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Press release by BJYM and photographs on 10 Jan 2019


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                 10th January, 2019

Press Release


Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) under the leadership of National President Poonam Mahajan, MP (Lok Sabha, Mumbai) will kick start the “Vijay Lakshya 2019” campaign for another term for BJP led government at the centre, in the interest of country. BJP President Shri Amit Shah ji has entrusted the SIX Crore BJYM Karyakarta to carry out mass outreach program publicising the numerous “historic” developmental works carried out by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji led government. Vijay Lakshya 2019 will be a call for young Indians to come together and support Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi & the BJP in their developmental agenda, vision for 2019. Poonam Mahajan was addressing a Press Conference, Today, at the BJP Office in New Delhi.

Online & Offline campaigns will be carried out, with a target of reaching out to young voters between the age of 18-35 Years. The campaign will officially be launched by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji & Shri Amit Shah ji along with other senior leaders of the party on 12th January 2019, the National Youth Day.

The BJYM will carry out the following ONLINE Programmes:

  1. 1.              Online Dialogue with BJYM National President

Hon’ble MP Smt. Poonam Mahajan Ji,National President BJYM will reach out to young people acrossthe country by addressing over 10,000 youth volunteers at100+ districts via video conferencing, 100+ locations, 100 young volunteers at every location10,000+ young volunteers, mobilising Youth from all across the nationKashmir to Kanyakumari and Arunachal Pradesh to Gujarat.

  1. 2.              Nation with NaMo Volunteer Network

A Pan-india youth network of over 50 Lakh voters to come together and support PM Shri Narendra Modi Ji & the BJP in their agenda and vision for 2019. The program will focus on enrolment & engagement volunteers.

  1. 3.              Yuva Icon Network

The Yuva Icon Network will be a group of youth icons and influencers from across the country who are doing impactful work & and are aligned to the vision & mission of PM Shri Narendra Modi ji & BJP.

  1. 4.              Campus Ambassador Network

The program will aim to create a network of student ambassadors at college campuses across nation who are committed to the developmental agenda of BJP & Vijay Lakshya 2019. The Campus Ambassadors will be responsible for leading BJP’s campaign in their respective college and university campuses.

  1. 5.              “Pehla Vote Modi Ko”- Pledge Campaign

A Youth driven online & offline campaign encouraging first time voters (18-23 Years) to pledge their vote to Bharatiya Janata Party & Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

  1. 6.              Online Competitions &Campaigns

Innovative and Creative competitions for slogan writing, jingle making, compositions, logo design, short films, photography will be conducted so that young citizens can contribute to the campaigning for the BJP.

  1. 7.              Whatsapp Engagements

Whatsapp groups will be created & curated at Mandal level.

  1. 8.              NaMo App Downloads

A National engagement and enrolment strategy for the NaMo App.


The BJYM will carry out following ON GROUND Programmes.

  1. 1.              Kamal Cup Khel Pratiyogita (12th Jan-15th Feb)

Kamal Cup will be a series of competitions to engage the Youth interested in sports. This will be organised at district & state level.Sports icons will be invited to encourage the participants.

  1. 2.              Yuva Sansad (Youth Parliament) (15th Jan-10th Feb)

Model youth-parliaments to be organised across universities & communities discussing various welfare schemes taken up the BJP Government.

  1. 3.              Kamal Yuva Mahotsav (1st Feb-12th Feb)

Kamal Yuva Mahotsav will be a Youth Festival on the theme of#VijayLakshya2019 organised in everydistrict of the country. It will be attended by party leadership and will feature the development agenda ofPM Shri Narendra Modi and the BJP. The youth festival will feature live cultural music, dance and theatreperformances along with individual and team competitions (Oratory, Fine Arts and Performance Arts). It willbe a celebration of Vijay Lakshya 2019 encouraging young attendees to go and vote for the BJP.

  1. 4.              NukkadNatak (23rd Feb Onwards)

The traditional street plays will also be used as a powerful medium to publicise the works of the Modi Government at Mandal, District and State Level.

  1. 5.              Vijay Lakshya Yuva Sammelans (1st Feb-15th Feb)

Vijay LakshyaYuvaSammelans (conventions and public programmes) will be organised on the theme of#VijayLakshya2019 at the district & state level. The purpose is to mobilise youth participants and office bearersbefore the 2019 elections. The programmes will be addressed by senior party leadership and will feature thedevelopment agenda of PM Shri Narendra Modi and the BJP. Karyakartas will aim to mobilise at least tenyoung people from each booth for the event (HAR BOOTH 10 YOUTH - YUVA TOLI).


  1. 6.              Kamal Sandesh Motorcycle Maha Rally  (2nd March Onwards)

Kamal Sandesh Motorcycle Maha Rally will be a mega event in support of #VijayLakshya2019. It will be anopportunity for the party to display its organisational strength and youth support. BJYM Karyakartas will

  • organise bike rallies in every district across the nation on the same day.
  1. 7.              State Level Youth Town Halls (16th Feb-22nd Feb)

Youth Town Halls will be a forum for senior national leaders to connect with young voters and discuss issues ofnational importance. The speakers would interact with the young audience at the venue and watching online througha question-answer session and live moderated discussion.

  1. 8.              Grand National Youth Town Hall ((23rd Feb Onwards)

The Town Halls will be organised in every state and willculminate in a Grand National Youth Town Hall with Hon’ble PM Shri Narendra Modi Ji.

  1. 9.              Nation with NaMo Writer’s Conclave (25th Jan-31st Jan)

‘Nation with NaMo Writers Conclaves’ will be a series of regional competitions and meet-ups at NagarNigam level for writers. The competitions at the conclave will include creative & analytical writing, articles,short-story writing, poems and stories of change on issues of national importance.

  1. 10.          Press Conferences

Special Press Conferences at District & State levels will be organised publicising the works of the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji led BJP Government. Prominent BJP Leaders/Ministers and YuvaMorcha Office Bearers will address the press.

Addressing the Press Meet,Poonam Mahajan said, the ultimate aim of #NewIndia can only be achieved under the able and dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji. India is going through Mass developmental era which should continue in the interest of the nation. The BJYM Force will ensure that the path breaking work done by the Modi Governmentreach the masses. BJYM will leave no stone unturned in the run up to the 2019 elections and ensure victory for BharatiyaJanata Party.


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