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National Executive 2000 to 2015


BHARATIYA JANATA PARTY National Executive Committee Meeting July 27, 28 & 29, 2001
Parliament Annexe New Delhi

Resolution on North East

The nation's attention is today focused on the situation prevailing in several parts of the North-East. Massive influx of infiltrators from a neighboring foreign country has adversely affected the social, political, and electoral balance apart from bringing about changes in the demographic profile of the area. This area has become increasingly vulnerable to not only ISI activities but also those of extremists and religious fundamentalists. Underground terrorist movements and secessionist activities are being carried on, disrupting the normal life of the people and severely jeopardizing the smooth implementation of various developmental schemes and programmes. Corruption has been a vicious virus that has sapped the economic energy of the area. God-gifted nature's bounty has not been properly used to remove the misery of the common people.

Apart from these general afflictions in the entire North-East, Manipur found itself in a turmoil. Normal life was very much affected. Unfortunately, due to a misunderstanding of the recent agreement with the NSCN (I-M) extending the ceasefire to a few other States including Manipur, made people of Manipur to have an apprehension that their territorial integrity was to be affected. Assurances by the Prime Minister and the Home Minister together with the steps taken to revoke the extension of the ceasefire beyond the boundaries of Nagaland, would go a long way to restore normalcy in Manipur. The National Executive commends the efforts of the Central Government in this direction. The National Executive also welcomes Parliament's approval of the imposition of President's rule in Manipur and hopefully looks forward to Manipur regaining political stability soon.

The BJP notes with satisfaction, the efforts made by the Central Government to accelerate the all-round development of the North Eastern States. The Prime Minster's Package of over Rs. 10,500 crore announced at Shillong in January 2000 has given a significant impetus to economic progress of the entire area. We welcome the initiative of the Prime Minister's Office to regularly monitor its implementation by the Central Government so that targeted people enjoy the entire benefit of the package schemes.

Keeping in view the overall development of the entire North-East area the National Executive makes the following suggestions for the careful consideration and required action of the central government.

1 ) Viable hydro-electric projects.

2) Infrastructure development like road connectivity, communications, telecom facilities, etc.

3) Increase of TV and radio coverage;

4) Special emphasis and incentives for promoting small industries.

5) Development of HRD potential in the region

6) Steps to improve the employment and service conditions of tea gardens and mine workers.

7) Effective flood control measures

8) Toning up security and administrative machinery;

9) To vigorously pursue the case in the court so as to see that IMDT Act gets scrapped.