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National Executive Meeting 16, 17 & 18 September 2005
Ataljis Margdarshan Chennai : September 18, 2005

Adarneeya Adhyaksha Mahodaya, my colleagues, brothers and sisters. “Jab jage tabhi sabera”.(It is dawn when we get up). This saying does not mean that if we wake up at 12 in the noon it is morning. Neither that we continue sleeping even after it is morning. Nor we should continue to sleeping even after the night is over. If we do not take note of the changes around us seriously, we will have to sing the bhajan “Bhor bhai ab rain kahan...”.

Today the meeting of the national executive is to conclude. We have witnessed the changes in political scenario in this meeting. As Shri Advaniji has said, we have to face many new challenges. I still remember the day when the Jana Sangh was founded and it was resolved to add a new glorious chapter in Indian politics. The boys were young. Most of them were inexperienced. We had guidance and ashirwad of elders with us. But we had to traverse a long journey carrying the responsibility of a new party on our shoulders. When we recall those days, we are astonished that nobody then thought that one day that such a massive nationwide organisation would come into being and we will create an impact in the whole country and play an important role play an effective role in shaping up new India.

Even our adversaries have to admit that BJP or earlier Bharatiya Jana Sangh had been very fast in registering success in Indian politics. This fact is now drawing the attention of the whole country. The role of our karyakratas has been vital in reaching the party to this stage. We never discriminated between a karayakarta and a leader. Some classification becomes necessary keeping in view the conditions and practicalities in mind. When we started the work of Jana Sangh many people did not take us seriously. They though it was just another organisation of swayamsewaks. Instead of forming the axis of politics we were thought to become a small time ally of some political force in the future. But Destiny had assigned us some higher tasks. At that time the path was full of adversities. The path was long and unknown Loneliness lay ahead and we were standing all alone. But we had a distinct identity posing a challenge to others.

Most of those who started working for the party were from the RSS. The dexterity with which they raised this organisation was indeed unique. It was the only organistaion of its kind. I have no hesitation to say that no other organisation in the world, be it political, social or apolitical has that commitment and devotion to duty and spirit to sacrifice life in service to the nation as the RSS has. Self praise is no recommendation. We should not indulge in it. It is not good if we forget ourselves and lose our distinct identity.

Yesterday only we expressed our condolences to our friends who departed from us midway.It asked myself : is that the end of the saga of life with a mention of his name who exhumed all his life in service of the nation? Among those Swayamsewaks who died recently was Narain Rao Tarte. I figured out his name as he was not famous yet. But I do remember his name and many of us would be able to recollect how we initiated ourselves into this process of nation building and at which Sangh Sthan the process began. How we learnt the art of organisation and brought it into practice. Whatever I am there is an element of Tarteji in me also. People do not know him but he sculpted the lives of many. By patting on their backs, through affection and values he made a great contribution in the process of nation building. Did I ever know that one day I would be the Prime Minister. There were many others who devoted their entire life in service of the nation but nobody recounts their name. Now we find people lining up to pay their tributes to them. Earlier two or three youth would join hands with the resolve to move ahead.

I still remember Dr. Mookerjee had become the Party President. He was going to Rajasthan by rail. A tall young man of slender body structure was there to receive him at the station. I had heard his name but never met him face to face. It was our first meeting at the Railway Station. Do you know who that young man was? You can easily make a guess. Carving out a place for the party in Parliament and that too for a new born party in Lok Sabha was not easy job. But it could be possible because of Advaniji. I received many compliments for my speeches. But who wrote those speeches? He was Advaniji.

Such Karyakartas were made who had no wish to come into the limelight and always remained in the background, played an important role in changing the course of History. But the mission is not accomplished yet. We introduced changes in tune with the change in circumstances. We geared ourselves for the challenges before us. In future these challenges can get tougher challenges but we would march ahead capitalising on what we have earned all these years.

Yesterday Advaniji made some observations. You all must have heard, “We need freedom and also the discipline”. It is not going to be easy as freedom may change into licence of anarchy. It ignites big ego which makes one fail to see even those who keep pace with us. We want more than a person who follows every order literally. The kind of organisation we see is the outcome of a joint venture. It has freedom as well as discipline. Lack of discipline has hurt Advaniji. It should not happen. Who should be the members?Who should be the candidate? Who should be the office-bearer? We have al this work in our hand. We will not allow this power of ours to be weakened, to be ignored. This meeting inspires us to do that. I am sure we will not only preserve the treasures we had accumulated in the last fifty- sixty years, but will also take to greater heights. I am very grateful to all of you.