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Press : Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman on North East States


Press statement issued by BJP National Spokesperson, Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman

Election to the 8 states of North-East India are scheduled to start on 7 April, 2014.

The BJP wishes to draw the attention of the voters and the people of India to the various issues concerning the development and security of the people of the region.

The BJP led NDA paid every attention for a holistic development of the N-E states :

  • A separate department of Development of North-East Region (DONER) was set up in September 2001 to cater the developmental needs of the NE states.
  • A provision of 10% of the budget of each ministry for expenditure in the region. All the NE States, including Sikkim, are categorized as special category states.
  • A 28-point Agenda for Socio-Economic Development of North-Eastern States and Sikkim by Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee (Jan 2000).
  • From 1998-99 to 2002-03, Rs 44,000 crore of Central resources was released to NE region.
  • Special package (Oct 2003) of Rs. 1050 crore for the socio-economic development of the Nagaland.
  • The National Highway network was extended upto Silchar through East-West Corridor. A plan was made to extend Rail network upto Imphal.
  • Special focus on electricity generation based on coal and hydro potential. Also, special attention to electrification of villages.
  • 50% reduction in excise duty leviable on products from all refineries in North-East to give boost to their health.
  • New Exploration and Licensing Policy (NELP) extended to far areas like Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura and Assam.
  • BJP is the only Party that has set up a special cell for North East region.

Politically the North-East during the NDA was empowered through various initiatives :

  • Ceasefire agreements were worked out in Nagaland and a ceasefire monitoring mechanism was put in place.
  • Successful talks were concluded with Bodo Liberation Tigers and Bodoland Territorial Council was established in Dec 2003.
  • Reinvigorated North-Eastern Council (NEC): The North-Eastern Council Act, 1971 was amended in Dec 2002.
    • Sikkim included as the 8th member of the Council.
    • Empowering Council as Regional Planning body for the North-Eastern Region (NER).
    • From 1998-99 to 2002-03, the NEC has spent a total of Rs 2018.55 crore on development of NER.
    • 12 Airports have been upgraded with NEC sharing 60% of the cost.
    • During the period, NEC has completed 1016 kms of roads.

For addressing the security concerns of the people of the North-East states the NDA had :

  • The BJP worked and pursued for repelling of IMDT act.
  • Persuaded the Bhutanese Government to take military action against the terrorists operating from their soil. The action taken in Dec 2002 led to neutralization of cadres of ULFA and NDFB.
  • Streamlining border security:
    • Department of Border Management was created in the Ministry of Home Affairs in January, 2004 to pay focused attention to the issues relating to management of international land and coastal borders.
    • The Department of Border Management was given the work of BADP (Border Area Development Program) for better and efficient governance.
    • Assam Rifles was brought under the Home Ministry and was entrusted overall responsibility of manning Indo-Myanmar border.
    • The fencing of Bangladesh border was given impetus.

The North-East states are indeed our gateway to the South-East Asian nations.

  • PM Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee had envisioned that `North-East should become economic bridge to South-East Asia!'
  • The NDA government had taken number of steps to expand regional economic cooperation of North-East States with South East Asia.
  • The NDA government introduced new priorities, especially concerning military ties, economic aid and arms sales with Myanmar - with safety and security of North East Region.
    • The Mekong Ganga Cooperation (MGC) was launched in Nov 2010 as part of India’s Look East Policy. The Brahmaputra valley was key aspect in making Mekong Ganga Cooperation Project effective.

Our Prime Ministerial candidate, Shri Narendra Modiji places primacy for this region's territorial integrity and security of the people.

  • A strong message to China - “No power on earth can take away even an inch from India… China should give up its expansionist attitude and adopt a development mindset. I swear by this land that I will not let this nation be destroyed, I will not let this nation be divided, I will not let this nation bow down.”
  • Stunning warning to Bangladesh – "You have to decide whether you will continue to tolerate Bangladeshi harassment or put an end to it. I have come to you for your answer. Trust me and as soon as we come to power we will take immediate steps to redress these problems and ensure that justice prevails,".
  • Jal Shakti – Water is focus area of NaMo. The North East has abundant water resource. NaMo’s stress would be on better Water Management. “North east water management is the need of the hour which will not only solve the perennial flood problem but will also solve the power crisis of the country”
  • Police Reforms: NaMo proposed inter-state cooperation for empowering and capacity building of police personnel of North Eastern States. NaMo had proposed to train 1600 Women Police, 200 from each northeastern state.
  • Modi said that the BJP, once elected to power, would lay special emphasis on development of the entire eastern and northeastern regions as did Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

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