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Previous Manifestos

BJP Manifesto 1998



This great and ancient nation was once the fountain of human light, the apex of human civilization, the examplar of courage and humanity, the perfection of good government and settled society....

Sri Aurobindo in India's Rebirth


Freedom Charter


BJP's 10-Point Freedom Charter

Chapter 1
Our Vision, Our Will, Our Way

Chapter 2
Our National Identity

Chapter 3
Agenda for Institutional Rejuvenation

Chapter 4

Our Swadeshi Approach

Chapter 5
Social Infrastructure

Chapter 6
Our Agriculture, Our Farmers, Our Villages

Chapter 7
Our Foreign Policy

Chapter 8
Our Nation's Security

Chapter 9
Our Social Philosophy

Chapter 10
Nari Shakti

Chapter 11
Our Population Policy

Chapter 12
Our Policy for India's Youth

Chapter 13
Family and Society

Chapter 14
Our Policy on Environment

Chapter 15
Our Policy on Science & Technology

Chapter 16
Our Policy on Information Technology

Chapter 17
Our Policy on Media, Cinema, Arts

Chapter 18
Achievements of Governments in BJP-Ruled States

Chapter 19
Towards a New Culture of National Consensus and Responsible Citizenry


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