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Political Resolution passed in BJP National Executive Meeting at NDMC Convention Centre, New Delhi

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Resolution : 2

Decisive Leadership; Nationalist Policies; Progressive Governance

Twenty two months into the government Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has put an end to the ennui, uncertainty and lack of purpose that was the hallmark of the decade-long UPA rule. After a long hiatus we see a decisive government working towards fulfilling its promised objectives of economic and social inclusion, social justice, infrastructure development and good governance under the guiding philosophy of Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas. In the last two years Bharat has seen a Government that is transparent, non corrupt and incorruptible paving the way for it to become a centre of opportunity and stability.

Nationalism: Article of faith

Nationalism, national unity and integrity are an article of faith with the BJP. A very microscopic minority in this country is today indulging in a kind of demagogy that goes against the very essence of our Constitution. Our Constitution guarantees Freedom of Expression to every citizen; but that freedom is enjoyable only within its framework. Talking of destruction of Bharat can’t be supported in the name of freedom of expression. Similarly refusal to hail Bharat – say Bharat Mata ki Jai – in the name of freedom is also unacceptable. Our Constitution describes India as Bharat also; refusal to chant victory to Bharat taṅtamounts to disrespect to our Constitution itself. Bharat Mata ki Jai is not merely a slogan. It was a mantra of inspiration to countless freedom fighters during the Independence struggle. It is the heartbeat of a billion people today. It is the reiteration of our Constitutional obligation as citizens to uphold it's primacy.The BJP wishes to make it clear that it will firmly oppose any attempt to disrespect Bharat and weaken its unity and integrity.

National Security

The BJP greatly appreciates the determined steps taken by the government to strengthen national security in the country. The rapid, co-ordinated and the intensive response during the Pathankot terror attack saw a swift liquidation of terrorists. It conveyed a strong message of our Government’s zero tolerance to terrorism. The counter attack against NSCN (K) insurgents at Bharat-Myanmar border is a testimony to our Government’s strong counter terror measures. The successful signing of the Framework Agreement by the leaders of the Naga insurgent movement has helped strengthen the peace processs, and after years of unrest, raised hopes for a sustained peace across much of the Northeast. The Northeast looks towards our government as the purveyor of peace, development and change. The government has also taken strong steps to quell ultra-Leftist/Maoist violence across the country. The Prime Minister has personally visited Maoist affected areas in Chhattisgarh and initiated a number of developmental projects.

The BJP commends the Government’s holistic approach to national security which covers strengthening border security and infrastructure, upgrading maritime preparedness, enhancing intelligence gathering capabilities, and remaining committed to the welfare of our armed forces. One Rank One Pension, an issue that remained unsolved for decades, has been resolved by our Government and implemented. Our Government has already approved induction of women officers as fighter pilots in IAF and taken steps to increase the role of women in army and navy.

The party also lauds the Government’s determined approach to provide our armed forces with all amenities to maintain Bharat’s sovereignty against our aggressors, especially in sensitive areas such as Jammu & Kashmir, Northeast and Siachen. The role that patriotic people living along our borders play in securing our interests cannot be understated. Our Government is working towards strengthening the border infrastructure that would help people living in those areas besides serving security interests. The BJP also pays its respect to our martyrs who have sacrificed their lives safeguarding our borders.

Our Government is also in the process of coming out with a progressive Defence Procurement Procedure, which will promote indigenisation of our defence industry as well as provide the best equipments to our armed forces.
The BJP strongly condemns the principal Opposition, the Congress party for it's cynical and self-serving actions on the national security front. The new facts that have tumbled out in the Ishrat Jahan episode exposed Congress Party’s dubious role in compromising with national security interests for petty political ends. Yet the Congress party doesn’t betray any remorse or self-introspection. Their leaders are seen brazenly rubbing shoulders with secessionist and ultra-Leftist elements who were demanding the vivisection and destruction of Bharat.

Committed to Poverty elimination

The National Executive of the BJP congratulates the Central Government for bringing in transformative and structural changes in the society and in the economy by pursuing a process of community and society based development. The policies of the government for improving the basic infrastructure of the country like - Adarsh Gram Yojana, Smart Cities, Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, Electrification of villages, Digital Connectivity, Crop Insurance – Fasal Bima Yojana, MUDRA Yojana, Skill India, Make in India, PAHAL, JAM trinity (Jan Dhan Yojana,Aadhaar number, mobile number), introduction of the Bankruptcy Code Bill,the passing of the Real Estate and Waterways Bills, Pradhan Mantri Ujjwal Yojana, construction of toilets under the Swachch Bharat Abhiyan, restructuring and enhancement of MGNREGA- have all led towards a people-centric developmental model in tune with the ideals of ‘Integral Humanism’,the ideological corner stone of the Bharatiya Janata Party’s political philosophy. The connectivity trio – road connectivity, power connectivity, and digital connectivity occupy a place of major priority in our Government’s scheme of things. Our Government is committed to poverty elimination as a principle article of faith unlike the poverty alleviation industry as witnessed during the UPA regime.

To weed out corruption and ensure transparency, our Government has done away with holding interviews for the recruitment of Group D, C and B non gazetted posts. Decision to do away with the mandatory practise of gazetted officers’ signatures demonstrates our Government’s trust in the youth of the country.

Despite the fact that the rainfall was low, the Government has succeeded in bringing down inflation, and has taken several measures to curb price rise that include a crackdown on hoarders across the country. At a time when the world is passing through the worst phase of recession, Bharat under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi stood up like a beacon of hope and trust. That is the reason why the Foreign Direct Investment inflows into Bharat have gone up by 38% helping strengthen our economy. The Government has initiated measures for bringing black money back.

Government’s efforts are seen yielding results with certain countries coming forward to help us in the matter. 

Inclusion & Integration: Key to Social Justice

The BJP lauds the Government’s initiative to observe 'Constitution Day' on 26th November 2015 on the occasion of Dr. B.R.Ambedkar’s 125th birth anniversary. The Congress has always neglected to highlight Dr. Ambedkar’s epochal contribution in the drafting of our Constitution. It is only now that our Government is, for the first time, observing the Constitution Day and celebrating Babasaheb’s seminal contribution. The BJP wishes to congratulate the Government for initiating the construction of the Ambedkar International Centre which has been languishing for the last two decades. The BJP commends the Maharashtra Government for acquiring Babasaheb’s house in London. In a befitting manner the house has been converted into a memorial in honour of Babasaheb; the memorial was inaugurated by the Honourable Prime Minister during his visit to the United Kingdom in November 2015.

Security and empowerment of women has been a priority concern for Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. He has talked about women led empowerment in his first ever speech from the ramparts of the Red Fort. Initiatives such as Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, building toilets etc are aimed at addressing the issue. Prime Minister uses programmes like Mann Ki Baat to educate larger community about women empowerment issues.

The BJP also lauds the government’s announcement of setting up of the National Scheduled Castes and Schedule Tribes Hub. This has been made possible due to the constructive engagement of the Government with the Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DICCI) to economically empower the SC/ST entrepreneurs in the country. The Congress and the Left parties, while mouthing platitudes of empowerment all the time, have, in reality, miserably failed to empower and uplift the weaker sections of society in the last 67 years. The leaders of the Congress, as evidenced by the recent events in Haryana, have shamelessly stooped to the level of fomenting inter-caste violence for their political ends.

Honouring Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s legacy

The BJP applauds the path-breaking initiative of the government to declassify files related to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. Through this historic act it has responded to the aspirations of millions of patriotic Bharatiyas who continue to see Netaji as an immortal symbol of Bharat’s struggle against Imperialism. The Indian National Congress and the Left parties have only used Netaji’s legacy to further their own petty political ends, however time and again, they have deliberately and with ulterior motives ignored and suppressed the genuine demand of the people of Bharat to know the contents of the Netaji files.

Panchamrit : Foreign Policy Orientations

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has brought in dynamism, courage, clear vision and direction to the government in sync with the Panchamrit framework of-'Samman' -- dignity and honour; 'Samvad' -- greater engagement and dialogue; 'Samriddhi' -- shared prosperity; 'Suraksha' -- regional and global security; and 'Sanskriti evam Sabhyata' -- cultural and civilizational linkages, as adopted in the foreign policy resolution at the National Executive meeting held in April 2015.

The proactive outreach in Bharat’s neighbourhood has yielded renewed energy and acceleration to regional cooperation resulting in the generation of great goodwill for Bharat in South Asia. The conclusion of the long pending Land Border Agreement (LBA) with Bangladesh and Prime Minister’s path breaking visit to that country in May 2015 have forged a new partnership between Bharat and Bangladesh. The landmark BBIN accord has helped enhance connectivity between Bangladesh, Bhutan, Bharat and Nepal and has given the SAARC a new dimension.
Prime Minister’s historic visit to Srilanka has helped in taking the bilateral relations with the island nations to a new higher level. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi became the first Indian Prime Minister to visit the war torn Jaffna and interact with the war torn population in the Northern Province. People of Srilanka including the Tamils in the North have greatly admired the visit of our Prime Minister.

The prompt assistance rendered to the people of Nepal in May 2015 during their hour of deepest crisis when a devastating earthquake struck that country brought to the fore Bharat’s deep commitment to the stability, economic prosperity and development of its neighbourhood, in a spirit of humanism and cooperation. Bharat and Nepal share millennia old cultural and civilizational bonds. Our Government has shown its commitment to strengthening those bonds irrespective of occasional irritants.

After the near collapse of relations with Afghanistan under the UPA regime, Bharat has again emerged as a strong partner in Afghanistan’s peace, progress and development.

Prime Minister’s visit to Pakistan has reinforced Bharat’s commitment to the process of peace and dialogue in the region. The BJP applauds the imaginative and out of the box outreach of the Honourable Prime Minister with all our neighbours and its people, as it would strengthen Bharat’s position in the world.

The global push for a constructive engagement with various countries in the last two years by our Government has resulted in the path-breaking success at the United Nations when Bharat’s proposal for International Yoga Day was adopted with overwhelming support from the member countries. At the COP 21 Summit in Paris, Bharat took the lead in advocating the need for ‘Climate Justice’ and ‘Sustainable Consumption’. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi also took the lead in launching the International Solar Alliance by bringing together 121 countries on a single platform. The headquarters of this alliance is situated in Gurgaon, Haryana.

The BJP also appreciates the great initiative of our Government in bringing together all the Heads of State of Africa for the India-Africa Summit, and the Asia-Pacific Heads of State for a summit, both held in Bharat, in 2015. In one sweep these initiatives have deepened and strengthened Bharat’s standing in these regions of the world. The initiative of the government to Act East and greater engagement with the ASEAN helps in not only strengthening the economic ties but also in reinvigorating our millennia-old civilizational linkages.

The BJP thanks the Government for the care and concern that it has shown towards people of Bharatiya origin wherever they are in the world. Through Operation Rahat the government has successfully evacuated over 4000 Bharatiya nationals and about 1000 foreign nationals from Yemen under trying circumstances. Every Bharatiya outside Bharat today feels greatly reassured that there is a government back home which cares.

Expansion across the length & breadth of Bharat

Under the dynamic leadership of our National President the BJP has undertaken a massive membership enrolment drive and emerged as the largest political party in the world by registering over 11 crore primary members. In a way the BJP has emerged as the only Pan-national party today, while all other parties including the Congress have remained limited to certain regions only. The party has also undertaken the Prashikshan Abhiyan (Training Campaign) to introduce all these new members to the ideology and organisation of the BJP.

The BJP has now spread to all parts of Bharat from Gujarat to Arunachal Pradesh and from Jammu & Kashmir to Kerala. The party’s performance in the local body elections held across the country has also been commendable; the party registered significant victorious in states like Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Kerala, Goa, Haryana, Andaman & Nicobar islands. In Assam the BJP has won more seats in the Municipal elections than the ruling Congress party. In Kerala too, the BJP has won a good number of local body seats for the first time thus challenging the long standing political equations in the state. After a gap of over two decades, the BJP has entered the Manipur state legislature by winning two Assembly seats in the by-elections and also pulled off a creditable performance in the Municipal elections. The BJP captured the Leh-Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council with a landslide victory.

The BJP is also a member of the International Democratic Union (IDU), an esteemed organisation of over 80 democratic political parties from across the world, who have their established commitment to the ideals of liberal democracy and the freedom of the individual.

In their desperation to stop the BJP’s exponential growth opposition parties including the Congress and the Left have got into bewildering arrangements and unholy alliances of sometimes aligning with each other and at other times opposing each other. The Congress party aligns with the Left parties in West Bengal and opposes them in Kerala. The Left does the same and vice-versa. In states like Karnataka, Tripura, West Bengal etc, the Congress and the Left parties have resorted to brutal political violence against the BJP and the Sangh Parivar, out of utter desperation. Left parties are resorting to Stalinist violence against political opponents in Kerala since long and many a dedicated leader & cadre have become victims of their brutal agenda.

The cynical and irrational opposition of the Congress and some opposition parties to the transformative agenda of our government including the opposition to the GST bill and their efforts to stall the Parliament has resulted in enormous damage to the interest of our country. The BJP warns that such disruptive politics is against the spirit of our democracy and the people of the country won’t tolerate them. The BJP calls upon the opposition, mainly the Congress party to act in a constructive manner and join hands with the Government in taking forward its pro-people reforms and agenda.

The BJP remains the only political party where a person without any ‘illustrious’ pedigree or connections can rise to the very top of the Party. The recently concluded successful election of the Party presidents of various state units and the national unit demonstrates the deep democratic values that permeate the Party. The BJP today stands for the aspirational Bharat. It also is the largest vehicle for the political empowerment of youth in the country. The youth of the country looks up to the leadership of the BJP for inspiration and direction. The BJP is also the natural choice of all the patriotic Bharatiyas who want an inclusive society. The BJP intends to live up to its responsibility as a forward thinking, nationalist party based on the values of Integral Humanism of Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya.

The BJP looks ahead with great optimism at the upcoming challenges and is confident that it will be successful in providing good governance under the dynamic leadership of Shri Narendra Modi.

(Adopted at the National Executive Meeting of the BJP on March 20, 2016 at New Delhi)


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