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Memorandum submit by BJP delegation led by Shri Kailash Vijayvargiya to the Hon'ble President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee


Date : 16 January, 2106

The Hon’ble President of India,
New Delhi

Respected Sir,

On 3rd of January 2016 at Kailiachak in the district of Malda, West Bengal, witnessed the worst form of vote bank politics which compromised the national security of India. On one hand, the TMC government on the pretext to maintain communal harmony stopped the BJP delegation twice, whereas, on the other hand the State government allowed a fundamentalist religious organization Edara – e- Sharia to organize, on communal lines, a gathering of over two lakh people. Despite the best efforts of the State government to cover up the Malda incident, the truth has finally come out and it leaves all well-meaning people in a state of shock.

The Sunday mayhem at Kaliachak had all the markings of how a state administration can ignore to protect the very secular fabric of the country, if the master wishes them not to do so. The police have told media persons that they were given no instructions by the State Government to act against the mob, which had assembled under the banner of Edara-e-Sharia to protest against comments made on the Prophet by a person in UP a month ago. Many serious questions do come up and require answers from Mamata Banerjee’s led government: -

  1. Edara-e-Sharia had widely circulated leaflets that were communal in nature including “miking”- urging Muslims to take part in the protest. Why the State government ignored communal appeal unless they had vested interest?
  2. Media is linking three MPs to Edara-e-Sharia – Gulam Rasool of (JDU), Idrish Ali and Imran Ahmed of TMC. Should their role not be investigated along with Edara-e- Sharia?
  3. Why the Kaliachak police station was attacked and only the criminal record section was meticulously destroyed and the arms store next door untouched by the mob?
  4. If the violence as per Ms. Mamata Banerjee’s own words was between the locals and BSF, then why the police station was attacked and not BSF barracks?
  5. What was the reason for the mob to attack Hindu houses if the issue was local with BSF?
  6. The police say that they have arrested 10 people but why are those people, who are visible in various video footages carrying petrol bombs, swords, revolvers and rods are still roaming scot free? Is this because they are TMC supported goons?

Sir, though, many questions do need an answer, but under the communal overtone the operation covertly had a larger planned conspiracy to hit the very roots of India’s national security. Malda is well known for fake currency rackets and drug trading across the border. The NIA had been actively investigating the anti national operations taking place at Malda. It is understood that dossiers of key criminals were prepared and were kept at Kaliachak police station. As the police in Bengal are not allowed to act against the minority community due to the TMC government’s politics of appeasement, it can be safely inferred that the target was to destroy the records rather than a fight between the locals and BSF. This cocktail promotes anti social elements from across the border and jeopardizes India’s internal security.

Sir, TMC government wishes to brush the entire macabre fest under the carpet but BJP strongly believes that National interest cannot be traded for appeasement politics and therefore we request your good office to seek a detail report from the Hon’ble Governor of West Bengal.

Looking for a favorable response, we remain.

Yours Sincerely

Sh. Kailash Vijayvargiya Sh. Sidharth Nath Singh Sh. Rahul Sinha
Sh. Dilip Ghosh Sh. Shammik Bhattacharya  


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