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National Executive Meeting Indore (Madhya Pradesh) : April 04-5, 2003

Resolution adopted by the BJP National Executive on Situation in Iraq
National Executive Meeting, Indore - April 4-5, 2003

The National Executive of the Bharatiya Janata Party deplores the unjustified military action resorted to by the United States, U.K. and their allies against Iraq. It notes with grave concern the humanitarian crisis which is developing in Iraq on account of this action. The National Executive expresses its anguish and distress over the large number of casualities, both civilian and military as well as the plight of the hapless and beleaguered peopIe of Iraq whose condition is rapidly worsening.

The National Executive, therefore, resolves that:

i) War be immediately brought to an end.
ii) The parties concerned seek a peaceful, political solution within the framework of the United Nations.
iii) Immediate measures be taken by the international community to rush humanitarian aid to the suffering people of Iraq in consultation with the Government of Iraq.
iv) The sovereignty and territorial integrity of Iraq be preserved and that
v) The right of the people of Iraq to determine their political future and exercise control over their natural resources be fully respected.

The National Executive commends the Government for the pro-active measures undertaken to safeguard the welfare and interests of Indians in the region. It expresses its satisfaction that the Government has crafted an approach, which is consistent with India's dignity as well as its long term national interests aimed at bringing a quick end to this conflict and providing speedy relief to the suffering people of Iraq. It calls upon the Government to continue its efforts for peace with like minded countries and forums such the Non Aligned Movement.

The National Executive emphasizes the need for the international community to remain focused on the global war against terrorism and to eschew 'double standards' in this campaign. The epicenter of international terrorism is located in Pakistan. It is here that the most serious manifestation of a nexus between authoritarian rule, weapons of mass destruction, drug trafficking and terrorism flourish. The horrifying massacre of innocents that recently took place in Nandimarg is but an example of how the crisis in Iraq is being used by the patrons of terrorism to engage in diversionary tactics and to advance their political goal of spreading conflict and violence within India.

The National Executive calls upon the international community to ensure that the crisis in Iraq does not lead to any dilution in efforts to bring an end to the huge potential threat to humanity and to India, arising from continued patronage and sponsorship of terrorism by Pakistan as an instrument of its national policy.