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BHARATIYA JANATA PARTY National Executive Meeting
Hyderabad -- January 11-12, 2004

The Hyderabad meeting of the National Executive is a major landmark in the history of the BJP and India’s democracy.

We have established our place in Indian politics. Now we are not unfamiliar to the world. The world has come to recognize us as the dominant and guiding constituent of Indian politics.

All the misconceptions and motivated propaganda about our Party have been belied.

Our recent victory in Assembly elections attracted the attention of the entire world.

We have strengthened India’s democracy and accelerated development.

The world has become familiar with our ideas and our achievements.

BJP is not merely a political party, but a movement for social transformation.

More and more classes of society are joining us.

There is debate on when to hold Lok Sabha elections.

The Party has made its recommendation in an unambiguous manner, that we should seek people's renewed mandate at the earliest for completing the unaccomplished part of our mission.

It is natural to think that we should have a fresh mandate so that we can march even more confidently towards our goal of making India a Developed Nation by 2020.

The recent NDA meeting has authorized me to take a final decision about preponing the elections.

Now the responsibility is on mine.

The NDA is ready. The BJP is ready.

The hour of deciding has come.

The decision can be only one.

I hereby direct Finance Minister Shri Jaswant Singhji to present a Vote on Account in Parliament at an early date.

I hope that a new government would be in place by April.

A big battle lies ahead.

We have given the call for early elections to the Lok Sabha. The situation is in our favour. We have been able to win people’s confidence with our performance. Recent Assembly elections show that the people are with us. The opposition is in disarray. They don’t know what to do and on what issues to corner us.

My call to all Party karyakartas is this: There is no time for vishram.

Ek vijay ke baad dusara.

Hamare vijay ke saath Bharat ka bhavishya juda hua hai.

We’ll seek a renewed and larger mandate to build a strong and prosperous India. I am confident that we’ll get it.

Vajra sankalp ke saath hum yahan se jayenge. Aur agali baar milenge ek dusare ko vijay ki badhayi dene ke liye.