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National Executive 2000 to 2015


At the beginning of the21st century the developments in Afghanistan are a matter of grave concern. The type of fundamentalism that is raising its head there is dangerous for world peace and order. The world community is aghast and is unable to do any thing in this matter, other than issuing statements.

The ancient heritage of human civilisation in Afghanistan including the unique and magnificent statues of Lord Budhha are being destroyed wantonly. Earlier Afghanistan has always valued its relics of the various civilisations. Afghan people regarded them as not only their heritage but that of mankind and paid respect to them. These fundamentalist deeds are part of "a conspiracy to destablise the Indian sub-continent".

Close to eighty countries, including virtually all OIC countries, in addition to the U.N. & the UNESCO, have joined the outcry against the Taliban's acts of pure barbarism. Qatar (in its capacity as current Chairman of the OIC) and Egypt sent high powered delegation of clerics to the Taliban, in an uncessfull attempt to dissuade the latter from carrying out its decision. The Islamic Research Academy, presided over by the Grand Imam of al-Azhar (in Cairo), urged the Afghan Taliban movement to stop the demolition of the ancient monuments. In the same vein Egypt's Mufti Nasr Farid Wasal said that the statues & other relics represented period of human history and have no impact on religious beliefs. He added that no Muslim scholar throughout the ages ever delivered a fatwa ordering statues be demolished and that is why pre-Islamic statues in countries that converted to Islam are still there. He asserted that the monuments represented human legacy and did not belong to one nation, adding that they did not contradict the Islamic Sharia.

The international community, apart from being outraged by the action, must carefully address itself to the dangerous aberration in this region and understand its full implications.

It must also fully and firmly implement the U.N. Security Council resolution No. 1333.

Furthermore, it must also examine appropriate action against the medieval Taliban Militia with a view to driving home to the latter its strong condemnation of the Taliban's actions and its ideological orientation which are responsible for the Taliban territories emerging as the world's principal centre of international terrorism, and violation of human rights.

The principal mentor and supporter of the Taliban Militia, in its international terrorist acts, is Pakistan and the international community must take grave note of this nexus and express its strong disapproval of Pakistan's support for encouragement of the Taliban Militia.

The National Executive also calls upon the Government of India to request the United Nations General Assembly, United Nations Security Council and the UNESCO to carefully monitor the Taliban Militia's activities in all these fields with a view to regularly apprising member countries of further developments and, also, in order to pre-empt any future acts of cultural vandalism.

The National Executive of the Bharatiya Janata Party expresses its grave resentment on the developments in Afganistan and appeals to the World Community, especially the Islamic nations to make serious attempts to stop such activities which reminds of medieval barbarism and save human civilisation from this blot.