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Jana Chetna Yatra

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Bharatiya Janata Party

Central office

11, Ashok Road, New Delhi – 110001

Phone : 23005700, Fax : 01123005787 

Jana Chetna Yatra

Dear friends,
The following persons have been entrusted the responsibilities as mentioned below to make Hon’ble Shri Lal Krishna Advani’s Yatra a grand success.

Yatra Convenor  Shri Anant Kumar 9899107084
Co-convenors  Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad  9868181730 
  Shri Murlidhar Rao 9868500747
  Shri Shyam jaju  9811699789
Yatra Associates  Shri Deepak Chopra
Private Secretary to Hon’ble Advani ji
  Shri Diwakar
Private Secretary to Shri anant Kumar ji
Yatra Control Room Shri Bhupender Yadav 9811227300

Prabhari in Central Office 

Following postings may be made in BJP Unit in states from where Yatra will pass:

  • One Yatra Incharge
  • One day Pramukh for each day
  • Two Prabharis of State Yatra Control Room
  • One Media Prabhari and two Sah-media prabhariss for the Yatra.
  • One Publicity Incharge, One Vehicles Incharge, one Accommodation Incharge, one Catering Arrangements Incharge, one Security Arrangements Incharge.

A list containing the names, post and mobile numbers of all these Incharges may please be sent to me and Central Yatra Control Room immediately.


  • 20 Managers and 30 Security personnel will accompany the leading leader.
  • A Carvan of 18 vehicles will move alongwith Rath. Besides, State vehicles will join in it.
  • Arrangements for cleaning and fuelling of vehicles during each night stay.

Accommodation arrangements:-

Suite 1
For Yatra Convenor & leaders  10
Sahayak Team Room  10
Drivers & security personnel    Hall or Dormitory
(35 Persons)  


  • Necessary steps may be taken to ensure very good fame before commencement of the Yatra, during the Yatra and after the yatra.
  • Publication of advertisements in local newspapers and cable TV about the detailed route of yatra and its meeting places.
  • Preparation of audio cassettes in local languages to tell the purpose of the yatra and playing thereof during the yatra campaign.
  • Publication of publicity literature describing the purpose of the yatra and ensure its comprehensive distribution.
  • Distribution of handbills about the route and timings of the yatra.
  • Writing on walls.
  • Publication  & pasting of posters
  • Setting up hoardings
  • Clicking photos and making video films of yatra.
  • Holding press conference at 9.00 a.m. daily. 

Conversation and communications system

Following steps may be taken to ensure better conversation and communications system.

  • Provision of dedicated phone with Fax at stay points of Yatra of VIP.
  • Centres where phone, fax and  computers with internet facility for Delhi media particularly in cities where noon and evening programmes are to be held.
  • Arrangements for sending photos
  • Two copies of photos for Central publications
  • The responsibility of Media Prabhari during the yatra may be given to a person, who knows the press correspondents, cameramen. Videographers, etc. very well (particularly at the time of press conference) (It is most essential for security point of view also).

Catering arrangements

  • Catering arrangements be made at the place of stay. Leaders may be served meals in their rooms only.
  • Other friends/colleagues may be served meal in the dining hall at the place of stay. No personal feast at home or otherwise. Only vegetarian food.
  • Breakfast at 8.00 a.m. at place of stay only.
  • Lunch may be arranged at 1.00 p.m. enroute in a tent just before after the town/city. Separate tents for security personnel, press correspondents, managers, leaders, local and state workers.
  • Mineral water, fruits, biscuits, Namkeens in adequate quantity may be kept in each vehicle daily after breakfast and lunch. Besides all these things, Chhachh, Lassi, Tea, cold Drinks, Nariyal pani, Dry Fruits, etc. may be kept in the main Rath.

Arrangements for meetings

  • Minimum 15 feet space may be kept vacant in all sides of Sabha manch from Security point of view.
  • Minimum number of persons may be allowed to sit on the Sabha Manch. At district headquarters their maximum number will be 5 and in State capitals their  maximum number will be 10.
  • Welcome and other formalities should be completed within minimum time after the yatra reaches the meeting place and only one speaker from the state may speak for 5 minutes and give chance to others to speak.
  • It must be kept in mind that general public is not put to any sort of inconvenience during the yatra.
  • The route and meeting place of the yatra may be fixed as also sanction for the meeting may be ensured only after prior talks with Police and administration.
  • Don’t light the lamp, sing song, make prayer etc. after arrival of the leaders.
  • There will be no change in the route of yatra approved by the centre.
  • Provision of generator at each meeting place.

Other Arrangements:

  • Arrangements may be made for the welcome of yatra at various places during the yatra by party workers as well as representatives of non-political, eminent citizens, various social, business and cultural organization.
  • Identity cards to all the workers joining the yatra as also the workers  associated with yatra arrangements.
  • All the elected M.Ps, Legislators, Mayors, Municipal Adhyakshas, Panchayat & District Council Adhyakshas may be given due respect and place.
  • The workers of Mahila Morcha and Yuva Morcha may be associated properly with the arrangements before the yatra as well as during the yatra and their special help may be sought to ensure participation of women and youth in large number in the yatra.
  • A medical team equipped with an ambulance must accompany the yatra for providing medical facilities . 

(Ananth Kumar)


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