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Article : Shri Arun Jaitley on "The Campaign Diary - 6"


The Campaign Diary - 6

Arun Jaitley
(Leader of Opposition, Rajya Sabha)

Terror Attack in Kathua

Terrorists have struck again in kathua. The Modus operandi of the terrorists is the same. They come from across the border. They are dressed in Army uniform and heavily armed. They hijack a civilian vehicle, kill civilians and finally attack an Army camp. How long will this go on? There have been several attacks in this mode by terrorists coming from across the border .ultimately this fidyadeen attack will be foiled by our security forces.

As elections near, I won’t be surprised if the number of these attacks increase. This establishes that Pakistani soil continues to be used for planning and executing these attacks on India. Pakistan has to realize that if it wants to normalize relations with India, these attacks have to stop.

My heart goes out to the victims of this attack. I stand solidly with our security forces in their efforts to neutralize terror and terrorists.

Has the shine of the AAP disappeared

The latest round of opinion polls has indicated a decline in the acceptability of the Aam aadmi party. For a party emerging form an Andolan, it is a case study. Publicity, adventurism and populism alone will not sustain a party. A party must be responsible. It cannot be a Governance disaster. Policy cannot be replaced with populism. Arrogance cannot be a political virtue. Organisational building requires patience, ideology and restraint.

The Captain’s concern for Modi

The Captain has a foot and mouth problem. The Captain is a disgruntled member of the Congress party. Yet he is concerned about people in the BJP being anti Narendra Modi. Thank you, Captain sahib for your concern for Modi.

Captain Sahib, you be rest assured there is no club in the BJP against Modi. Concern yourself at your own depleting fortunes. The Congress may be reduced to a club of 75 in the next Lok Sabha. You certainly will not be a part of that Club-75


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