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National Executive 2000 to 2015


BHARATIYA JANATA PARTY National Executive Meeting
Hyderabad -- January 11-12, 2004

BJP has a grand vision for the future. We want to make India a strong and fully developed country by 2020. We have an ability to formulate and implement policies which can mobilize all sections of society to contribute to the fulfillment of this meeting. Party has successfully laid down core agenda for national debate for last two decades. The debate has enhanced party’s credibility and exposed the opposition parties which alienated from aspirations of people. In this endeavor, party and personalities are the means to the end.

BJP is going to the polls with confidence. Usually the ruling party has a liability in the form of anti-incumbency but this time due to our performance incumbency will work as an asset for the party. The feel good factor is visible in all parts of the country and in all sections of society.

The performance has created a self confidence in the society about the future. This has not happened either incidentally or accidentally. This is happened due to our vision.

In every election mood of the people tells you who is winning. This time it points out to our grand victory.

I can recollect all the 13 Lok Sabha elections. We have taken decisions after due deliberations. In 1973, Loknayak Jayaprakash Narayan invited BJS to join his anti corruption drive. Some people were not in favour of going with him. After detailed discussion, we went with him. Jayaprakash Narayan convinced all opposition parties that unless they unite, Congress will not be dethroned. And this happened for the first time in Gujarat in 1975.

Jana Sangh fought out the dictatorial emergency rule and played an important role in re establishing democracy during 1975-77 period. This brought a revolutionary change in power in 1977.

1980-90 decade witnessed emergence of national unity as the core topic before the nation. Congress played vote bank politics in Shahbano and Ayodhya. This exposed their pseudo secularist face before the nation. Our vision of cultural nationalism gained public support. We benefited by the decisions which were taken after due deliberations.

Coming elections will also be fought with a clear vision and a winning strategy.