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English : Salient Points of the Press Conference of senior BJP leader and Union Minister Shri Manoj Sinha on 24 Jan 2019


Salient Points of the Press Conference of senior BJP leader and Union Minister Shri Manoj Sinha


Rahul Gandhi is frustrated and is using foul language against the Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. This kind of language is not even used in Panchayat elections. In Amethi, the language used by Rahul Gandhi against Hon’ble PM is condemnable.


Rahul Gandhi is seeing clear defeat for his party in the coming elections and decisive victory of BJP under the leadership of Shri Narendra Modi that is why he is using such kind of language.


In Congress ruled states, loan waiver is a farce. It is nothing but a lie. This is a conspiracy to grab the votes of people and nothing else.


Farmers across the country have come to know about the fraud in the name of loan waiver by Rahul Gandhi & company. This is why there was a demonstration of farmers against Rahul Gandhi in Amethi. This is now clear that the falsehood of Congress is exposed.


Media has reported that in the states of MP, Rajasthan, Karnataka and Punjab, in the name of loan waiver there is a big scam.


Congress governments in states have shown the names of thousand of such people who have never taken loans from banks. On the other hand Congress party leaders and their relatives are getting loan waivers despite not being illegible.


The loans of Congress leaders who have farms of more than 8 acres are being waived when the limit is only 5 acres.  The loan waiver limit is Rs. 2 lakh but the loan of more than Rs. 4 lakhs are being waived.


Congress-JDS government in Karnataka has not waived loans of genuine farmers but they have increased the rates of petrol-diesel and electricity. As a result in the last six months only in Karnataka 397 farmers have been compelled to commit suicide.


When farmers after getting notice for repayment of loan, they are canned and warrant is issued against them.


The BJP government of Shri Narendra Modi has given one and half times of the MSP to the farmers and it has fixed the target to double the income of farmers by 2022.


The curiosity about Priyanka Vadra is only in the media, not among the people.



Senior BJP leader and Union Minister Shri Manoj Sinha on Thursday launched scathing attack on Congress for falsifying the issue of farm loan waiver. He said that farmers are being befooled to believe that their loans are being waived but the fact of the matter is that it is not happening and farmers are committing suicide regularly.


Shri Sinha attacked the Congress and said instead of waiving the loans of farmers their leaders’ loans are being waived. Money which should have been used to help farmers is being used to benefit influential leaders of Congress Party.  Even those who are not farmers are being given money. Shri Sinha said the befooling people are in the DNA of Congress and they are doing the same after getting into power in three states. It was decided that those farmers with land measuring up to 5 acres will be given loan waiver worth Rs. 2 lakhs but this is being flouted with impunity.


Union Minister said that Rajasthan CM has admitted to such irregularities and wants to investigate it. Our party wants an enquiry on this matter, he said.  Telling lie and befooling people has been the habit of Congress. They have done it in the past and still doing the same.  Shri Sinha said, during UPA government there was loan worth more than Rs. 6 lakh crore on the farmers but only Rs. 60,000 crores were given to them. In Vidarbha where farmers were committing suicides, then Congress leaders claimed that they have waived the loans of farmers but ultimately it became a big scam.


Criticising Karnataka Govt for not fulfilling the promises to farmers he said that CM of Karnataka has given figures that he has waived the loans of only 800 farmers whereas he has promised before elections this waiver for all the farmers who have taken loan. Now many farmers have been arrested for not repaying loans.


Shri Sinha alleged that in MP all the farmers were promised for loan waiver before state elections but nothing concrete is happening and as a result farmers are committing suicides. He said that in the name of waiving loan cheques of Rs. 97, Rs. 313 etc. were issued to the farmers.  In Rajasthan the list of people whose loans have been waived included the names of Congress leaders and not the farmers.


BJP leader said that central government has in the last about 5 years has done tremendous work for doubling the income of farmers. It is really benefiting them and they are getting stronger day by day. We believe that we should help farmers to build themselves.


Condemning the language of Rahul Gandhi, Shri Sinha said that he is using foul language against the honourable Prime Minister. He referred to the abusive language used by Rahul Gandhi in Amethi and said that this kind of language is not used even in Panchayat elections. BJP senior leader said that SP-BSP didn’t even talk to Rahul Gandhi for poll alliance but now he is asking for it.


(Mahendra Pandey)

Office Secretary


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