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Press : Smt. Meenakshi Lekhi on Aam Aadmi Party


Press statement issued by Smt Meenakshi Lekhi


  1. AAP happened to be the latest goons squad hired by the Congress’s dirty tricks department. A miner issue with Kejriwal in Gujarat has been blown up as if it impacts national security, why? Simply because the practiced deception of Congress is to create diversion each time one of its scam start unraveling. AAP is not a threat to BJP or Modi. They are not even a national party of any consequence. Everything about them is murky including their funding sources. There core members hail from Mrs. Sonia Gandhi’s extra constitutional NGO called NAC. Their legal luminary is a known separatist and many members have been found indulging in the war against the Indian States. This is AAP for you. Unleashing AAP is also a desperate effort to hide the miserable attendance at every rally of Congress party. This is also a sign of things to come for the Congress which will be reduce to digit in the coming months.

  2. In 04, Advani (Dy PM) was stopped by a Patna DM. LKA said: "I will abide by maryada (model code of conduct) by ending my speech at 10 pm." Earlier in October in patna we have seen Bomb Blasts, 5 people losing lives, did BJP resort to any VANDALISM. And there was no reaction from BJP because law of the land was followed. Compare this with today's drama of AAP. We are the people who abide by laws of land and not anarchist. When the Model code of conduct in effect, Kejriwal should respect not it. Remember it was Election Commissioner orders to stop kejriwaal. Do we want to make this country LIBYA, SYRIA.

  3. The Model Code of Conduct which governs election campaigning comes into effect immediately after polls are announced. The police and district administration become answerable to the Election Commission on all issues related to political and electoral activity. There was no detention or arrest of Arvind Kejriwal. Nor was any case registered against him. He was stopped to explain his roadshow and asked to get permission for his cavalcade as per the Code. Also why shouldn't police do its duty as per the law? Simply because the gentleman in question happens to be a khaas former IRS officer. In fact, Election Commission drafts officers from all administrative branches including the revenue services. Either he never worked in the department so as to be familiar with the aforesaid legalities or he is aware and was pretending for cheap publicity in a sponsored programme of the Congress party?

  4. Arvind Kejriwal, a self proclaimed "anarchist" and an alleged CIA agent has been instructed by its masters to divert the general public attentions from AgustaWestland scam. This DRAMA is orchestrated to move attentions form Rs.3600 crore (about $770 million) SCAM deal with AgustaWestland for the purchase of 12 VVIP choppers – the CBI is to probe if key middlemen, who are hinting towards the role of the Congress Chief and her family members. In this case, it is a Rolls Royce deal, Lutyen’s scam, National Herald scam, Augusta Westland scam and who knows what else is around the corner.

  5. Was yesterday's AAP drama aimed to remove focus from the Ashwini’s expose: This report was filed at 11 am. The press conference was held at 2 pm. To the journalists who had gathered at the Press Club, dissenter Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay disclosed a hell lot of skeletons in the AAP closet. Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay, a member of the AAP National Council, suspects his party — or its leadership at least — has connections with the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). About 50 of the 300 National Council members are either sulking or have resigned. Titled, ‘Antinational activities of CIA, ISI, Ford Foundation & foreign funded Indian NGOs & Individuals’, Upadhyay’s email dated March 4 reads (unedited),

  6. Dear Sir, » Many Indian NGOs & Individuals are directly or indirectly funded by American CIA, Pakistan’s ISI, USA based NGO Ford Foundation, NGOAavaz&also funded by many other foreign countries. Many of the Ford Foundation / Foreign Funded Indian NGOs& Individuals are Pro-Separatist, Pro-Naxal, Pro-Maoist, Pro-Terrorist and directly or indirectly involved in antinational activities. These Ford Foundation / foreign funded NGO people & individuals are mobilizing people on Caste, Creed, Religion & Social issues &weakening our social unity& integrity of the nation. Many Ford Foundation / foreign funded NGO people & individuals are contesting Parliament & Assembly election as a part of major conspiracy of American CIA & Pakistan’s ISI. Entire nexus can be busted & truth will come out by enquiring Ford funded Social Activists &their family, Ford team members& Ford Foundation India representatives since 2000-2012.

  7. 5. The AAP's internal lokpal Admiral (retired) Laxminarayan Ramdas and his family have links with the Ford Foundation. Kavita N Ramdas, the eldest daughter of Admiral Ramdas, is the head of Ford foundation in South Asia. Admiral Ramdas’s wife Leela Ramdas is the chief of committee constituted under the Vishakha Guidelines. Ramdas is also a recipient of Ramon Magsaysay Award. This family is part of a lobby that worked towards securing this award for Arvind Kejriwal as well.

  8. 6. We are not against a political party's ideology - I am against anti-national agenda (read Kashmir, Batla, Taukir, Ishrat, 26 Jan republic view, dreaded naxalites joining AAP). People have right to have an independent opinion.... or atleast they believe that they have independent opinion including but not limited to us as well – but what kind of opinions are shown by BRICKS and LATHIS. The ideology they are propagating is a HOAX, just lofty talks, not anything concrete to show except their anti national opinions on Kashmir, Naxalists, etc. My questions for people who have donated for AAP - Are you happy now on its actions – there are Photos of Tilak Nagar MLA Jarnail Singh as Stone Pelter – SHAME


(Er. Arun Kumar Jain)

Office Secretary

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