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National Executive 2000 to 2015


The following 26-Point Programme is suggested for Mission 2004.

1 (A) Clear work division among the office bearers, workers mobilization and gearing up the party machinery at all levels.

(B) Special attention to voters list including verification and identification.

(C) Preparation of Charge Sheet about omissions and commissions of the state Government.

(D) Organising agitational programmes on people's issues to confront the state governments.

(E)   Take up Yatras to reach nook and corner of the state and creating awareness among the people with a special focus on the need for change, need to strengthen the BJP, the need to vote for BJP and with governance and development as main theme of the campaign.

2) In all other states, setting up of party offices in all the district headquarters by October, 2003.

3) Strengthen the party publications in all the states and make it obligatory for active member to subscribe it.

4) a) Recruitment of full timers atleast one from each assembly constituency and name them as 'Chunav Sahayak'.

b) Recruit part-time activists, from among the local supporters, who can devote minimum 2 hours a day or two days a week.

5) Media teams at state and district level and conduct workshops.

6) Translate the achievements of BJP led government in local languages and make them available for all the people.

7) Set-up think-tank at state level, conduct Chintan Baithaks at state level before October 2003.

8) Massive 'Jana Sampark Abhiyan'-'Gaon Chalo-Ghar Ghar Chalo' can be conducted to reach every village, every mohalla and every house.

a) Communicate Government initiatives and developmental activities

b) Enquire whether the Central Government schemes are properly implemented or not.

c) Identify the grievances of the people and give feed back to the party.

d) Organise peaceful movements to bring pressure on administration to implement the programmes announced.

9) Build up massive movements and confront the Congress, the left and its allies on people's problems, wherever we are in opposition.

10) Stress on social harmony (Samrasta) and pay special attention to the problems of farmers, artisans, women, youth, dalit and other weaker sections.

11) Reach out minorities and explain to them the vote bank politics of pseudo-secular parties and invite them to join BJP.

12) Educate the workers on do's and don'ts prescribed by the party.

13) Set-up cells and morchas in all districts.

14) After work division among office bearers, work allocation for every party functionary self-evaluation system for the performance of every functionary.

15) Elected representatives of party (M.Ps, MLAs, Local body Chiefs) to visit the party office regularly, allocate some time for interaction with the party workers.

16) Hold district, Lok Sabha and Assembly constituency level conventions.

17) Take up Yatras at various levels to reach out the masses.

18) Strengthen Samarpan, Samvad and Sahayog initiatives.

19) Make special effort to keep in touch with the old workers at all levels and mobilise their support for the next round of campaign.

20) Maintain good relationship with other nationalist organisations and have frequent interaction with them and also to maintain good relationship with the friendly parties and do not enter in to any sort of debate on alliances. Our focus should be on political and social expansion of the party.

21) State Presidents, Members of Parliament, Members of Legislative Assembly should take up extensive tours, devote enough time for the party and public work and an example to others. Every house and every village should be covered by the end of 2003. Let all of us take up this challenge, which will preferably help us to know the mood of the people, so that a correct strategy can be formulated for the future.

22) Work towards building up consensus in the organisational elections at all levels.

23) Elected representatives to bring out a booklet on their initiatives taken, work done and achievements.

24) Call the meetings of defeated candidates and involve them in the campaign of Lok Sabha and Assembly elections.

25) BJP ruled states to prepare a vision document and propagate achievements of the government.

26) Get new voters added in the electoral rolls and felicitate them. We must inform them about the importance of casting a vote and also try to bring them into our ideological fold.