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National Executive 2000 to 2015


The situation arising out of the publication of the Tehelka tapes clearly shows that there is a sinister conspiracy to destabilise the Vajpayee Government by anti-democratic means. The true purpose of the campaign of lies and slander against the BJP and the NDA government launched by the Congress Party, using the Tehelka tapes as a pretext, is now out in the open. The Congress leadership, not reconciled to a BJP-led non-Congress government at the Centre, is frustrated at the NDA government's success in providing a stable and effective governance and earning the goodwill of the Indian people and enhancing our country's prestige abroad.

The Congress Party's refusal to have a debate in Parliament and its demand for the Government's resignation is a pointer to its utter frustration. Its frustration is also rooted in the fact that the BJP has not only emerged as the dominant political party but has also succeeded in winning the support of more and more allies. In 1996, the Vajpayee government lasted only 13 days because only one party joined us in the government and only one more party supported it from outside. But, by 1998, the BJP succeeded in the returning to power in alliance with a large number of parties, who inspite of not sharing our ideology, joined us on the basis of a common agenda.

The Congress could not stomach the BJP's success and hatched a conspiracy to topple the Vajpayee government. The plot worked, but the people undid the Congress conspiracy by giving their mandate to Shri Vajpayee's leadership.

Shri Advaniji said that the conspiracy to destabilise the Vajpayee government this time should be seen in the context of the Congress Party's failure in the past.

Shri Advaniji also exhorted members of the National Executive that the Tehelka episode has served to remind the party to look within and counter the negative influences that have gained ground within the organisation. He drew attention to the fact that, whereas the people would ignore the wrong doings of the Congress and other parties, they are deeply dismayed at seeing that the image of BJP being sullied.