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Press : Smt. Meenakshi Lekhi on various issues


Press Statement issued by BJP National Spokesperson, Smt. Meenakshi Lekhi

The Delhi High Court has declared that the AAP government’s Law Minister Jitender Singh Tomar’s provisional certificate was fabricated. The highest judicial authority of the State has given the final word on this shameful matter. The Chief Minister had made a big show of having only credible people in his party and government, those who do not lie and cheat and he had made tall claims of having a clean government. Has the fruit fallen far from the tree or is the tree itself rotten? The past week’s events have shown their insincerity and revealed their true colours under all the claims of being ‘clean’ and ‘honest’. The lack of sensitivity towards farmers’ issues and pains was evident in the political grandstanding done by the leader of the Government even though a farmer who had committed suicide was being rushed to the hospital, fighting for his life.

The Government is so far from sticking to these claims that they have even appointed a suspect person in the Cabinet and, worst of all, appointed him as a Law and Justice Minister – a Minister that has to maintain the principle of ‘Satyamev Jayate’ closest of them all. Is this how the party claimed to have checked the backgrounds of their leaders? Not only did he stop at a fake degree, he went on to enrol himself in the Bar Council of Delhi knowing that he did not have the requisite degree. This is a clear subversion of the law and a case of deception. Are these the standards that the Government has to resort to? How can we trust and have faith in a person who has deceived the very legal and justice system that he has been assigned to protect. Under such wrongful practices, the legal system will be perished instead of being cherished. Even as the Law Minister, it is unfortunate that he is not aware of the legal provisions that govern our Indian system and the crimes of forgery and cheating that are punishable under this very system. The case is ongoing and I trust that any enquiry that will be conducted will arrive at the logical conclusion of taking the necessary action against such shameful and unacceptable practices.


On the issue of net neutrality, I would like to clarify that the Government has been clearly working in tandem with the general public. The I&B Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has repeatedly addressed this concern since the TRAI consultation report instigated a massive debate on the issue of net neutrality. On the floor of the Parliament, the Minister has categorically stated that the views of TRAI will only be of consultative and recommendatory nature and that a final decision will be taken only by the Ministry and the Union Cabinet. No other body will be allowed to take any substantive action on the issue of neutrality and the Ministry has duly acknowledged the public opinion that the issue has generated.

In recent debates, we have also raised issues regarding an open and transparent government that makes all its information available to the public, including declassification of government files. This Government is deeply committed to achieving such transparency and it was with this sentiment that the emails received by TRAI were made public. Please be informed that this information would have had to remain in the public domain under the Right to Information Act, 2005 that has been instituted for this very purpose of encouraging openness and transparency in the government.

Another important point here is that the TRAI Chairman, is a constitutional authority who was appointed by the UPA Government in 2012. It is a tad hypocritical that the Opposition is lashing out so severely against an official who was appointed on the basis of their credibility checks and assessment of competence.


The PM’s statement on ‘scam India’ can be denied only by those who truly believe that this country has not been plagued by scams or corruption in the past few decades. Is there is a single member of the Opposition who can stand and truly claim that there has been no corruption or scam and that scam India had not reached its pinnacle under the previous government? The people cannot be fooled and such massive levels of deception cannot be forgotten very easily when our people are still reeling under the effects.

Why are we so hesitant to stand up to the truth? We cannot fix the problems that the country faces by denying the truth and being blind to the reality of our country. We cannot fix our international reputation which was soiled by the country’s biggest scams, whether coal, 2G or Commonwealth, without telling the world that we are working on reversing the corruption raj of the past. We have to show the humility to own up to our mistakes and shortcomings, and then work together towards rectifying the problems. Technology, money, FII and FDI, smart cities and such others can become a reality and a possibility only if we can build the credibility and stability of this country. We have to be able to tell other countries that the scams of the past will remain in the past and that we are working on cleaning up the mess. Only then can we truly develop and come to par with them.



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