, the destruction of Ram Setu will be detrimental for India . The BJP will oppose this at every level.

Minority Government

On account of its unsuccessful and insensitive policies, this government has already lost the confidence of the people. And now allies like the DMK who are within the Government, parties like the Left Front which are supporting it from outside, are all speaking against the government. This indicates that the government has lost the confidence of the people, lost the confidence of its allies and lost the confidence of the parties which are supporting it from outside. Therefore, today it can no longer be assumed that this government enjoys the adequate confidence of Parliament. In my opinion, this government has for all practical purposes become a minority government within Parliament. This is the fear which has led to the Parliament being adjourned sine die. On behalf of the people of the country and to prove its credibility in these circumstances, I urge the government to immediately call a session of Parliament and seek a vote of confidence.

And if this government does not have the courage to face Parliament, then it should quit office and approach the people. TheBJP isprepared for this and challenges the government to approach the people.

BJP –Symbolizing Development

It is no secret that the model of development which was adopted by the NDA government at the centre during its tenure of 6 years, is responsible for laying the foundation of today’s emerging new India . However, it is disheartening to learn that the extensive infrastructural projects which we had launched, their pace has either slowed down or they have been placed in cold storage. Considered the “Dream Project” of respected Atalji, the National Highway Development Programme according to the basic plan of action should almost have been completed by this time. However, this has not happened. The pace of the Pradhan Mantri Gramin Sadak Yojana is also unsatisfactory. The Agricultural Income Insurance Scheme was halted even before it was launched. This government has not even discussed the plan for opening new All India Institute of Medical Sciences in 6 states. The government did not deem it fit to even consider the various programmes started by the NDA for strengthening irrigation and the inter-linking of rivers project.

Even today, wherever our state governments are in power, there are many programmes that are worth highlighting. We do not consider the centre’s Employment Guarantee Scheme appropriate, yet even here, the BJP ruled states are leading in its implementation. Our governments have also been successful in effectively controlling jehadi terrorism and maintaining law and order. Given the pathetic condition in which we had inherited Madhya Pradesh , we have been successful in dramatically improving its condition.

Forthcoming Challenges

In the forthcoming months, very soon the Gujarat elections will be held. The government of Gujarat has established itself as a role model for development. Gujarat ’s rate of development is one-and-a-half to one-and-three-fourth times higher than the country’s rate of growth. The Gujarat government has been successful in implementing Special Economic Zones without any controversies and also in attracting the maximum foreign direct investment. Our government has been in office for the past 12 years. Shri Narendra Modi has set the record of being the longest serving Chief Minister of Gujarat . Even former President Dr Abdul Kalam and the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation have praised the Gujarat government. In the forthcoming elections, all our leaders and workers will definitely collectively pave the way for victory. I am confident that all our leaders and workers will together ensure that the BJP emerges victorious in the elections.

The assembly elections in some states which are due next year are fast approaching us and we have to prepare ourselves for them right from now itself. The Lok Sabha elections appear to be fast approaching. We should not proceed on the basis that we will be the automatic beneficiaries of the anti-incumbency wave against the central government. To effectively capitalize on this anti-incumbency, our organization and Members of Parliament have to literally tighten their belts and immediately become active in their respective areas. Normally, many of our MPs are unable to get re-elected. If we are able to control this situation, then in the next Lok Sabha our numbers can be very effective.

Testing Times

In various states, the evolving current political situation clearly exemplifies that in the future we will have to prepare ourselves for new challenges in context of the political and social adjustments. Among the large states, in Maharashtra the atmosphere of confusion regarding the alliance has come to an end. In Karnataka, I expect both our organization and coalition will remain strong. In Uttar Pradesh , the largest state of the country, we need to make efforts to once again establish our old position. In Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh , Gujarat and Chhattisgarh we will have to prove our capacity to hold onto our existing position. Among the north eastern states, the elections in Nagaland, Meghalaya and Tripura are not far away. Our coalition government is in power in Nagaland. I am hopeful that we will put up a good performance in the Nagaland elections. In addition to this, there can be numerous opportunities for us in Arunachal Pradesh , Manipur and in Assam , the biggest state of the north east.

Last time I had charged the government for not according adequate attention towards the north east. We had demanded that the government should make provisions for a special package for the north east region keeping in mind its unique geographical, social and cultural realities. I once again urge the government to meet this demand of the BJP.

After the defeat in the 2004 Lok Sabha elections, in addition to being politically unsuccessful, even the media questioned our ideological commitment. Within the NDA, with some parties we witnessed a change of emotions as compared to our previously harmonious relations. To summarize, one can say that our opponents created an atmosphere of confusion about the BJP’s organizational capability, coalition capability and ideological commitment. We have to end this atmosphere of confusion. That is why whenever the forthcoming elections are held, we will have to prove ourselves not on any one but on all three fronts.

BJP at Every Booth

Our organizational strength has always been our uniqueness. To further expand this very strength, the party took a decision that our organization should be expanded at every booth. I hope that the organizations of all states are fully involved in this programme. From time to time, I will also attempt to directly telephone and speak with the members of these booth committees. Only recently I directly spoke with Raghurai, a member of the booth committee in Gujarat ’s Rajkot district. We have to establish relations upto this level of society. Only in this lies the hidden reality of our organizational strength, the key to social justice and the dream of Deendayalji’s Antyadaya.


In conclusion, I would like to remind you about our last National Executive Meeting which was held in Bhopal . Last time, 11 years ago in 1996, on 21 st, 22 nd and 23 rd June, our National Executive Meeting was held in Bhopal in this very Deendayal Upadhayaya Hall. Coincidentally when we are meeting here in September 2007, one finds the dates are identical. The Bhopal National Executive Meeting was historical. In that meeting our respected leader Atalji had come after submitting his resignation as Prime Minister for thirteen days. The political situation is the country was taking a new shape. In Parliament we had emerged as the largest party. While the people of the country were unhappy to witness the resignation of their beloved leader Atalji, the intrigues of the Congress and Left had anguished the country. In 1996 all the so called secular parties were actively trying to stop the BJP, but in 1998 we moved ahead. Atalji as Prime Minster for 6 years enhanced India ’s global prestige; by taking along 24 other parties, crafted the history of coalition politics.

Even today the situation is similar. There are obviously some changes in the roles. The Congress led government is being supported by the Left Front from outside; in 1996 the only difference was that the Left was in government and the Congress was supporting it from outside. At that time also the ruling dispensation was in minority. Today also the UPA is a minority. At that time mid term elections took place, and today also there are similar indications. At that time the country was experiencing a frightening phase of uncertainty, misgovernance and instability. Even then the ruling party and the supporting allies were busy checkmating each other. By and large even today the situation is similar. Here we need to think about how to change this situation. The place is the same, the circumstances are the same, the party is the same, all we need to do is once again bring to the fore the same self-confidence and commitment. I am confident that like the last National Executive of Bhopal , we will once again create new history. And by winning the confidence of the people, we will convert the dream of Mahan Bharat into a reality.

Vande Mataram