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Press : "Politics of Performance : A Comparative Study of Delivery of Good Governance by different political parties"


Research volume on comparative ability to provide Good Governance
by different parties

At the meeting of the BJP parliamentary board held on the eve of the Good Governance Day (24th Dec 2014), a research volume titled “Politics of Performance: A Comparative Study of Delivery of Good Governance by different political parties” was released at the hands of the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

This volume brings about a comparison of the quality of governance under four different party regimes across various States and at the national level. These regimes-- construed as Governance Models -- have been identified as Congress, BJP, Left Front and that of the Regional Parties

In this volume an attempt has been made to compare the performances of these four governance models on the basis of various governance indicators and thereby social-economic outcomes. The idea behind this volume was to enlighten the citizens about the ability to deliver good governance on the part of major political parties.

In this study, quality of governance at the state and national level under the rule of different parties is compared and analyzed. Data were collected from a variety of sources, for the years from 1991-2013, and for all states and Delhi (or as available) and on the national level. The data for each year was then analyzed against the party that was in power in the corresponding State and in the centre for that year. With this methodology the difference in quality of governance between BJP-rule, Congress-rule, Regional Party Rule (RP) and Left Front-rule in the states and centre was compared and analyzed. The volume is available on the website of the BJP.

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