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Press Statement by Union Minister & BJP Leader Smt. Smriti Irani on 09 October 2017


Press Statement by Union Minister & BJP Leader Smt. Smriti Irani

Rahul Gandhi is anti-progress and mocks the idea of a developed and empowered India: Smriti Irani


Congress prefers vote bank politics over Vikas: Smriti Irani


Should ‘Vikas’ be welcomed or laughed at?: Smriti Irani


Congress rule was a ‘Sultanate of Corruption’ whose dismal track record has harmed the nation for 70 years: Smriti Irani


BJP Leaders & Union Minister, Smt Smriti Irani today said that the recent utterances of Rahul Gandhi confirm that he is not only anti-progress but also mocks the idea of a developed and empowered India. He has clearly indicated that his party and him prefer the idea of vote bank politics over Vikas. The manner in which Rahul Gandhi has made fun of the dreams and aspirations of the people of Gujarat will lead to a historic defeat for the Congress party in the December 2017 state elections.

She added that ‘Vikas’ is not something to be ridiculed instead it should be welcomed. What Rahul Gandhi is doing in Gujarat is to insult the dreams and aspirations of 6.5 crore Gujaratis.

Smriti Irani opined that for decades, the Congress party and particularly the Nehru Gandhi family has been anti-Gujarat. Tall leaders like Sardar Patel and Morarji Desai have been badly humiliated by the Nehru Gandhi family and this trend continues with Narendra Modi. During their years in power, the UPA Government obstructed raising of height of the Narmada Dam, thus denying its benefits to lakhs of farmers across Gujarat.

Smriti Irani said that the Congress party, whose rule was a ‘Sultanate of Corruption’ is concocting stories to defame the people of Gujarat before the elections. The people of Gujarat will give a befitting answer to this slander and keep this ‘Sultanate of Corruption’ as far from them as possible.

Instead of engaging in political activity, Rahul Gandhi should devote time to Amethi, his Lok Sabha seat which needs immediate attention and more development works. The people of Amethi are asking for ‘Vikas’ even as the local MP goes around the nation mocking ‘Vikas’ and insulting the poor of India.

Their recent aggression against Mr. Jay Shah are clearly off track. Mr. Jay Shah’s business is perfectly legitimate and legal. TDS is paid, loans are repaid and company closed after losses. Does this reek of cronyism?

Instead of seeking answers on 80 crores of transactions that are within the purview of the law, it would be more prudent for the Congress to give an account for the more than 80 scams and the Rs, 1,80,000 crore that India has lost due to corruption and cronyism of successive Congress governments.

The Nehru-Gandhi family, which was pressuring banks to give loans to Vijay Mallya in return of airline upgrades is now questioning others!

The Congress party is advised to manage its own house, which is falling like a pack of cards. In Bihar, they insulted a Dalit leader and the state unit indulged in petty fights. In Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat and several other places key leaders are unhappy. A party that can't manage its own house can hardly be expected to run an entire nation.

Thus, the Congress’ attempt to divert attention from their own scams and misdeeds will not work as the people of India have seen through them repeatedly and comprehensively rejected the Congress’ ‘Sultanate of Corruption.’

(Mahendra Pandey)

Office secretary

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