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National Executive Meeting

7-9 September, 2006

Dehradun (Uttaranchal)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Uttaranchal, the land from where the holy Ganga and Yamuna emerge and is home to the holy shrines of Badrinath and Kedarnath, is the eternal abode of Gods. It is a pleasant coincidence that we have gathered here for this meeting.

Our last National Executive meet was held in Delhi. During this interregnum of three months several important events have taken place on the political scene, which are a cause of worry. The Mumbai bomb-blasts were a big challenge to our national security. The separatist mentality is continually expanding its sphere of influence. It has, therefore, become imperative to strengthen national unity both in principle and practice. During the year, the country is celebrating 150th year of the first war of independence and centenary of the National Song Vande Matram. The birth centenary of martyr Chandreshekhar Azad also falls during the year. For any country such an occasion should be an opportunity for re-instilling and spreading the feelings of nationalism. But we regret to note that the UPA Government, instead of using this historic occasion to strengthen the feelings of nationalism, seems to be feeling more concerned in strengthening its own vote bank. Not only this, the government does not have the courage to ensure that the National Song Vande Matram is recited by one and all in free India. Vande Matram – the song which was on the lips of many a freedom fighters while going to the gallows, the song, reciting which, independent India came into existence, the song which was the last word on the lips of every martyr, has now been sacrificed at the altar of vote bank politics by this UPA Government.

Through NCERT and IGNOU books, the UPA government has gone further damage our rich and hoary past, which have kept our culture eternally alive. It is a gross injustice to deprive the young generations of the knowledge of the core elements of our nationalism and culture. Just to ensure the continuance of this coalition, the UPA government is playing with the past, present and future of the Indian nation. Brothers and sisters, it is a new phenomenon of political decline that has set in today's environment. The country is now witnessing the climax of ugly spectrum of the minority appeasement policies of the Congress and bullying by the Left forces.

We strongly condemn such acts of the UPA Government. And we want that we will not allow this government to tinker with our National Song Vande Matram and the sense of pride of our glorious past. We will not allow the UPA Government to succeed in its nefarious designs.

The nation is thus destined to meet this fate under the UPA rule. We have to mentally prepare ourselves to face this reality. We will have to pass through a acid test of the people in the days to come. The UPA is in the process of continually getting weak and ineffective. The coalition partners are diametrically opposed to each other and there are symptoms of their drifting apart. The internal squabbles are deepening. The Left parties have clearly declared that if they find a better alternative, they will withdraw their support to the Congress-led government. At the same time, a senior Congress minister has challenged the Left parties to withdraw their support instead of threatening the government every now and then. This is enough to unravel the internal contradictions within the UPA allies. We have been telling right from the beginning that the UPA coalition is an unnatural alliance. This coalition was born with the negative objective of preventing BJP from coming to power. It is evident that from the present indications it is more than clear that the UPA Government may fall any time and the country will have to go through the ordeal of a mid-term poll.

For the last two years, the pervading environment of lack of political direction, is a cause of worry for the nation. The alliance partners as also the ministers have become despotic. There is not one but numerous power centres operating in the government today. In such a scenario the pace of development and efficiency of both the government and administration have been taking a hit. The Central Government has not dealt with any issue with the honesty of purpose it deserves, be it the price rise, unemployment, terrorism, farmers’ suicides, Indo-US nuclear deal, Pathak Inquiry Authority Report, management of natural disasters, centre-state relations, foreign policy, or appeasement of minorities. These are numerous examples of incompetence and ineffectiveness of this government.


During the last three months, we have fought for the cause of the people afflicted with high prices and carried our struggle from Parliament to the streets. Former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee, Hon'ble Advaniji, alongwith several senior leaders of every state led the party workers in courting arrest to awaken the Central Government out of its slumber. But the government has failed to rise to the occasion. Further, we undertook a sit-in Dharna and demonstrations against terrorism in J&K and elsewhere. We launched a programme to educate the people throughout the country on the issues involved. On the issue of farmers suicide, a long-drawn out plan of agitation was chalked out. Our women's wing launched a signature campaign against price-rise throughout the country and submitted memoranda to the Governors in the states. Likewise, the youth wing registered its protest throughout the country by organising a human-chain against terror. During the monsoon session of Parliament, our members forcefully raised national issues and made UPA Government realise their acts of omission and commission. Along with this, the UPA Government's attention was drawn towards problems faced by the common man in the country today.

During the last eight to nine months, I have continuously been on tour visiting different states to take part in demonstrations, executive committee meetings, Kisan Sammelans and workers meetings. I feel pleasure in informing you that the common worker of the BJP is spirited and enthusiastic. Workers are unitedly opposing the wrong policies of the government at their own level. We, at our own level, should also take care of the problems facing our workers. I believe you must already be doing so.


The present UPA Government is decidedly anti-people. Everyone is a victim of price rise. Our Prime Minister, the economic expert that he is, is presenting strange economic theories and practices. Resulting the rich becoming richer and the poor forced to lead a life in misery. It is unfortunate that, on the one hand, the air-fare, prices of luxury cars and airconditioners are becoming cheaper by the day but, on the other, essential commodities of daily use by the common man are becoming costlier. The unchecked prices of essential commodities of everyday use, like rice, pulses, vegetable oil continue to play havoc with the budget of most of the households. Under the UPA Government it is impossible for the common man to progress. This incompetent government has made the life of the people difficult. Prices of gas, diesel, petrol, cement, bricks, sand and bamboo, as also the increasing interest rates on housing loans have shattered the dreams of people to build a roof over their head. Their dreams had started becoming a reality during the NDA rule. Meanwhile rising prices of seeds and fertilizers have dealt a blow to the farmers. The policies of UPA government are such that they can damage the thousand year old agricultural traditional. The most shameful thing to happen is that the self-proclaimed godfathers of the proletariat, the Left is enjoying power without responsibility. In the eyes of the people, the UPA Government stands exposed. It is a matter of shame for a government under whose rule the poor persons fail to manage a two meals a day. People of the country have begun to realise that whenever the Congress comes to power, it brings with it the gift of soaring prices. They now recall how during the six years of NDA rule the prices throughout remained most stable as compared to this and any of the previous governments.


It is a sad commentory on the state of affairs that the producer of food-grains, the farmer is today feeling compelled to commit suicide. As a consequence of anti-farmers policies of the UPA Government, the condition of Kisans in the country has gone from bad to worse. Farmers in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, and Kerala are committing suicide. On the one hand, interest burden on the farmers is increasing and, on the other, shortage of power supply is leading to non-availability of irrigation to the farmers. On the eve of Assembly elections, Congress had promised to give free power to the farmers in Maharashtra. On this hope, the Kisans gave their support to the Congress. But true to its true character and culture Congress ditched the farmers the moment it came to power with their support . The Kisans are finding themselves encircled with manifold problems. Recently, Prime Minister announced a package for Vidharbha farmers and in spite of that the chain of farmer's suicides has not been broken in the region and their woes continue unabated . Does the responsibility of the government and the Prime Minister end with the announcement of a package? The government will have to make far-reaching efforts to remove the problems of Kisans. Farmers constitute the very basic structure of India's social life. India cannot be prosperous without ensuring prosperity of the farming community,. While introducing new avenues of economic development into our metropolitan life, UPA's development agenda has failed to prevent the Kisans from taking the extreme step of committing suicide. Perhaps the economists in Prime Minister and Finance Minister have failed to understand this paradox.


The rapidly increasing unemployment is sounding an alarm to the nation. In spite of initiating liberalisation and globalization the number of rural and urban unemployed continues to grow fast. The statistics of unemployment are frightening. 17% of the unemployed are young graduates, meaning thereby that even literate youth are unable to find employment. Unemployment generates many ills in the country. The pangs of hunger are dangerous and devastating. As a consequence unemployed young men are being lured into anti-social and anti-national activities by forces inimical to the country. The UPA Government launched a National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme with a great fanfare. But it is afflicted with many shortcomings. For example, what will happen to the problem of unemployment in urban areas? What will people do in the remaining 265 days if they get employment for 100 days only in a year? Many doubts still persist about the proper implementation of this scheme. In several states, reports of misuse of this scheme have come to light. I feel proud to state that despite shortcomings, the BJP-ruled States have led the rest of the country in providing real benefits of the scheme.

On the organisation front, Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha has conducted a survey at the national level on a serious subject like unemployment. The statistics of the survey are startling. We will have to concentrate on ensuring creation of employment in every sector to banish the curse of unemployment. Further, special attention needs to be given to generate more employment opportunities in the country's core-sector of agriculture.


The country's economy has gone in reverse gear and the reform-mode has converted itself into anti-reform. Disinvestment has almost been grounded. The Government is trying to role back the status of disinvested companies. And in this, the Government is not ready to fulfill those commitments, which it had made while selling them earlier. Price control has been enforced in the pharmaceutical sector. Energy sector has suffered a big jolt as a consequence of Government policies. There is a total freeze-frame status in this regard. Government has not rationalized Customs and Excise duties and instead resorted to revision of petro-prices seven times. By rejecting the 2003 Electricity Act by the regulator, the energy sector will suffer in its growth, expansion, competition and investment.

The UPA Government is reverting to Inspector Raj. By enforcing a ban on the movement of food-grains in the name of controlling prices, it is encouraging corruption and hoarding. It appears that the Government quickly decides favorably on measures that go against economic reform but lack the will to takes tips which augment growth. consequently there is a negative impact on sectors like infrastructure, energy, agriculture and food processing.


Terrorism is spreading its tentacles throughout the country as a consequence of the misplaced policies of the UPA Government. During the last two years there has been a steep increase in the terrorist act. Jaish-e-Mohammed, Lashkar-e-Toiba, and Hizbul Mujahideen type terrorist organizations are targeting national symbols, e.g. attack on the Ramjanma Bhumi- Ayodhya, an abortive attempt at RSS headquarters in Nagpur, attacks in Delhi on the eve of Dipawali, place reverence like Kashi, and the symbols of modern India like Mumbai and Bangalore. Recent bomb blasts on local trains in Mumbai along with blasts in Srinagar have shocked the country. In Mumbai incidents more than 200 were killed and hundreds others injured. The terrorists have dared the misadventure of bleeding innocents and created an atmosphere of fear and terror.

Growing terrorism is the biggest challenge to our country. It is unfortunate that the Congress-led UPA Government has adopted a soft approach towards terrorists. It is also a matter of concern that terrorism is being sponsored and promoted from the soil of our neighbouring country. Just last month, Government of India had stated on record that 52 terrorist training centres are operative in Pakistan and POK. Even US has accepted this fact. In such a scenario, the statement of Pakistani President that terrorist activities are not being conducted from Pakistan is a deceit played on India. BJP-led NDA Government made every possible effort to crush terrorism. To ensure proper punishment to terrorists, POTA was enacted but the UPA Government's first task was to abolish POTA and project this as a great achievement. UPA Government's approach to terrorism has not only been soft but in a way compromising too. First, this government granted legal concession to terrorists by revoking POTA. Then, Congress and Leftists passed a resolution in Kerala Assembly seeking parole to prime accuse in Coimbtore blast Abdul Nasir Madani, and granted Constitutional concession to terrorism. Now this government is betraying moral and ethical bankruptcy by surrendering before communal bigotry on the issue of National Song. It is for serious consideration whether such acts can ensure the unity and integrity of the country. Is it appropriate for the Central Government to sacrifice national interests for achieving its selfish political agenda? This is unpardonable. BJP is of the view that Naxalism and terrorism are the legacy of Congress rule. The soft approach of Congress towards Naxalism has posed a big challenge to the internal security of the country. Outcome of the Congress taking help of Naxals in last Andhra Assembly polls poses dangerous consequences. Today 17% of the country's population is in the grip of Naxalism. It is also a matter of concern that Naxalism, Jihadi Terrorism and Nepal's Maosim have forged a nexus with the ISI. I wish to warn the Naxalites that there is no place for violence in India. Violence ultimately pushes the country into anarchy.

Because of these soft policies, this year, Independence Day was celebrated under the threat of terrorist attacks and such a frightening shadow of terror was never witnessed earlier on any Independence Day.

BJP is of the opinion that things have gone beyond control and comprehension. Therefore, there is need for tough anti-terror laws. BJP demands that POTA should be revived to contain terrorism. This is not only view of an opposition party like us but also reflects the feelings of the common man from all sections of society.


We are aware that excessive rains during the recent past in several states and resultant floods have caused havoc with the lives of people and thousands have lost there lives. Property worth crores of rupees was lost. Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Orissa suffered terrible floods destroying crops and dislodging lakhs from their homes. States ruled by BJP and its allies carried out relief works on their own and sought relief from the Centre. I am pained to state that the UPA Government acted in a partisan manner while granting relief. They should not have acted like this. At the same time many States are in the grip of drought. There too the Centre totally failed in giving adequate relief. BJP state units and BJP CM's apprised the Centre fully of the natural calamities faced by the respective states. Our MPs also raised this issue in the Parliament and drew the attention of the government to the prevailing state of affairs. In spite of all this, the UPA government held out only assurances and in the name of relief all that the Centre gave was a pittance. We strongly condemn this discriminatory attitude of the Centre and demand that in the States facing natural calamities, the suffering of the people should be alleviated without any partisan approach.


There was a question mark on the credibility and intentions of the UPA Government when the enquiry report of Justice R.S.Pathak in connection with Volcker Report was leaked while the parliament was in session. This has put the Central Government into the ambit of suspicion as to how some portions of the Justice Pathak Authority Report, submitted to Prime Minister were leaked out to the media within minutes of the submission. It is apparent, that it was deliberately done to create confusion in the minds of the people of the country and to equip the Congress to claim its innocence. Still the whole truth of this episode has to come out in the open. Who used the vouchers issued in the name of Congress for lifting oil and who received the payments? On this issue, there has been a conspiracy to conceal the truth. The BJP has been demanding right from the beginning as to why the statement of Congress President Smt. Sonia Gandhi was not recorded? At the same time why Smt. Sonia Gandhi has not broken her silence on this issue so far? The Pathak Authority Report on this issue has raised not one but many questions.


Indo-US nuclear deal is a cause of serious concern to every patriotic Indian today. The NDA government also, had taken steps for strategic cooperation with USA. We had talked of cooperation for civilian use in the field of space technology, atomic energy and in the hi-tech areas. But we had refused to negotiate when the kind of conditions which have been placed before the UPA Government today, were brought to our notice them. I would like to ask the government to explain the conditionalities on civil nuclear energy and answer the fundamental question, whether there was need at all to have this nuclear deal for India under these circumstances? Till date we have conducted our nuclear programme on indigenous technology. We never sought to limit our development and potential of our own nuclear deterrent capacity. India has a reserve of sufficient Uranium and has the largest reserves of Thorium. In spite of all this, was it appropriate to agree to put almost two-thirds of our reactors on the inspection list and was it necessary to agree to inappropriate conditionalities which are in many ways tantamount to accepting NPT and CTBT? What serious energy crisis the country was facing, that such a deal was considered inevitable?

Last year in July, former Prime Minister Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee had voiced his reservations to this deal. Consequent of BJP pressure, the government has changed its approach on many conditionalities. We however feel that even this is not adequate. The BJP demands that this deal should not be concluded until the international community grants recognition to India as a Nuclear weapon state.


Amongst our neighbouring countries, Pakistan has been the centre of disruptive activities against us since long. And now the growing clout of Maoists in Nepal, coupled with sympathetic approach of the Left parties is posing greater challenge to the internal security of the country. The Taliban is becoming active once again in Afghanistan. In Bangladesh, new centres of Jihadi terrorism are emerging. In Sri Lanka clashes between LTTE and the Government have intensified.

Recently Pakistan army killed the Baloch Leader Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti aggravating the struggle in Balochistan. This struggle might aggravate further and destabilize the entire region.

In this backdrop the UPA Government has failed to devise an appropriate policy which would protect India's interests. It will not be an exaggeration if it is stated that the entire Indian subcontinent is moving towards instability and the UPA Government has proved itself incompetent in protecting the geo-political interests of India.


The issue of granting reservation to women in Parliament and State assemblies was initiated during Hon'ble Atalji's government. For various technical reasons, it could not take a definite shape. In this, the biggest technical problem is deciding about the electoral constituencies. BJP is of the opinion that women's reservation bill should be brought before Parliament at once and if need be, adding one-third additional seats in the Parliament can also be considered. The increased additional seats can be reserved for women. In a fast developing nation, representation in the Parliament and growth in numbers is a natural process. We should consider this with an open mind. If the UPA Government is serious about the issue, it should introduce this Bill in the coming winter session of Parliament. We are ready to support it.


The politics of Congress is very much centered on minority appeasement. It does not worry about national interests. It has crossed all limits during the last two years. Ignoring the Constitution, the Congress Government of Andhra gave reservation to minorities in government jobs and the Congress-led UPA government attempted to give reservations to Muslim students on religious basis in Aligarh Muslim University. Attempts were made for a head-count of Muslims in the Armed forces. In Kerala's Assembly, a unanimous resolution was passed to release the main accused of the Coimbatore bomb-blast, Abdul Madani from the prison. These are some of the most despicable acts in the history of independent India. In the same manner, the anti-Dalit face of the Congress was exposed when it deprived the SC's, ST's and OBC's of their right to reservation in getting admission into minority educational institutions.


During NDA's regime a serious attempt was made by Dr. M. M. Joshi, the then HRD Minister, to purge the books of distortion in consultation with learned educationists and intellectuals. The Leftists and the so-called educationists raised a hue and cry and dubed it the saffronization of education. Later, the Supreme Court upheld the changes made in educational curriculum during the NDA regime. And now, when Congress and Leftists are sharing power in the Centre they have included highly objectionable material in the NCERT curriculum. Insulting material has been written against National heroes like Guru Tegh Bahadur, Chatrapathi Shivaji and Maharana Pratap. Every nation teaches its future generation its glorious history. It is nation's misfortune that power is in the hands of those who negate the very idea of Indianhood and it is because of this that the spirit of nationalism is on the wane. Our revered Gods and Goddesses -- Shiva, Krishna, Parvati, Kali, and Durga’s have been portrayed in a distorted manner. Such things are taught about our revered objects of worship that I am ashamed even to refer to them. While, the Prime Minister refers to Naxalism is a big problem from ramparts of Red Fort, the poems of Naxalite poets are being taught to the students. Does it not amount to playing with the future of the nascent generation? Should there be a vote-bank politics in education? It is a matter of satisfaction that BJP Parliamentarians attacked the government on this issue forcefully. There is a country-wide echo that NCERT curriculum must be changed. Government will have to concede, otherwise BJP will be compelled to intensify this movement throughout the country. On this occasion I want to compliment the Shiksha Bachao Aandolan which has exposed through people's awareness through the seminars, demonstrations and the courts UPA Government's conspiracy in the field of education.


The Congress had sought votes in last Andhra Assembly elections in the name of carving out a new Telangana State. People believed them and voted for them. But the Congress betrayed the people's confidence the moment it came to power. Make promises on the eve of elections and abandon them after acquiring power. This is essence of Congress culture and strategy. BJP has been an advocate of Telangana State right from the beginning. We are in favour of small States. If a Bill to create Telangana State is brought before Parliament, we will definitely support it.


In the coming months organizational elections will be completed. In the last executive we had discussed about the dates of organizational elections and had chalked an election schedule. My only request is that there should be transparency in organizational elections. The workers, who through their hard labour carried the party forward, should be given their due place and honour. It is also necessary that democratic traditions of the party should always be vibrant. I am of the opinion that organizational elections should be held on a regular basis and completed from the Mandal unit up to all India level in accordance with the Constitution of the party. It has also to be ensured that all sections of society should be given proper representation on the party executive. BJP is a disciplined and value-based political party. We should endeavour to ensure that BJP's special identity should remain in tact as ever.


Immediately after the organizational elections are concluded, the Party has to face Assembly elections in four important States of UP, Uttaranchal, Punjab and Manipur. All of us must be aware that we have been in government in the States of UP, Uttaranchal and Punjab in the past. If our endeavours succeed in these States and if we intensify our efforts in this, the outcome will definitely be a pleasant one for all of us. At the organizational level, preparations for elections have started in right earnest in these states. Yet we have to make preparations at many other levels. I am confident that if we engage ourselves without leaving any stone unturned, the electoral results will definitely be in accordance with our wishes.

The UPA Government is continually facing erosion of public credibility. It is not our political aim to seek consequential change of regime and be a beneficiary by default. We have home grown positive and constructive agenda. . We have taken a vow to create a prosperous and mighty nation. We will have to expand the reach of our political ideology to enable us to achieve our target. I want to make it clear that this is not an ordinary task. This cannot be achieved by merely putting it in writing. This is however possible if we work collectively as a team towards this objective. Only then we will definitely succeed in our mission. We will have to pay special attention to expand our party's plan of action. We will have to reach those places where we have not reached as yet through our programmes and through our work and through the medium of our workers. We will have to increase the growth both of our supporters and voters. We have always been the votary of positive politics. This is not suggest that we opt to remain deprived of the due advantages of being of opposition. But it is needless to say that all this is essential not only for the political future of the party but also for ensuring the secure future for our Great Nation. But the uppermost necessity of today is that we push full-throated to expand our political ideology and political base.