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National Executive 2000 to 2015


Resolution adopted on Current Political Situation

When the world has started looking upon us as one of the fast emerging global powers, when the nation is on the path of regeneration, when the inimical nations have started worrying about our growing power, when the nation is on the path of economic recovery, when we are moving from strength to strength, a counter effort has been launched to destabilise the economy, the Nation's Defence, leadership and the social fabric. This shall strengthen our resolve to enable a resilience to accelerate the growth of our Nation.

The Nation has been confronted with the issue of probity in public life, the accompanying question of accountability and the need for reforms to eliminate corruption in public life.

The BJP resolves to strengthen the Prime Minister's call to remove the dirt in public life wherever it can be traced. There are several steps required to be taken for this.

Firstly, the full truth will be established by a credible inquiry. The Government has expeditiously announced an inquiry within 72 hours of the disclosures made by the Tehelka Tapes.

Secondly, there will be strict accountability standards. For this event introspection within the Party is required. We shall undertake that exercise so as to prove that we are a Party with a difference.

Thirdly, the law will be allowed to take its own course. The guilty shall be punished but the reputation of no honest man will be allowed to be sullied.

Fourthly, wherever institutional changes are required to reform the system we will take initiative in that direction. The principal issue to be addressed is that of political funding. Parliamentary Democracy is the essence of Indian Political System. Political parties are the life and soul of Parliamentary Democracy. Funding of Political parties is a legitimate activity and the same will be made more transparent.

Congress is known for its institutionalisation of corruption in politics. The state of political affairs which have taken shape in the course of history of Independent India is the product of successive Congress regimes. And the funding of politics in Congress has been made to suit the individual conveniences within the Congress. It created a morass out of politics. The history of Congress party's Governance is a history of scams.

It is ironical that the Congress party is lecturing about moral standards in politics. It's past two prime ministers have been accused of corruption. One has been convicted and the other is in column no. 2 of the Bofor's charge sheet. Even today it is preparing for Elections in Tamilnadu under the leadership of a person convicted in a corruption case. All twenty-three Congress MLAs are ministers to sustain a corrupt government in panel in Bihar.

BJP as a party has been fighting this political culture from the very beginning. We are determined to root out evils in the body politic of the nation. Our resolve is not going to be weakened by the conspiratorial propaganda of those who thrive on such dubious methods.

As a party we have always been concerned about the funding of politics. We have devised a scheme of Aajiwan Sahyog Nidhi. This scheme of political funding is based on the philosophy of decentralisation of political funds in order to reduce dependence on big money. It is based on the principle of collecting funds through small amounts from larger section of supporters and sympathisers.

It is our resolve to make Aajiwan Sahyog Nidhi so wide-based that the entire requirement of funds for the party is met by it.

The Vajpayee Government has completed just three years in office and yet its achievements have been of historic dimensions. It is during this regime that a proper institutionalisation of National Security Council took place. India became a Nuclear power inspite of severe international pressure. We overcame harsh economic sanctions and the economy was put back on rails. The Government has taken historic steps to improve the rural infrastructure so that our villages can become the centres of prosperity. The prosperity of the villages means prosperity of the country. Above all this Government had generated a confidence among the people that the nation is acquiring new heights. The march of the nation is to become a global power.

The National Executive of the BJP takes strong exception to the irresponsible statements of the Congress president Smt. Sonia Gandhi in the speech of the AICC Session in Bangalore. She called the Prime Minister and his colleagues in the Government "traitors" and to take the battle to the strects.

The Congress party's stance in recent years on National Security issues is a matter of grave concern. It went against the national mood at the time of Pokharan and Kargil. Having been rebuffed by the people, the Congress Party has vainly, tried to "expose" the BJP's commitment to national security by trivialising national security issues, thereby unwittingly contributing to the lowering of India's standing abroad.

A high tradition has been followed by Shri Bangaru Laxman while resigning from the post of president of the party the moment a charge was levelled against him. The party is greater than individual and the individual's interest is always subordinate to party's interests. We have always held that nation's interests are uppermost and Party's interests are subordinate to Nation's interests. This is what BJP means when it says Nation first-party next.

The Opposition knowing well that this NDA Government under Vajpayee's Prime Ministership has become stable and that it has come to stay for full five years is desperate to circumvent the people's mandate given in a free and fair election and compel the Government to oblige them by resigning. Some political parties are attempting to create instability in the country by asking a Government with a popular mandate and a parliamentary majority to quit. There agenda is chaos and the BJP shall prevent the Nation from being inflicted with this malady.

The National Executive assures the people that it is for upholding the purity of public life and that there will be no compromise on this. The Prime Minister in his address to the nation has voiced the resolve of the NDA and BJP in particular.

The Prime Minister has stated:

"In a word, my countrymen, let us rise above our day-to-day preoccupations. Let us, by joining hands, convert this into an opportunity to make the defence of our country even stronger, to cleanse our political life, to cleanse our administration;"

"I shall spare on effort in this regard. You have my word;"

"That I shall do everything towards ensuring these wide-ranging reforms. I shall get to the bottom of the allegations which have been made;"

"I shall work to clean up the dirt that has come into view;"

"I will ensure that all this is done in such a way that the security of the country comes out stronger."

This is our resolve too. This is also our pledge. Let every party Karyakarta and the people strive together their utmost to achieve and realise this.