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National Executive 2000 to 2015


NATIONAL EXECUTIVE Opening Remarks : Shri K. Jana Krishnamurthi, President, BJP
December 29, 2001 at New Delhi

Shri K. Jana Krishnamuthi Bharatiya Janata Party
National Executive Meeting December 29, 2001

President's introductory speech

New Delhi

Dear Friends!

When we met in Amritsar on 2nd and 3rd November, we felt that we should meet again after elections in U.P., Uttaranchal, Punjab etc. But what happened in second week of December in Parliament complex, has necessitated calling this special meeting in Delhi. This might have inconvenienced some of our members as I know they had planned their party programmes on this date. Many of you had to cancel the programme and rush here for this meeting.

All of us know what happened on December 13 in Parliament complex. Government has been warning the nation that terrorists may turn their attention to India and that there was a plan to mount an attack on Parliament. Government had taken precautionary steps and this proved very effective on December 13 and that terrorists attempt to enter Parliament was foiled successfully and they were made to pay with their lives. Our security arrangements proved to be very effective in thwarting the danger. With all the technological and scientific advancement in surveillance and security safeguards, the terrorists succeeded in their attack in New York and Washington; but our security forces laying down their lives succeeded in frustrating the attempts of the terrorists and saved not only the Parliament and what all it stands for but also prevented elimination of the political leadership of our country.

It is but natural that the entire nation is angry at this type of affront to the nation. Remarkable response of the people in rallying together to support the efforts of the Government taken to eliminate the terrorism is something unique in this country. As a nation we never failed to rise as one man whenever a challenge is posed to its freedom, security and sovereignty. Both the Prime Minister and the Home Minister reflected this mood of the nation in their statements. The Government rightly pursued the diplomatic path to make Pakistan understand its duty and responsibility at this juncture to take stern action against terrorists and their groups operating from the soil of Pakistan while at the same time taking such steps that are necessary to guard against attack from Pakistan soil. The steps taken so far by our Government have the full support of the nation and it is but natural that the people expect many more such steps to make Pakistan realise that if it were to join the international effort to fight against terrorism it cannot dilute it by its support to terrorism from its soil. I feel we have a Government, which not only is responsive to the expectations of the nation but also a very responsible one. It must be left to the Government to take such actions that are necessary to fulfil its commitment that they shall not allow terrorism to operate against India. I can assure the Government that not only the Party but also the entire nation is totally behind the efforts of the Government towards this end.


We are almost near the end of this first year of this 21st century. The New Year is about to dawn. We will have to take stock of what all happened and what all we could achieve during the entire period of one year. We are also to plan for the next year. We have passed through as a party and as people of this country trying times. But at the end of this year when we take stock of the entire year, we could feel that we have done some good in certain matters if not in all things that were planned. We have progressed atleast a mile if not miles. We have stuck to our path and not swerved from it.

Our Government has become much more cohesive and much more effective. Economy is moving ahead but not fast enough. The reasons are not our own creations. Our economy has become much more closer to the world economy and whatever happens in one end of the globe it is affecting our economy also. In today's global village we are yet to find an insulatory arrangements for our economy so that outside factors leave the least impact on our economy. When there is the impact of world economy on our economy, thanks to the steps taken by our Government, our economy has withstood the pressures and shocks and has kept to its course. The country look forward to the next year's budget when we hope that further impetus will be given to our economy.

Much of our industrial products and general economy depends upon the cost of production of our agricultural produce. In the present set up and circumstances when the Finance Minister has stated that the coming Budget will have its focus on agriculture, will it be difficult for the Government to find out ways and means by which the cost of production of our agricultural products can be brought down. This will in turn bring down the cost of production of industrial products dependent upon agricultural products and also cost of living index. If the cost of living index is brought down, the need for the increased dearness allowance will no longer be there and country can gain. Keeping this in mind, I would like to moot a suggestion to the Central Government to consider whether it will be beyond the means of the Government to remove the taxes and other levies on agricultural inputs and implements, so that the agriculture as a whole will benefit with its cost of production going down. The loss of revenue to Central and State Governments can be made up by dearness allowance payment not going up but going down. I hope the Government will give due consideration for this.

The cheapest mode of travel in India today is Railways. We are due for new Railway Budget. Railways even today carry bulk of people and bulk of our goods across the country at cheaper rates. If more attention is paid in the coming Railway Budget, to make the train travel and goods carriage not only competitive but also consumer-oriented, it will help the poorer section of people and movement of goods comparatively cheaper.


We are stepping into the second year of this new century in the next few days. Let us all resolve to leave the bitter memories of last year and look forward to a much better year. Let us all resolve to keep the country united. Let us further resolve to make every citizen realise that he belongs to a larger entity namely the nation or society rather than belonging to a smaller entity of regional, linguistic, caste or religious group. Let us resolve by our own efforts of party workers and as the force behind the Government of the day, to see that the country has a good governance with the assured security and progressive economy. Let us be more conscious that we are a mighty nation of 100 crores of unified and disciplined people rather than a country populated with 100 crores of citizens. Let us all march towards making Bharat move towards building up a strong powerful self-sufficient, self-reliant, mighty country holding its own position in the comity of nations.