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Statement issued by Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad National Spokesperson and MP

BJP demands tough action against infiltrators from Bangladesh


In view of the recent spurt in terrorist violence in different parts of the country, the role of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh spread in different parts of the country is coming under focus again as there are reports of good number of elements in these who have been the facilitator of the network of terrorism and conduits of sleeper cells. The BJP has been from very beginning demanding tough action against these elements in the interest of national security. However, there has been equally gross indifference to these demands by pseudo secular parties purely on account of vote bank politics. However, when today the terrorists sponsored by their patrons from across the border have unleashed a war on India in which the role of these elements is seriously suspect, it is high time political parties take a united stand in national interest and resolve to take firm stand against Bangladeshi infiltrators. In this connection the following issues need to be highlighted.

    1. On May 6,1997 the then Home Minister Indrajit Gupta, had stated in the Parliament that there are about 1 crore illegal migrants from Bangladesh staying in India. Nearly the same figure was given by the present MoS Home of the UPA government Shri Shriprakash Jaiswal in the Parliament but under pressure and even criticism by the Prime Minister he was forced to withdraw his statement.

    2. The Supreme Court and the High Courts have also taken serious view of the same. The Supreme Court in the case of Sarbananda Sonowal Vs. Union of India decided on July12, 2005 while declaring IMDT Act (Illegal Migrants Determination by Tribunals Act) as unconstitutional has clearly held that the State of Assam is facing external aggression and internal disturbance on account of large scale illegal migration of Bangladeshi nationals. The Court directed that prompt action be taken only under the Foreigners Act under which the onus is on the infiltrator to prove that he has entered lawfully.

    3. In stead of complying with the order the UPA government purely for vote bank politics in view of Assam election came out with a different order known as Foreigners (Tribunals for Assam) 2006 order, which was designed to bring IMDT from the back door. The Supreme Court again by its judgement dated 05-12-2006 quashed the said notification and made very strong comments against the UPA government by holding that “In stead of obeying the mandamus issued by this Court essentially in the interest of national security has taken a step inter alia which is not commendable and that the bona fides of the actions leaves something to be desired”.

    4. Only last week, the Gauhati High Court in a judgement of far reaching importance has held that the Bangladeshi infiltrators have a major role in electing representatives and they have become king makers.

    5. All the attempts to deport them have been earlier opposed purely on account of vote bank politics. During the NDA regime when good number of Bangladeshi infiltrators were sought to be deported from Mumbai and Delhi the CPM government in Kolkata refused to co-operate and their cadres physically resisted their deportation to the Bangladesh border.

    6. In Rajasthan the process of verification of these elements is nearing completion and large number has been formally identified. In the last few months nearly 250 have been deported in accordance with law but upon being handed over to the Indian authorities near the Bangladesh border no receipt was given for some strange reasons and it is difficult to predict what finally happened to them. In Madhya Pradesh a determined action against in Indore led to the arrest of the General Secretary of SIMI and many others conspiring against the nation. Against this step also sponsored campaign was made because of political reasons.
    7. It is too well known that the then Mulayam Singh government in U.P. has refused to ban SIMI because in his opinion it was a social organisation. It hardly needs emphasis that SIMI and element of illegal immigrants work in close co-operation to execute the design of terror and death. It is too well known that apart from Pakistan, Bangladesh too is emerging as an epicentre of terror machine with India remaining a prime target.

Therefore the BJP demands that now at least the country rise above narrow political consideration of vote bank and purely in the interest of nation and security of the country take all steps to deport Bangladeshi infiltrators in an organised way.

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