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BJP's appeal to dear countrymen: Lok Sabha 1998

 The BJP's Appeal to Dear Countrymen

TO translate this manifesto into reality, we appeal to our all compatriots to vote for the BJP and its allies to power in the elections to the 12th Lok Sabha. A moment comes when the right choice can change the course of a nation's history. This is the moment to make a decisive choice between the BJP and a decrepit, morally bankrupt Congress; between the BJP and opportunist parties that have no ideological conviction like the Janata Dal and the Samajwadi Party; and between the BJP and the Communist parties who have a hideous history of betrayal of the national interest at every crucial juncture.

In the coming election:The choice is between stability and another mid-term election soon.

  • The choice is between an able Prime Minister and prime ministerial pretenders.
  • The choice is between a Government that will change the life of every Indian for the better or one that will make a bad condition still worse.
  • The choice is between nationalism and a Foreign Hand.

The BJP gives a solemn assurance to the people of India: "We shall sincerely strive to fulfill all the commitments set out in the manifesto. If the BJP is voted to power, the India that enters the 21st century and the next millennium, will be an India that will hold her head high and whose citizens will be enjoying the long-awaited fruits of progress made possible by a Government committed to Su-raj (good governance). Guided by a 10-year perspective, our Government will aim to achieve what others could not in the last fifty years.

Our victory will be people's victory. It will be the victory of Bharat Mata."