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Press : Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad on TRAI decision


Statement by Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad on TRAI decision

-   BJP wholeheartedly welcomes the TRAI decision on differential pricing. The decision is a clear expression of popular will.

‎-   The decision is fully in line with the BJP-led NDA Government's vision of open and fair Internet and support to net neutrality, which it has reiterated time and again, on the floor of the Parliament and outside. It is gladdening to see that the NDA Government ensured unparalleled transparency in the entire issue of net neutrality.‎

-   The BJP is confident that ‎today's decision will give a strong impetus to PM Modi's dream of a Digital India.‎

‎-   The party notes with joy that this decision was taken after extensive consultations between various stakeholders across the spectrum.

-   It may be added that the Congress Party tried its best to create an atmosphere of distrust and fear while the process was going on and in the process made a deplorable attempt to mislead the people for the sake of petty politics. Today they stand completely exposed.

-   The Government made sure proper processes were followed at all levels which eventually led to the victory of an open and equal Internet.




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