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Salient points by Union Minister for Urban Development & Parliamentary Affairs Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu regarding release of Booket" Know The Truth"

 FULL Hindi Book "Know the Truth"  
Points made by Sri M.Venkaiah Naidu, Union Minister during release of book ‘Know The Truth’ by the hands Shri Amit Shah, President, BJP at BJP headquarters: 
  • For the last sixty years or so the Congress and its dependents have been in power at the center and in most of the States and they have an octopus-like presence in most of the academic and cultural institutions. The left intellectuals had a field day since they were beneficiaries of patronization by the Congress.
  • Although miniscule in political presence, the left exercised disproportionate and almost hegemonious distinction in these institutions. The reason being after the split in Congress, the Congress was heavily dependent on them for political support.
  • Now with the change of regime and an alternative view is emerging. That is why they are frustrated. These people who thrusted one view on the country all these years are not ready to tolerate the other view emerging now.One particular line of thinking has been patronized and individuals and institutions were propped up in the name of one family. No other world view or perspective was allowed to be expressed or grow.When such individuals have to make way for others it is not palatable for them because they feel it is their monopoly.
  • BJP has no problem with some people returning their awards but we have a problem with the ongoing efforts saying that there is growing intolerance and attributing it to BJP coming to power at the Centre. The ongoing campaign is a clear effort to derail the development momentum created by the energetic efforts of the PM. We have vested interest in the atmosphere of tolerance prevailing in our country because development is possible only in such a situation. Are we unwise that we ourselves destroy our mission of development?
  • We are constrained to say that this ongoing campaign is a glare effort to derail the development momentum created by the government led by the energetic efforts of Prime Minister.
  • Sri Modi do not want to be distracted from his focus on development. Whenever required, he had categorically condemned the acts and appealed the people to maintain peace. He has already said that ‘Mantra of Unity’ should be medium of our thinking and behavior.

  • Instead of making efforts to promote understanding among sections of different faiths, creative persons like writers and artists are barking the wrong tree. They should reach out to the people with all their gifted talents to promote a spirit of mutual respect and understanding instead of taking to extreme form of returning their honors.
  • We are confident people of India who are intelligent will debate in the backdrop of the details mentioned in these articles. It is good that a debate takes place and people know who has been encouraging fissiparous and divisive forces who are intolerant because now that there is an opportunity for the other view also to be expressed, heard and reported.
  • No one should glorify such incidents and try to derive political benefits at the cost of defaming their mother land. Intolerance in some sections, in some places, at some levels has been always prevalent across the globe and also in India regardless of which political party was in power.
  • The tolerance is all about allowing permissible differences. Democracy is all about rule of law and no one can take law into their hands. This selective extreme form of protest against something that does not really exist on ground is a matter of concern.
  • Democracy flourishes through debate discussion, constructive criticism and awareness generation.
  • We are a country with more than 30 states and Union Territories and 1.2 billion plus population. Any local incident should not be given a political and religious color and should not be twisted into a debate over sociopolitical intolerance.
  • Our country is a land of diverse beliefs, faiths and practices and we need to live acknowledging such diversity.
  • To say now that because of few instances of intolerance is rising suddenly is far from truth. It is being seen by many as a well organized effort to defame our cultural ethos, which are based on time-tested traditions of accommodations and acceptance.
  • The credibility of the country is subjected to being damaged due to some people glorifying isolated local incidents and some people trying to convert it into a political weapon to defame the ruling party, thus defaming the country.
  • There is no incident to show that there is any growing intolerance in the country. This selective and extreme form of protest against something that do not really exist on ground is matter of concern.
  • Political intolerance is genetic trait of Congress. Intolerance towards opponents is the basic philosophy of communism – be it Russia, China and in early 70’s And 80’s in India. We want people to know the facts. That is why we have published a booklet of articles written by eminent personalities and writers.

Know The Truth
Some are misled – Some are misleading

Why the So – called Intellectuals
Silent Then & Violent Now
It’s nothing but an ideological intolerance.



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